how to setup amazon echo dot how to setup amazon n.
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How to Setup Echo Dot PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Setup Echo Dot

How to Setup Echo Dot

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How to Setup Echo Dot

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  1. How to setup amazon echo dot? How to setup amazon echo dot?

  2. Designed by Amazon, echo dot is a hands-free smart speaker that is voice controlled. By setting up the echo dot to the AlexaApp, you can now play the music of your choice, have the news/weather forecast read out to you, listen to audio books and control your smart phone by just instructing Alexa on what to do. The device has amazing inbuilt speakers and is sound sensitive and thus can hear you from across the room/hall as well. Here is a quick and simple step process on setting up amazon dot device:

  3. SETUP & Use: SETUP & Use:

  4. 1. Download the Download the Alexa Alexa app. app.  Download the AlexaApp through the app store of your smart phone. Follow the instructions, create an account and sign in. It is free of cost and is compatible with the following softwares: o Fire OS 3.0 or higher  o Android 4.4 or higher  o iOS 8.0 or higher 

  5. Alexa Alexa app. app.

  6. 2. Turn on Echo Dot. Turn on Echo Dot.  Place the echo dot in the centre of a room, with a minimum of 20 cms away from any walls or windows. Plug in the device to the adapter and then the power outlet. Once the blue ring light turns orange, Alexa will greet you.

  7. Turning on Echo Dot

  8. 3. Connect Echo Dot to a Wi Connect Echo Dot to a Wi- -Fi network. Fi network.  Connecting your device to an internet source is a key step in the setting up amazon dot. You will be given clear instructions on how to connect your device to a Wi-fi network.  If you are having trouble setting up echo dot to your wi-fi network, refresh your settings network page again and try once more. If you are still unable to connect, unplug and plug in your device again and restart the process.  Once the network is connected, you can also connect it to other alexa and smart devices in your house by: Menu > Alexa devices > Add Alexa device.

  9. Choose a Network

  10. 4. Talk to Talk to Alexa Alexa. .  You are now all set to use your echo device. To get started, call out the wake word “Alexa” that is set by default and start using your device. You can change the wake word later through the option of “change the wake word” in the settings section of your app. Clear instructions on how to complete setting up Amazon dot will be given to you.

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