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Sono. A presentation of new technology by James Earthman CST300L Fall 2013. What is Sono ? How does it work? Who invented it? How will Sono affect the world? What kind of people will want a Sono ? Is Sono practical?. Overview .

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Sono A presentation of new technology by James Earthman CST300L Fall 2013

  2. What is Sono? • How does it work? • Who invented it? • How will Sono affect the world? • What kind of people will want a Sono? • Is Sono practical? Overview

  3. Sono is a device that attaches itself to a large window in order to cancel noise from the outside. What is sono?

  4. Rudolf Stefanich • “In our loud and busy world a moment of silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience.” • Video Who created sono?

  5. Most people want to keep out noise when relaxing • Noise is something that is difficult to eliminate. What is sono’s potential?

  6. Pros Cons Sono only works when attached to a window. Sono is less useful in areas with less people • Sono can reduce noise while indoors. • Sono can block almost all types of noise

  7. Sono works best for small indoor spaces that are stuck in urban, populated environments. Is sono beneficial for you?

  8. No need for emitted white noise! • Pick and choose which room Sono can affect the most. Is sono beneficial for you? Cont.

  9. It depends… • Sono is not limited to homes • The practicality of Sono depends on how much noise affects the consumer. Is sono practical?

  10. Noise is now escapable. Sono is the future

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  12. Any questions?

  13. Notes: • Slide 2: Present and overview of the topics that are going to be covered in the presentation • Slide 3: Introduce Sono, explain how it works. • Slide 4: Describe the creator of sono, play the video that is linked • Slide 5: Discuss the potential that Sono can have on the world • Slide 6: Go over the pros and cons of Sono • Slide 7-8: Discuss the type of person that Sono is most suited for. Describe the consumer base. • Slide 9: Go over the practicality of Sono • Slide 10: Offer the audience a brief conclusion.

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