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The Unknown Secret of Quantum World

The Unknown Secret of Quantum World

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The Unknown Secret of Quantum World

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  1. The Unknown Secret of Quantum World Answers to Question related to The Cause of Uncertainty The Design and Principle of Quantum World – The law and the simplicity behind the complexity The Consciousness and Intelligence The Creativity, Qualitative states behind Quantum World and its evolution forming of various organization levels The Control Mechanism The Predictability behind the Unpredictability Origin and destiny of the Universe we live in

  2. The Unknown Secret of Quantum World Introduction and Request • A subject that dwells into to the most micro and to the most macro level, integrating all the knowledge mankind has accumulated through physical and spiritual explorations cannot be deduced to few slides. So I speak certain foundation on which the system is built and leave it for further explorations. • By our education, by our way of life we are taught and made to perch in to one or the other branch of a whole tree. It is impossible to perceive the whole truth, unless one liberates from such fixation in space/time and move along the channels that connect and bind them into one whole. This however is only the first step to truth. • A second and vital step to know the truth exist in reducing or sacrificing once self to enter the darkness of womb to be reformed to be a part of the seed that conquers time and perpetuates. • I do not expect any one to fully understand and comprehend what I learned from nature and the spirit over the past two decades. In case any of you understand some thing out of these slides. Please viral it to your friends. Our survival exist in our actions and our actions today are molded by the ignorance of interrelationship and oneness and thus stand on untruth than truth. We need to know truth and come to light to survive

  3. The Cause of Uncertainty Back drop • Motion and flow is fundamental to nature. The predictability was the foundation of scientific quest for nature • Discovery of Uncertainty, impossibility of absolute mathematical prediction of motion led to breaking the foundation of science. The Scientist joined hands to develop a new language at the cost of sacrifice of the reality of nature. Humanity lost all perception he held about nature and motion. However continued exploiting nature at his will causing a disordered world • It is important we understand the cause of motion and uncertainty to survive the disorder and destruction to which we are moving. • The search for cause uncertainty necessitates that we understand motion and its cause. A review of the concept of motion is thus a necessity Go to next slide

  4. The Characteristics and Cause of Motion • Motion is accompanied by exchange of energy • Motion is accompanied by resistance • Motion is accompanied by a spin • Motion is accompanied by a displacement in space/time • The cause exists in non-equilibrium in design and an instinct to seek equilibrium. The gravitational theory of Newton was built on the basic assumption of non-equilibrium • This means the minutest particle as well as the whole universe should exist in ratio • Comprehending them in a particle could answer the secret of the quantum world Go to next slide

  5. Quantum Dance Visualizing Quantum Motion • Now a a particle and motion can be understood by visualizing a number 8 with its arms having ratio 4:3 • The design answers the resistance to motion • A quantum spirit exists in the system as a strain manifesting as energy. It is the conscious and intelligent element of the quantum • The non-equilibrium causes a twitching spiral flow • Since the energy or the spirit moves in quantum manner it leads to quantum dance 4:3 and 3:4

  6. Visualizing the Quantum Dance • The process leading to quantum dance is a spiral compression that has four steps. As it reaches the third critical point it collapses inverses and expands changing the direction of the flow – They depict the two time direction • This manifest as spin and a curved displacement in space form one dimension to another • In short all quantum actions has 8 steps and there is a transitory equilibrium state in the middle

  7. Visualizing the Quantum Dance - Continued • The quantum action could be comparable to the clock with two cycles of 12 units each comprising 4 units of 3. See fig - below • This means all quantum action and reaction is a 8 step process. Each consisting 3 units. Each step forms a point at which the left turns right. It is known from mechanical era that ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3. Thus number 3 is the basic unit of energy transfer. • This means the force or energy is spiral with a unit movement to the center [ Contraction] or away from the center [ Expansion]

  8. Visualizing the Quantum Dance - Continued • The figure below explains the quantum action and reaction • There is middle state where equilibrium is reached. Since the instinct of the system is to reach equilibrium, the system wishes to stay in this point. • A quantum dance is reflected in every thing in nature from a minute part to the whole nature. This means there should exist an external system that act against the central unit to lead it into quantum action and reaction. We thus come to a soul and body concept. The body works against the soul.

  9. Visualizing the Quantum Dance - Continued • The quantum flow is reflected in day and night cycle. When the west awakes to light and expansion, the east sleeps to contract acting as a sink for energy and vice-versa. When light peaks in the west the seed of darkness is laid into it and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and the seed of light is sown in it and vice-versa. • This means the system is instantaneously communicated and aware. There exist a Master who perceives and controls. The functioning of earth can be compared to a double pump or Heart. • The question arises is the universe Living? All the ancient Knowledge systems says so. Even modern day research is pointing to it. We now need a foundation to fully realize the truth. • Let us explore and understand it further. In order to do so we must extend our vision of quantum dance into space

  10. Visualizing the Quantum Dance - Continued • Space has 8 equal parts. To understand take an apple and cut it twice vertically at right angles through the center and once horizontally though the center. It gives the three dimensions of the space. The forth being the time direction that causes the winding. • Thus the body consist of 8 component system forming 4 pairs. The pairs are separated by the existence of the soul. • The instinct of the pairs to unite causes the winding on the central system leading to its quantum dance. This winding flow is only possible because of the non equilibrium in the pairs and typical design that allows the flow. • The dance of the soul [ turning inside out] simply allows the forces to crisscross and move apart causing an expansion. The whole system becomes initialized to start a new Cycle.

  11. Understanding the Quantum Soul and its Dance in Time • The soul is one wholethat enfolds under the force of the spirit and dissolves into two non equilibrium component, one dominant the other recessive • The center of the whole now becomes the center of the recessive, The recessive is enclosed in the dominant. The center of the dominant now becomes the dominant point. These center depict the position of the heart and brain in life, earth and sun in our solar system. • A balance is reached in the midway of flow of spirit from dominant to the recessive. • This reality is shown in the next slide The field of the old The one whole that divides to form two

  12. The Reality of Existence -How spirit exist in the Field • The figure below tells how the spirit [force] exist in the quantum state at the equilibrium state • The spirit exist as double helical, with the dominant touching the third critical point and the recessive at the second middle point. The system now can wind and unwind by a quantum unit. • When the system is stressed further the dominant touches the fourth critical point and the recessive the third critical point and the system collapses turning inside out

  13. Understanding the Quantum Soul and its Dance in Time Pulsating Existence Time Contracting Time Contracting Opens up and collapses changing direction – The time Initialization Collapse and conception of time Pulsating Existence Time Expanding Time

  14. Quantum Consciousness, Intelligence and Creativity : Part-1 • The quantum particle [ the soul] we saw has a field and a spirit • The spirit manifest as conscious and intelligent entity of the quantum system that pervades the whole system and forms the instantaneous communicating medium [ awareness medium] between the left and right. It causes the quantum pulsation and gives the life and motion to the system. • The dominant component of the spirit is the perceiver and decider. It resides in the recessive The recessive is participator and support and it exist in the dominant. • Since the basic instinct is to maintain equilibrium, The system wishes exist oscillating between two limits around the center point. However a time direction is inevitable and the system gets pushed to the third critical point. The survival instinct of the systems spirit manifests as creativity. It initiates a division and enfolds such that 2 divides to 4. Further force leads to division of 4 into 8, in the process the intelligent spirit disperses the forces acting from the body to the center into three dimension of the space and extends the time

  15. Quantum Consciousness, Intelligence and Creativity:Part-1Continued • As the folding reaches 64 celled state the forces of the spirit fills the space and the forces are so positioned that they oppose each other and have more direction in space in which it can extend. No more folding is possible. This actually is the state of the existence of the soul. The previous discussion is simply an extrapolation such that the organization could be understood • At this state it encloses two central vacuoles in the system one in the dominant part the other in the recessive part. This is surrounded a spiral of 8 minor vacuoles • When we say vacuoles it just means a space between forces crisscrossing each other. It is important we recall here the word of Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning father of quantum theory"There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." • The vacuoles becomes the store house of information. The primary store house exist in the center of the recessive and is off centered and secondary exist in the center of the dominant. The secondary center apparently appears as the center. • The cause originates instantaneously from the primary point and communicates in time to the body through the secondary point. The eight external points form the dynamic unit which communicate the force to the external world and simultaneously transmits the force to the center

  16. Quantum Consciousness, Intelligence and Creativity : Part-1 Continued • The whole thing is spiral phenomenon that can transmit force to and fro. Imagine a drill at work. No drill can move further unless it displaces, matter in the opposite direction to the drill. • Against further force the system now zips open to form 32 celled left and right. The process sucks energy and matter from the body to create a mirror image to form 64 celled state • The process is repeated. This could be comparable to DNA replication • In time multiple souls are formed from a single source by its intelligence and creativity. The newly formed souls has one component from the original and the other being formed from the energy and matter from the body. • The souls of the older cells which appears to die out is held as information in the vacuole.

  17. Quantum Consciousness, Intelligence and Creativity: Part-2 • The spirit that is enfolding unfolding and creating new copies of it self alone does help the system survive against time and give stability to the system. • A new form of creativity can also comes into being near critical point when the 64 celled enfolded state of the spirit is pushed to the near critical state. Here it can add matter on to it self such that the external forces are increasingly resisted. Imagine here a balance balancing it self by adding weight to the left and right pan. • From our thinking of the quantum design there are eight pans or vacuole points. Matter can be added these points such that the system balances and strengthens against the external force. • This can explain the formation of double helical information development - the first step towards the evolution and formation of body to the spirit. • It is very clear that the information unit developed should be a minimum of 4 paired dynamic unit in space that exist in spiral double helix. This knowledge can take our understanding of information and control to higher dimension. • The eight steps of enfoldment are 1=0, 2 =2, 3=4, 4=8, 5=16, 6=32, 7=64 8=0 [ creation] • The creativity comes as the resistance to time direction, survival, manifest as Evolution and formation various organization levels of the whole system.

  18. How to Comprehend the Quantum Universe and its Existence in Time • The beginning of time, end of time, the interrelationship and its perpetual existence is fundamental to human quest for knowledge. • We noted that soul survives through creativity wherein it divides such that centripetal force acting upon it by the body is redirected into the three dimensions of space. The central and all the created soul exist pulsating. The soul survives through constant pulsating division and renewal. Here the forces acting from left and right are directed to the out side causing the pulsating existence. However, a time direction is essential reality of nature and soul shrinks in time and is forced to leave its central position and the system collapses – The price to be paid to the time direction. • The Quantum Dance and Creation we discussed could be compared to birth and death of Living system. 4 stages of life. Birth to adult hood, a adult hood that comprises of two parts upward to the peak and down ward to critical point beyond which the system begins to collapse. • To understand the quantum universe it becomes important that we analyze how Life conquers time.

  19. How Life Conquers Time • Life conquers time, survives and perpetuates against time by two process- One is mitosis the other meiosis • All life are known to renew its information from time to time, by a process of unfolding and enfolding of information in tune with day and night cycle and the fluctuation in energy in the environment. – Mitotic • All life are known to have the capacity to reproduce a new body out of the old and thus conquer the directed time. In the process the essence of the male enters the female, uses mothers blood and flesh to create a new body out of the old. Here the reduced male enters the reduced female to become one and then in time divides to form the complex system we witness – meiosis • This invariably means there is no death to life. The death we encounter is dissolving of the old in to the Universal System to be created again in time

  20. Mitosis and Meiosis and Quantum Design • The figure below shows the quantum design • The quantum design can be looked upon as a balance comprising of two pans, each in turn containing tow more balances. The system is balanced by the spirit. Continued to next slide

  21. Communication and Survival in Quantum Design • Now a disturbance in one pan by the law of thermodynamics creates an equivalent and opposite disturbance in the opposite pan – Instantaneous Communication • The communication is such that the disturbance is transferred to its opposite pair within the same pan, then to complementary pair in the same pan before it communicates to the opposite pan – Time bound communication. • The co existence of instantaneous communication and time bound communication and its control is discussed in article – Logic of Information and health • The system is designed to balance and neutralize. Very often extreme fluctuation lead to accumulation of negative energies. The quantum design into day and night cycles helps the system balance disturbance – This is shown in the figure in the next slide. • Very often, specially when the time cycle is disturbed, the negative energies get trapped in the system. The system tries to balance these negative energies by mixing of the information

  22. Communication and Survival in Quantum Design - Continued

  23. Communication and Survival in Quantum Design - Continued • The mitotic process in biological process is reflection of the quantum design and the ability of life to survive against time or energy and its fluctuations acting and disturbing the balance of the left right • Meiotic process is the adaptation to survive against the directed time. Here two individuals from opposite pan come together to conquer directed time. A whole new body is created out of the old such that both the soul and body survives • The information is indestructible. Behind the material information we deal with there is a spiritual reality. Every information from creation is enfolded in the vacuoles with in the soul. The negative energies that are not neutralized form the cause for deterioration of health, onset of the disease. Non neutralized energies are carried for generations weakening the future of the system.

  24. The Design of Quantum Nature and Energy Flow in it • It is important we recall the design of nature we live in. When the west awakes to sunlight and unwinds , the east sleeps to darkness and acts as a sink for energy and vice-versa. When the west peaks in light, the spirit, the perceiver or the conscious and intelligent element sows the seed of darkness, simultaneously in the east the darkness peaks and He sows the seed of light and vice-versa. This reality is shown in the following figure • The question that emerges is how a time originates, ends and perpetuates in this design. This needs a small review.

  25. Origin of time as understood by Science • Science is based on understanding of matter and motion. All motion is accompanied by some loss of energy. This means in time the heat content of the system should increase. This is understood as second law of thermodynamics or direction of time. • The work of Einstein when extended in time tells us that it should have originated form a point in a big bang. • All the laws of science breaks down at this point. It makes the theory of gravitation incomplete and senseless. It does not explain what causes the big bang and what causes the big collapse. • Einstein was aware of this reality. This is reflected in his attempts to bring in concepts like Anti-gravity and Gravitational constant and so on, such that a stability is brought to the universe. He introduced these concept and retreated, probably not able to find a source for this opposition.

  26. Re discovering Anti-Gravity and Stability • A new dimension to nature and our understanding emerges when we observe life. Life by instinct is anti-gravitational. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living systems and the material system shows this opposition. • This means the life supports the flow of the energy in the universal system. When the light emerges in the west and starts unwinding and becomes disordered. The life takes up the energy and works to bring order. The fact that life is anti-gravitational needs no proof, one just need to open his eye and observe a seed grow. • This means the nature is self sustaining by its design through two opposing forces Continued to next slide

  27. Some vital Logical Conclusions • The law of gravity is built on the assumption of non-equilibrium. This is a necessity for the flow and motion to occur. • This logically means the life that produce the anti-gravity should have some form of equilibrium within its core. There should be a particle behind life that struggles to maintain its equilibrium • The information and the various process of the whole living system is evolved against time in relation to forces acting against it from nature. • This means we need to understand equilibrium and non-equilibrium. The equilibrium that life presents cannot be absolute. For absolute equilibrium is dead and is incapable of accepting energy in put and giving an out put. This equilibrium in life is relative. It has some form of symmetry in space such that it is independent and does not mix with other forces and is capable of taking the external force and direct it back to nature with out actually getting broken down and mixed up.

  28. The simple inert element Non-equilibrium and Symmetry • We saw a form of non equilibrium and symmetry in slides number 8 and 12. The system has external equilibrium but has asymmetry in respect to internal force holding it. • A first level stability comes when a symmetry is reached in three dimensional space. See fig below • There can be two types of particle one left winding the other right winding. How they transform to the external force thereby dispelling force back to nature is shown in the figure. It is a inert atom that only responds to heat induced actions. • It can be formed from the division initiated by the spirit as we visualized earlier or by the collision of light particles. Each basic quantum particle we visualized being a light particle • It becomes important now that we visualize a light particle before we go further

  29. Non-equilibrium and Symmetry – The light Particle • Earlier we visualized a quantum particle that dances when it is pushed to a critical limit. Here the external forces were oppositely winding and acting from all four directions • Now imagine two winding forces that have similar winding direction. Now the system collapses and takes a direction see figure below. This could be visualized as light particle in motion. Light is a spiral unwinding motion in space.

  30. Complex inert elements Non-equilibrium and Symmetry – Higher Dimensions • A higher dimension of symmetry is reached when a second layer of the matter is formed around the first. • A still higher dimension is achieved when the eight components of space are filled. See figure below • Please note that these systems are amenable to heat induced winding and unwinding phenomenon, but resistant to physical forces. • These particles are logically deduced as the particle behind life. The most complex being related humans. See article Beyond Genes

  31. Universal Time, its Origin End and Perpetuation • We note that biological systems survive time and perpetuates by a process called mitosis and meiosis where it mixes it left and right. Can we apply this phenomenon to universal time • We noted that earth functions like a double pump or heart and the universe appears a biological system. It is designed to survive with constant flow of energy between its left and right. All the living system on earth by instinct functions against gravity and time direction giving stability to the system. There appears to be no time direction to the universal system. • The picture changes the moment we take into consideration humankind, who lives by this mind and sets out to conquer nature the center and the opposite there by upsetting the balance. • It is important at this stage, I call your attention to some wisdom written in great ancient knowledge systems which we have failed to understand and respect.

  32. Universal Time, its Origin End and Perpetuation • The Bible tells us that Lord gave freedom to one whom He created in His own image to rule His kingdom, but kept one Law, not to eat from the tree at the center of Eden • The law meant not to try to conquer Him or the opposite and thus upset the balance. It meant not to corrupt His Creation, but live by faith. • The great Vedas also seems to have understood the simple secret of nature as they spoke of Universal Consciousness and Intelligence and individuated consciousness and intelligence. Their pursuit of knowledge was directed at knowing self. They taught the art of conquering or silencing mind to communicate to the source where truth lies. • The Mayan philosophies, Chinese philosophies all seem to have understood this living reality of nature. • The Christian philosophy speaks of power of the realm of heart as superior to the realm of the mind. Continued to next slide

  33. Universal Time, its Origin End and Perpetuation • In the slide 14 --- we saw how the soul and its conscious element, the spirit, shows creativity to survive against the directed time to the center. It divides and enfolds thus directing the force directed to the center to the three dimensions of space. • Beyond some critical point the enfolded state unfolds creating new copies of its self using matter and energy from the body. • We also noted how the system can develop information to survive the time. • However all this cannot stop the flight of time. It can only extend it. The soul in time is pushed to the third critical point at which collapse becomes inevitable. • The Vital question now is, how the Universal Soul survives time. In the living system we know it dissolves into Universal Consciousness to be formed again. In to what will the Universal Consciousness dissolve at death and how it re-forms • The logical conclusion is that it should dissolve into its own body to create new

  34. How the Universal Soul Survives Time • The universal soul we noted consists of two parts one dominant the other recessive. It comprises of two spirits one dominant decider the other recessive support. See Slide -12, Against the forces of the body it survives through creativity. Though many copies of its image are created in time the original soul exist as the Ultimate Controller at the Center. We noted that the division creates vacuum holes. These holes store information of every division and they form the instantaneous communication medium. The original soul exist in this vacuum holes • The constant division enforced on it by the body [ time direction], reduces its pulsating capacity and gradually it reaches a minimum at which the system collapses. This means the Universal Soul has a cycle similar to life, conception, birth, growth and death • If the universe should survive then, the Universal Consciousness or the spirit should do something similar to what life does to conquer directed time. In life the essence of the Father reduces leaves its body enters the body of the mother find a reduced cell to create new body out of the old to survive. • Which means the spirit the Father, the ruler, the Judge, the Conscious and Intelligent element should leave its position and dissolve the balance to create new out of the old before the collapse occurs. • Continued to next slide

  35. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary • My search for Universal Time Cycle, from a point freedom, basing my mind on Conscious led me to explore spiritual world. In great moment when I submitted my mind to universal mind in all humbleness and in totality, the secret of Calvary unfolded it self as the conception point of new Universe and New Time. I am not advocating any religion here but unfolding a truth • All life is a constant struggle to maintain certain balance. It is designed to survive in the living environment. All life follows the day and night energy cycle and follows the law. Thus helping it self to reorder and allowing Universal Life to re order it self. • The only exception to this rule is human being. Thus he is governed by laws. • He breaks these laws creating disorder and direction of time. Time direction thus comes from human mind that sets out conquer and corrupt nature. He interferes in the day and night cycles of the natural system thus disturbing its capacity to self heal and maintain the balance. • We humans feel we are the most conscious and intelligent life, but in reality we are the least conscious and intelligent system in the world. The cause for it exist in the spiritual design of the particle that goes to form human life. This is explored and deduced to its base in the article “Secret of Consciousness”

  36. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • When the universal consciousness and intelligence is stressed to the critical limit, the spirit, the conscious and intelligent element stops the creative process and goes into quantum dance. Turning inside out. The dominant hides in the recessive. The process displaces the system from the center into its own body. Where it finds a womb to incarnate into a human body. This is the birth of Christ • The process changes the position of the left and right. The primary center now becomes the secondary and secondary center now becomes the primary. The flow direction with in the system is changed. • Christ is a unique individual at the center of the whole, that has no pair • This is possibly the high point of human evolution. Being in the center He is absolutely communicated to the whole as whole is communicated to the parts. • Calvary is the feminine phase of Universal Consciousness that creates the new out of the old.

  37. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • The Calvary is the opening up Universal Consciousness giving free will such it proceeds to creates new out of the old. It could be compared to the DNA strands unfolding to create new out of the old. • When Christ, before His Sacrifice at Calvary, blessed the bread and wine and offered it to disciples as his flesh and blood, the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence was virtually acting as a mother who gives her flesh and blood to child in the womb. • With Calvary a new time was Created in the old. The directed forces that was acting to the center [ The human beings trying to conquer the opposite and corrupt nature], now crisscross and gets directed to the periphery causing an expansion and taking it another critical moment which the quantum wave collapses to begin a new time cycle

  38. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • The event in the center [ Conception of New Time] involved one individual, but the event at the periphery or end of expansion, involves everything in the world with out any exception- the matter, life, plant, animal, earth, atmosphere, sky and the whole cosmos. • However, everything in nature is conscious of time change and its initialization. The only exception is human being who are the cause of directed time and death. Humankind is incapable of perceiving time and truth and thus needs the intervention the Creator Soul to lead us back to the Golden Age. Thus Christ said I will come back as Spirit to lead you to Kingdom of God. • We are now some where near the border where Universal Consciousness is trying to initialize it self. It is stressing, the consciousness of individual, family, community, nations and whole world to realize the truth and transform to enter the Golden age or the Kingdom of God.

  39. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • If Mayan calendar is correct we are already in the Universal Quantum wave collapse leading to initialization of time cycle. The calendar appears to be true. Even Biblical and Vedic calendar which states that the world is in the dark age and poised to enter the light age. • This means all the negative energies are boiled up for release • The drastic climate change, increased natural catastrophes both in its intensity and number, great events recorded in the cosmos since 2000, instability of individual and various hierarchies of the society all speak the change to come. • Being near critical state, even small spark can create uncontrollable fire and cause interrelated catastrophes with wind water and earth. We are experiencing this reality globally as proof of our thinking. • This also is true in respect psychological state of individual mind, community mind, and mind of nations. Even what we dub as negligible disturbance can lead to great reaction and destruction because the system is near non-equilibrium state

  40. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • There has been a spiritual revival. Thousand and thousand are having the enlightening experience or rebirth. This has charged the core of religion. The different man made religions without understanding the truth of Universal reality and oneness are poised for clashing with all the material power it has attained. Human beings are dangling in edge of total destruction for lack one spiritual reality • The survival exist in the return of the light, the knowledge of the oneness. The secret of survival, exist in the philosophy of Christ and the act He enacted in Calvary. Once again I state I am not supporting an organized religion, but struggling to speak the truth of Calvary that has the potential to save humanity form an impending disaster and bring order and peace to humanity • The return to order and peace however cannot come unless humanity become aware of the truth of inter relationship and oneness.

  41. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • My spiritual rebirth was accompanied by a duty to advance science to show the basic inter relationship and oneness. Being, ignorant of the language physical science uses, I could only explore it conceptually and I have endeavored to advance science through common language. I am not sure whether a mathematical language can help describe the biological truth of the Universe we explored. • The work shows spirituality and physicality behind the foundation of biology. Conversely shows the biology behind the physicality of the universal existence. Great mathematician, Gödel, did speak of the limitations of mathematics. If some mathematical language can come close to it, then I feel it is the divine ratio or PHI. May be mathematician can drive their mind at it.

  42. How the Universal Soul Survives Time – The Secret of Calvary - Continued • I believe that only through advancement of science can the human being and his mind come to the reality of nature and quickly re correct its errors and take control of the world we live in. The first step in the process is to experience the Love of the Creator Spirit and release the negative energy we have accumulated in various hierarchies of the society, nature and its environment. • The second step is to respect the design of Time Cycle and allow nature to recover and repair and stabilize. • Calvary depicted Love of the Creator, so too His Second Coming in the form of Knowledge. He used a womb in submission to conceive time and uses a mind in submission to initialize time. • He comes before our cumulative negative actions endangers our existence

  43. Conclusion • The universe is living and inter related one whole. It is bound by the spirit that forms conscious and the intelligent element and the instantaneous communicating medium of the system. • The spirit is creative and survive time cycle in a biological way. • The earth, the sun, planets, the galaxies remain the same in time cycles. only the direction of energy flow in them changes spontaneously, when time initializes. • Only system that struggles readjust is the Human kind that lives by its mind and is the cause of time direction. • The Love of the Creator manifest to save humanity in time to lead you to Golden Age of Truth, order and peace by revealing the that exist next our skin both internally and externally.

  44. Foot Note • The work presents the fundamental design and principle that guides the existence of the particle, its organization into various levels and its relationship. I wish I could retreat into every branch and elaborate the foundation in relation to it, such that minds perched to different branches could retreat quickly to truth. As a farmer struggling against odds, not much energy is left to embark on such goals unless external support flows in. • We are entering a knowledge era. The work presents the frame work to build on. There is a necessity to reorient our approach to health /medicine, food /agriculture, energy and its utilization. The works spans nearly two and half decades of search. The path traveled is decked with many ideas that can be extended and made applicable.The flowering of these ideas needs cumulative effort with intervention of large organization or willing governmental bodies with long range objectives. • All this however depends on how the intellectual world comprehends the reality of nature revealed Grace New Age Research Sites - Quantum Reality – Secret of Consciousness Spread the Good News