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Steps to Take Before Buying Geo-fencing Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Steps to Take Before Buying Geo-fencing Service

Steps to Take Before Buying Geo-fencing Service

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Steps to Take Before Buying Geo-fencing Service

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  1. Steps to Take Before Buying Geo-fencing Service Marketing is perhaps one of the most sectors where it is most widely used. Gone are the days when billboard or television used to be the coolest thing to put ads on. Slowly but effectively the geofencing services are replacing the traditional way of marketing. With smartphones getting more and more popular, be it android or iOS or any different kind, geofencing marketing is gaining popularity inch by inch and it won't be a farfetched statement if we call geofencing as the next big thing.

  2. For example, let's say there is a garage which does auto repair. As soon as a person drives through the parameter, a notification could be sent to his phone outlining the features and services that the business could provide. The customer, on the other hand, may choose to use or not to use it but, it has a long term effect that, that the person now knows about whereabouts the garage and if, in future, any problem occurs, he knows where to look for. It's just a simple example but effective one which does show the opportunity that geofencing services could bring in. The advantage of geofencing over the traditional marketing is that you don't rely on the medium to get your messages across. You could simply communicate with the people right through the gadget that is used by all people all the time in day to day basis.

  3. And the effectiveness of geofencing marketing lies in there. That is, to chose the medium and this is most prevalent in day to day lives of each and every people. And with different sectors coming in together, the spectrum of geofencing is increasing and increasing. And with spectrum getting broader, the opportunities will also get multiplied thus making geofencing a valuable path to put marketing across a various segment of the society.

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