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Braided Copper Wire PowerPoint Presentation
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Braided Copper Wire

Braided Copper Wire

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Braided Copper Wire

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  1. Braided Copper Wire

  2. Copper wires wound like a hair strand in a braid find their way into most electrical as well as thermo-electric applications. Braided copper wire is popularly called as electrolytic copper wire owing to their manufacturing and coating processes. Modern day applications include their use in shielded cables and control panel in switch gear. Soldering and earthing wire assembly in CRT channels also make use of distinct copper wires wounded in braids.

  3. Contemporary braided copper wires follow a standard principle of adopting two terminals for flexible grounding. The two terminals are made of copper cylinders with silver or tin coating on the surface. The size may vary depending on the customer specification and the mode of processing used to achieve a flexible joint.

  4. Construction process • Braided wires are drawn in two ways: • Flat Braided Wire • Tubular Braided Wire

  5. These wire segments are listed as per MIL specification for products that need to retain constant physical as well as electrical properties under all conditions of varying temperature, magnetic field and mechanical tension. The wire strands are coated with tin and then woven or rolled to a standard width as per specifications given by client. Mostly, concentric and semi-concentric windings are used for industrial appliances. Round configuration ensures that they are easy to store and transport over a long distance.

  6. Industrial and domestic uses of Braided wire sets Electrical appliances working in fluctuating voltage conditions have braided copper wires at their core. Mining industry with explosive detonations and automobile industry extensively make use of copper wires due to its high conductivity and anti-rust properties in damp conditions. Heavy duty machineries used in saline conditions like in submersible motors used in ships, submarines and oil drillers also make use of braided coppers.

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