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Victorian Stamps project PowerPoint Presentation
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Victorian Stamps project

Victorian Stamps project

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Victorian Stamps project

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  1. Victorian Stamps project

  2. Jane Austen Stamp Set Issue Date: 21st February 2013 This year marks the bicentenary of the publication of Jane Austen’s most famous novel Pride and Prejudice The Royal Mail has commissioned you to design a set of four Victorian stamps, and a presentation pack. The stamp must show four different prices and a title for your chosen theme.

  3. The illustrations can depict any aspect of Victorian life. Examples of themes include:Engineering.Inventions Clothes and fashion, Victorian art movements,Artists,Society and class, Architecture, Industry,Famous Victorians etc. Great British Fashion Stamp Set Issue Date: 15th May 2012

  4. The images you create should transfer to a small piece of paper The Queen’s head must appear top right or left, facing towards the design and must be in correct relationship with the overall stamp size (see template on moodle) of 37mm x 35mm. These stamps must hold together as a set although they will usually be seen as an individual stamp, and therefore will need to be just as powerful in isolation. Charles Dickens Mint Stamps set Issue Date: 19th June 2012

  5. The package should reflect the theme of your stamps and promote the sale of your collection Charles Dickens Presentation Pack Issue Date: 19th June 2012

  6. IllustratorsWe will look at a variety of illustrators during this project.Use your sketchbook to record information, ideas, research and your personal response to these artists.This week we will consider the work of Oliver Jeffers.

  7. Oliver Jeffers incredible book eating boy


  9. Research The victoria and Albert museum website has a wealth of information Tasks: Log onto the V&A Victorian webpage. Create a mind map of your chosen theme using the links on the V&A website. (You will have only 20 minutes max to complete.) Generate 3 quick ideas that you may use to illustrate your stamps using A6 paper. Now work in the style of Oliver Jeffers to complete one of your ideas.