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Goals :

Welcome to the Subcontractors Academy!. Brought To You By :. City of Austin Contract Management Department. In partnership with. Goals : Ensure all interested subcontractors have access to information, resources and tools they need to be successful in their City contracts .

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Goals :

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  1. Welcome to the Subcontractors Academy! Brought To You By: City of Austin Contract Management Department In partnership with Goals: • Ensure all interested subcontractors have access to information, resources and tools they need to be successful in their City contracts. • Provide subcontractors an opportunity to network with, and learn alongside, government contracting officials to gain a better understanding of the City processes, roles, and responsibilities associated with City government contracting.

  2. Job Order Contracting (JOC) ProgramSubcontractors Needed? Contract Management Department Subcontractors Academy Rolando Fernandez, Assistant Director Marisol Claudio-Ehalt, Program Consultant City of Austin – Contract Management Department This Month’s Featured Speakers: Vincent M. LeMond, Contract Relations Consultant City of Austin – Contract Management Department July 20, 2015

  3. Job Order Contracting is... DEFINITION: • A Fixed Price, Competitive Proposal, Indefinite Quantity Type Contract • Designed to accomplish small to medium, multi-traded, maintenance, repair, renovation and minor new construction projects.

  4. Alternative Contracting Method JOB ORDER CONTRACTING: • Decreases construction performance schedules • Controls negotiated construction cost through usage of a standardized Unit Price Book (UPB). • Method of contracting indefinite quantities of projects, • From commencement to completion • Inclusive of multiple trades and disciplines • Issued by Job Order(s) under one (1) Contract • Period of time defined either by calendar and/or dollars.

  5. Job Order Contracting is... WORK ACCOMPLISHED BY: • Team development of individual Job Order(s) • Scope of Work& ***Construction Drawings*** • Selection of Work Task from Catalog of Pre-priced Construction Task(s) - (Unit Price Book, “UPB”) • Job Order(s) issued on negotiated series of Work Task(s) directly related to items in Scope of Work • Items & Quantities Negotiated (Not the Price)

  6. The JOC Difference? JOB ORDER CONTRACTING: • Work quantity & type are undefined • Contractor submits a proposal of services and an Adjustment Factor(s) (Coefficient) to the Catalog of Work Items (UPB) • Long Term “Partner” Relationship

  7. Expectations for JOC City’s General Expectations • Faster Response Time(s) • Shorten the Project (Job Order) Development & Procurement Time • More Reliable, Controlled Construction Schedules • Meet or exceed the Needs of the Customer(s) • High Level of QUALITY • Performance Satisfaction • Standardization • “Lessons Learned”

  8. Expectations for JOCContinued... City’s General Expectations • Include a Large Number of Subcontractors • While maintaining 25% Prime Contractor performance • Retain JOC Contractors: • Achieve and Exceed diversification program objectives • Truly develop a Partnership Relationship (Non-Adversarial) • Serve as a Mentor to Local Small and Minority Contractors • Meet or Exceed Outlined & Proposed Performance Criteria

  9. What Makes a Successful JOC Program? “Successful” Contractor Profile Success Relies on Meeting or Exceeding the Following: • Pro-Active Diversification Program & Small Business Subcontracting - JOC Contractors: • Reach out to Local Subcontractors. • Establish “Mentoring” Program to assist smaller Subcontractors. • Play an activerole in meeting diversification program priorities

  10. Contract AdministrationDiversification Opportunities Increase Minority & Small Contractor Opportunities • 75% of all Work may be subcontracted • Contractor submits Subcontracting Plan at time of proposal submission. • Contractor submits Subcontractor List & diversification program information with each Job Order • Failure of Contractor to voluntarily comply with the diversification program could jeopardize future work.

  11. Contract AdministrationDiversification Opportunities Advantages for Minority and Small Contractors • No Bonding requirements for Subcontractors - Limited Bonding Capacity can be reserved for Competitively Bid Projects. • No complicated bidding procedures • JOC can reach out to Small Local Subcontractors • JOC Contractor serves as a Mentor to Subcontractor(s) • JOC Contractor actively participates in diversification quarterly meetings.

  12. JOC Structure ROTATION LIST DETERMINE NEED PER EACH JOB ORDER ASSIGNMENT Job Order Assignment (JOA) anticipated amounts $0–$300k per assignment

  13. JOC Considerations • JOC contractors already selected • Cost is based on pre-priced unit items • Good for schedule-sensitive work • Contractor may contribute toward scope development/refinement, if needed • Work limited to facility improvements only (no street, bridge, utility, airport runway, drainage, etc.).

  14. JOC Contractor 2013 JOC Program List

  15. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance • What JOC Contractor want to know…… • Define Company Performance: • What construction trade or services provided? • Specialty Trade Contractor? • Special skills firm provides • Company Make-Up • Self Performance • Company Employees • Subcontracting ( Third Tier?)

  16. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance JOC Contractor may want the following…… • Pre-Qualification Statement • Minority/Women Business Certification (City of Austin) • Certificate of Liability Insurance • Certificate of Account Status • The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts in response to franchise tax status • Master Subcontract Agreement • Work Release Form

  17. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance • Getting the Work….. • Pick up a set of bid documentsfrom JOC Contractor • Attend a pre-bid conference/site visit. • Review bid documents & the project location. • Request a second site visit if necessary to thoroughly understand the project requirements and site conditions. • Let JOC Contractor know your company is interested in bidding. • Call the estimator to verify that you will be bidding the project. It will give him an opportunity to tell you of any changes that need to be made in your bid or the bid requirements. • Ask questions!

  18. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance • Getting the Work….. continued • Call before you submit your bid to make sure you have received all addendums • Clarifications or changes to the bid documents that might have been issued. • Submit your bid at the time and in the manner JOC Contractor request. • Price Breakdown • Performance Schedule • Price Clarifications • Price Assumptions/Exclusions

  19. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance • Getting the Work….. Continued • If you are the successful, the JOC Contractor will issue a Work Release form to your firm. • If you are not successful, JOC Contractor will provide information about how the selection was made and how your firm “stacked” up against others bidding the exact same work.

  20. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance Important Considerations ….. • JOC is a fast paced, high-quality program for performing minor construction, alteration and repair projects. • Subcontractor must be prepared to start the work immediately upon award (receipt of Work Release Form) • Continue diligently with sufficient workforce and materials, tools and equipment to accomplish the work in the minimum amount of time necessary.

  21. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance Important Considerations ….. continued • Prevailing wage rates and payroll reporting. • City of Austin construction contracts require workers to be paid at least the prevailing wage for their craft. All employers on City construction contracts are required to prepare and retain weekly certified payroll reports, and to submit them within two (2) working days of request.

  22. JOC SubcontractorsSteps to Performance Questions and Answers

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