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Inspirational Leadership

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Inspirational Leadership

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Inspirational Leadership

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  1. Inspirational Leadership IAF Admin Retreat Summer 2011

  2. Leadership Style Quiz • Are you focused on the outcome of your performance? • Do you find yourself comparing your performance to your colleagues? • Are you concerned about what others might think of you if you don’t meet certain goals? • Do you “should on” yourself? Do you ever say, “I know I should be working on that project, but…” • Do you waste a lot of time feeling guilty? • Do you achieve goals and then wonder what the point of it was? • Do you sometimes feel like you have to wear a mask or recite a script to be what others think you should be? • Does fear keep you from taking risks or speaking the truth?

  3. So, what’s the big deal with that?? If you answered YES to many of these questions, you may be relying on too much old fashioned MOTIVATION…

  4. Inspiration Vs. Motivation • “to provide a motive, to induce, impel” • EGO- tends to make us compete & compare with others • Psyching yourself (or others) up to do something (something you or they don’t want to do) • Extrinsic • Short term – you’ll have to KEEP on trying to motivate them • Non-engaging, fake, manipulative

  5. Inspiration: • SOUL – appeals to the conscience “Instead of motivation, look for inspiration. Inspiration comes from the same word as spirit. When you are inspired, the spirit moves you.” Deepak Chopra • Requires you to be fully engaged with others • Authentic • Intrinsic • Long term – leads to fulfillment • Linking of goals/values to the appropriate tasks • Vision & passion

  6. What’s the difference? Most of us have been on diets before (or even now)… You may become motivated to: -count calories -start exercising -cut back on carbs -stop eating fast food But you won’t do ANY of these things if you are not INSPIRED to lose weight & live a healthier lifestyle…. Your motivation loses its mojo without INSPIRATION!

  7. Keys to becoming an Inspirational Leader: 1. Build Relationships: TRUST COMMUNICATION EMPOWERMENT INVOLVEMENT / EMPATHY VISIBILITY “It’s the PEOPLE, stupid!”

  8. Keys to becoming an Inspirational Leader: 2. Be PASSIONATE about your vision: What is your vision? Student achievement School success Teacher quality Curriculum improvement I’m having a vision… you as a more effective leader!

  9. Keys to becoming an Inspirational Leader: 3. Exude a culture of DISCIPLINE Promote teacher autonomy Promote teacher, staff, and student responsibility Promote teacher and staff growth Walk the walk AND talk the talk micromanagement

  10. Keys to becoming an Inspirational Leader: 4. Be persistent in getting the RIGHT people Hire those with the same goals/vision as you Find out what drives / inspires them Advocate for them Get them the resources & training they want Work hard to KEEP them Be persistent in letting the WRONG people go!

  11. Keys to becoming an Inspirational Leader: 5. Establish an environment of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Encourage mastery Raise the bar Facilitate growth Make it uncomfortable for status quo staff QUIT accepting mediocrity

  12. Keys to becoming an Inspirational Leader: 6. Remember modesty & humility Take the blame when things go wrong Deflect praise to those who truly deserve it Give credit where credit is due YOU are not always right – admit it Apologize when necessary