how cosmo consultants can help students for their n.
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Study Abroad Consultants in india PowerPoint Presentation
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Study Abroad Consultants in india

Study Abroad Consultants in india

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Study Abroad Consultants in india

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  1. How Cosmo Consultants can help students for their overseas education?

  2. There has been a rage among the students in India to opt foreign lands for higher studies, they are quite excited with the opportunities among the top study destinations in the world. As there are multiple reasons why students want to study abroad. The reasons could be widened for many causes but here how astudy abroad consultants in India can help in counseling these aspirant study abroad students and guide them in the right light. You may contact COSMO CONSULTANTS, Overseas Education Consultants in Bareilly and get many benefits by consulting them.

  3. CAREER COUNSELING AND ADMISSION GUIDANCE The very first step while deciding to study overseas is Counseling, The expert counselors of the Cosmo Consultant are always keen to provide right counseling in their career planning for their bright future. They suggest the right course and training opt and also the time when to take admission in the universities and the course that students want to pursue. They also help the student by mentioning all details for fee structure and total estimated expenses over accommodation costs in foreign lands.

  4. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The Cosmo Consultants understands the concern of the students who are opting overseas for their higher education. Thus, they affirm to provide a complete draft over the required documents and total amount to be spent in their tuition fees and living there and also assist them in education loan if you want to apply for it too. Their constant effort is to make sure that you get your overseas education without any stress.

  5. VISA ASSISTANCE The most challenging task ahead of your dream is getting a student visa, but with a student visa consultants, all documents, are rightly collected and carefully follows the procession of documentation. The cosmo consultants with his experienced counselor provide the perfect documentation without any stress and obstruct. That renders 99% chance to acquire to the study VISA.

  6. JOB AWARENESS ABROAD The Cosmo Consultants also provide the job assistance, from the beginning, career counseling they mention the benefits and opportunities that will be more likely to be provided in the country. The study visa consultants also provide the working culture and working condition pre-completion of the course and post studies working environment such as earning in weekdays and weekends so that they can have the experience of the work and embrace their working conditions as well. They provide the smallest details to the students so that they won’t have to suffer on the foreign land.

  7. COACHING ASSISTANCE Cosmo Consultants provide the IELTS coaching for both IELTS academic and IELTS general. These IELTS scores help in getting admissions in various abroad states. These states are Canada, NewZealand, Australia, Singapore, USA, UK and Germany. Choosing the Cosmo consultants will provide you visa application assistance as will as IELTS training too.  As they very well understand the required score and eligibility for IELTS band and provides the IELTS training in the right direction.

  8. TRANSPARENT APPROACH Students always trust the Study abroad consultant in India who maintains the transparency towards each step of VISA proceedings and submit honest feedback to students. Cosmo Consultants prefers to practice such module for sake of students who are going abroad for the higher education.

  9. At present, all overseas education consultant agencies are providing additional assistance other than the visa, admission guidance, but what Cosmo Consultant does is mentioning some basic protocols for the particular nations with all researches and brochures, all information about the work permits and the lifestyle of the place. These are very small details but a matter of huge importance.

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