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  1. HY-TEK’sMEET MANAGER 4.0 Feature List Overview endurance

  2. About MEET MANAGER 4.0 • MEET MANAGER 4.0for Swimming (MM) is HY-TEK's 5th generation of Meet Management software. • Provides the very highest level of functionality for swim coaches, parents, and volunteers. • Easy transition from MM 3.0 • Over 40 new features endurance

  3. What MM 4.0 Means To You • Mobile access to Live Results • Additional reports and report filters/options to make running a meet even easier. • More flexibility in specifying printers for reports and labels. • FREE Tech Support for the life of the product. • Beta Release – June 22, 2011 • General release – August 1, 2011 endurance

  4. MM 4.0 Feature List - Meet Mobile • Meet Mobile is a powerful iPhone application designed by The Active Network and is available FREE on the Apple app store. It can be installed on the iPhone, the iPad, or the iTouch. This application displays live meet results directly from HY-TEK’s MEET MANAGER. The process of streaming those live results operates seamlessly within MEET MANAGER as long as there is an Internet connection. Meet Mobile can display each heat’s and event’s results sorted by event or by swimmer including splits and places. Parents and coaches will be able to follow the meet from any location in the world. endurance

  5. Printer Selection • In the Printer Options setup, you can choose any printer for reports and any printer for labels. Previously this selection only worked when printing directly to the printer. Now it also works when Previewing a report. • In Printer Options, you can separately enter a number of copies for the Meet Program, for Results, and then for all other reports. • When a report is displayed, there is a new second printer icon which will print directly when clicked using the selected printer in Printer Options. There also is a number of copies text box which defaults to your Printer Options settings, but can be changed on the fly. The previous printer icon in MM 3.0 remains and works the same as before using the default windows printer. endurance

  6. Interfaces • MM 4.0 supports splits when using the new Dolphin Wireless Watch. • The Dolphin Wireless Watch has the option to select any computer from which to read the Dolphin .do3 or .do4 result files. • Interface support is added for the new Omega Quantum-AQ timer using file sharing rather than a serial port. endurance

  7. Import / Export • If only 1 event is exported when exporting advancers, the event number is added to the export file name. • When exporting .sd3 result files, the meet name and meet date are used for the file name. • There is an option to not import entry events from TEAM MANAGER into swim-off and Time Trial events. • On export of results to TM or SWIMS, there is an option to export Finals Only results. • On export of events to TEAM MANAGER, the option to exclude No Time (NT) Entries will be included in the export file. • On export of events to TEAM MANAGER, there is a choice to enforce slower than qualifying times when applicable which will be included in the export file. endurance

  8. Scoring • For BCSSA meets, a standard type meet is allowed, but it will consider each individual event to be multi-division so that all divisions can be in the same event. • Divisions by Time Standard can now be for prelim/final events where a separate final will be created for each Time Standard group. • For Combined Events, Team Scoring can be selected besides individual scoring. • For Combined Event Team Scoring, the Top How Many controls the number of individual places in each event that count for the team scores when Special Points is selected. • For Combined Event Scoring, DQ's are a separate check box from allow NT's and NS's as far as whether to count those individuals in the scoring rankings. endurance

  9. Setup Menu • The Athlete Preferences Menu has an option to force entering the century for birth date. This is primarily needed for the older athletes in masters meets to speed up data entry. • The Directory Preferences has 'Clear All' and 'Set All' buttons added for quick changes to all directory preferences. • The Report Preferences Menu has an option to show real first name instead of preferred first name on reports. • The Entry / Scoring Preferences Menu has an option to Exclude No Time (NT) Entries when importing entries. This is also now exported in the Meet Events to TM file so that TM is aware of the option. • Seeding Preferences has an option to specify a limit on how many foreigners can be in the A-Final, such as top 2 only. endurance

  10. Menu Features • Entry Lists can be printed from the Athlete Menu. • In the Events Menu, there is an option to copy events from say 1-50 into 101-150 as time trials. • In the Sessions Menu, the Default Interval between heats is now blank instead of 15 to force the user to put in an interval the first time a session is added. • In the Teams Menu, there is an added column in the Teams Grid indicating the Teams marked as not eligible to score . • In the Relays Menu, the age or school year is shown next to each athlete to help with verifying ages for multi-age relays. endurance

  11. Seeding Menu • A gender column is added to the Scratch Pad • The gender and age column can be clicked on for sorting in the Scratch Pad. • There is an option in the Scratch Pad to clear all Bonus check boxes. endurance

  12. Report Features • In the Exception Report there is an option to list the count for NS's, SCR's, and DQ's in each event. • The Results Report has an option to list NS's only, SCRs only, or DQ's only. • The Results Report has an option to include the lane numbers for results by heat just like in List and Score from the Run Menu. • The Results Report for dual meets has an option to include the referee signature, ID#, and date at the bottom of the report. endurance

  13. Report features (continued) • The Award Labels Menu has an option to hide events that have a checked box which indicates labels have already printed for the given event. • The Award Labels Menu has an option to only print labels for those who score points. • The Meet Summary Report has an option to exclude reaction times. • The Meet Summary Report has an option to select two or more teams for the report. • The Session Report will calculate 30 seconds per dive for diving events to give the time line more accuracy. endurance

  14. Miscellaneous • For Open Water meets, relays can have from 2 to 6 athletes in masters rather than only 3. • When using Real-Time Results, for Last Heat Results, reaction times are added to the results when available. • There is an option to show only 2 backup time columns in the heat grid when only using two backups. • If Spanish is selected as the language, then a Spanish version of the DQ codes will be used. • US Masters is now a separate choice for ID Format in the Meet Setup. endurance