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Winning Research Grant Part 2 (RMK10)

Winning Research Grant Part 2 (RMK10). Presentation by : Mustafar Kamal Hamzah, Senior Member IEEE Vice Chair IEEE Malaysia Section Chair, IEEE Malaysia PEL/IE/IA Joint Chapter Head of Research (S & T), RMI UiTM. THE RESEARCH REALITIES. Research Funding Proposal.

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Winning Research Grant Part 2 (RMK10)

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  1. Winning Research Grant Part 2 (RMK10) Presentation by : Mustafar Kamal Hamzah, Senior Member IEEE Vice Chair IEEE Malaysia Section Chair, IEEE Malaysia PEL/IE/IA Joint Chapter Head of Research (S & T), RMI UiTM Research Management Institute UiTM

  2. THE RESEARCH REALITIES Research Funding Proposal No proposal is perfect, but every proposal is perfectible Research Management Institute UiTM

  3. Kriteria FRGS (1/2009 Forms) • Kriteria Asas • Penyelidikan asas yang di pohon merupakan projek yang menghasilkan sesuatu idea/konsep/teori/dasar baru • Hasil penyelidikan yang berpotensi ke arah penyelidikan lanjutan, teknologi or proses terkini • Penyelidikan yang akan menambah baik sesuatu metodologi, teori dan konsep sediada • Penyelidikan yang dapat menghasilkan fakta, maklumat dan pengetahuan baru • Teknologi & Kejuruteraan (Di tolak kerana tidak memenuhi salah satu kriteria berikut) • Tidak mempunyai pelajar M.Sc/PhD dibawah sekim ransangan ekonomi • Penyelidik muda kurang dari lima tahun pengalaman • Tidak menepati kriteria fundamental atau penyelidikan asas • Tidak lengkap mengikut garispanduan/format • Kos melampaui bajet yang di tetapkan Research Management Institute UiTM

  4. Competitive Groups FRGS (2/2010) • Professors • A/B/C • Associate Professors/Senior Lecturers • DM51/DM52/DM53/DM54 • Lecturers • DM45/DM46 Least Competitive Research Management Institute UiTM

  5. Fundamental Research Grant Pure Science Applied Science Technology & Engineering Clinical & Health Science Social Science Arts & Applied Arts Natural Science & National Heritage Our Weakness : A Very Applied University Research Management Institute UiTM

  6. Fundamental Research • Fundamental research is basic research performed for a specific period and it will not produce benefit in the short term. • Intended to encourage new ideas/concept /theory which are innovative and latest. • Leading to the advancement of knowledge in the various research areas. • Generally the research will focus on: • accumulation of theories; • fundamental structures; and • fundamental processes with the goal of understanding them Not a Product All about Theory Research Management Institute UiTM

  7. Criteria • Each Fundamental Research Grant Scheme application must satisfy the following criteria:- • The research applied can produce new ideas and develop other research. • Research which encompasses humanities and social science issues intended to improve the values of mankind. (Social Science) • Research which can improve a particular policy and an existing problem solving methodology. (Social Science) • Research projects which are niche to national strategic projects which can develop a particular industry of national interest. • If you are involved at the National Level • Projects which have institutional collaboration will be given some weightage. Collaboration Advantage All about Theory Research Management Institute UiTM

  8. Research Proposal Submission of Authoritative Expert • Project Title • Objectives • Research background • Benefits of the project • Impact • Outcomes expected • Project structure • Organisations involved • Linkages • Project Team Definite Title Definite Problems Definite Outcomes Research Management Institute UiTM

  9. Research Proposal • Experimental design & methodology • Project activities (Plan of action) • Key milestone • Duration of project • Project schedule • Project costs • Manpower • Travelling, Materials, Expenses & Equipments • Ethical considerations (If relevant) Committed to Produce New Theory/Technique/Model Committed to Train PG Committed to Publish Conclusive Research Research Management Institute UiTM

  10. Project Title Test 1: Google • Must reflect the work that you would like to do • Specific Focus and Unique (Not too general) • Gives the impression as to the level of work/ intensiveness of work worthy of the type of grant proposed. • Signify the status of research that will be performed • original or value added • lab based, fundamental • Signify the area of expertise that you would like to develop for the country • If you are involved at the National Level Test 2 : Google Scholar Test 3 : ISI Search Peer Review Research Management Institute UiTM

  11. To Refrain in Title • Avoid applied wording such as; • “Development of…, • Application of…., • Design of….., etc • Restricted scope such as “Malaysian Context”, UiTM context etc • A software for Malaysian Rubber Industry… • Product directions; i.e mapping system, computer based softwares • A new computer-based measurement system … Research Management Institute UiTM

  12. To also refrain in title • Anything implying commercial entities • A low-cost automated machine …. • Avoid words that add nothing to a reader's understanding; • Studies on..., • Investigations..., • Research ….. • Some Problems in.... • The effects of … Research Management Institute UiTM

  13. Acceptable Titles but Weak • Must have fundamental sense such as; • “Basic study of…, • Theoretical investigation of …, • Mechanism …., etc • The word “New” • New techniques in Measurements … • The word “Algorithms” • Search algorithms for …. Research Management Institute UiTM

  14. New Acceptable but Weak Title • Fundamental Study …. • New Model …. • Novel Theory …. • Theoretical Investigation … • Potential of … • Modelling of .. • Assessing … • A Performance Analysis … Reduce Multi-Parameter Increase in Depth Pilot Study not Width Outcome : Applied Research as Future Research Management Institute UiTM

  15. Details of Researchers & Others • ( B) Details of Researcher • To be provided as requested) • Research Area – Select appropriate areas as per list • Location of Research • If possible, get other institutions to be involved. • Ex: Theoretical study in UiTM but some fabrication and measurement are made in other institutions • Duration of Research appropriately Research Management Institute UiTM

  16. Other Researchers (Recommended) • For new researchers, include experienced researchers and vice versa. • Minimum two researcher • Suggest three (3) researchers in team, maximum of five (5). • A balanced team would be desirable as it would reflect the team’s track record. Don’t forget to include CV. • Senior Head/Junior Collaborator • Junior Head/Senior Collaborator • No PhD (Find One) Research Management Institute UiTM

  17. Overall Research Approach • Introduction • What is the current situation • What is wrong with the current situation. • State your rationale for conducting the current project (what is the solution that you are offering). • Hence there is a need to …….. • Objectives • Must be within the priority areas of granting agencies. • When writing, use result-oriented wordings eg: • To define....................... • To determine............... • To assess ....................... Research Management Institute UiTM

  18. Executive Summary • Executive Summary • Abstract of Work Proposed • Do not write a thesis on this. This is an abstract of 300 words (FRGS) • Include the background of research, objectives, research methodology and expected outcomes from the research project • Concise and compact • No citation • Very important as evaluators tend to only read this when time is limited. May not even read further if summary is poorly written Research Management Institute UiTM

  19. Research Background • Literature Review summary • impact-oriented/value added • guide towards producing original research / value added research • Short but thorough enough • Includes; • Has a similar study been done before. If yes, where, how, what were the findings. Frequency of occurrence/prevalence in the previous study. • What is wrong with the current situation. State your rationale for conducting the current project (what is the solution that you are offering/proposed work). • Uniqueness • Quote the relevant references • (not more than 15 (12 to 15); preferably 60% from last 18 months) Research Management Institute UiTM

  20. Research Background (Major Components) • Introduction • Literature Review Summary including work of others • Some relevant background to solutions • Problem Statement/Research Questions • Problems to solve • Questions to answer • Hypothesis to Solutions • Solutions to problems • Answers to Research Questions • Significance and Uniqueness in work • Advantage, Simplifications, Impact Research Management Institute UiTM

  21. Research Methodology • Describe how you plan to carry it out • Include a flow chart • Must have a Gantt Chart • Milestone for every 6 months • Include all relevant details such as • What do you plan to do • How ? • Study area • where you plan to study/collect samples from • Equipment used • Where you plan to do • Sample size / No of tests to be done • Is it statistically significant ? • Sample size is important since it has a bearing on project costs. • Do you need approval from government ministries to do the work. If yes, attach the approval letter. Research Management Institute UiTM

  22. Equipment in Research Methodology • Implementation of Experimental Verifications • To verify validity of the proposed technique, basic test equipments including; volt-meter, ammeter, wattmeter together with basic DC supply for controller will be used. • A frequency generator will be used to generate test waveforms. A special DC supply (600V, 10A) will be used to provide the DC rail voltage for inverter operation. • A new high sampling oscilloscope will be used to record waveforms presenting the performance and behaviour of the proposed work that includes; Research Management Institute UiTM

  23. Ethical Considerations • Protocols for projects involving human subjects need ethical clearance • Should state risks or inconveniences VS benefits for human subjects. • Procedure to inform subjects. Consent form need to be attached for perusal • Confidentiality should be emphasized. • Incentives / honorarium provided should be stated Research Management Institute UiTM

  24. Expected Results • Novel theories/New findings/Knowledge – Specific to the research carried out • Research Publications – Journals with impact factor as well as in international conferences proceedings (Indexed) • Specific or Potential Applications - • Number of PhD and Masters (by research) Students • as per guidelines which is dependent on duration Research Management Institute UiTM

  25. Outcome (Human Capital & Publication) Human Capital • Three (3)- year project • Is required to train at least one (1) Ph.D student or three (2) Masters students or a combination of both. • OR • Two (2)-year project:- • Is required to train one (1) Ph.D student or one (1) Masters students or a combination of both. • Publication • Minimum two indexed publication Research Management Institute UiTM

  26. Budget • Follow Guidelines • Vote 11000 - Salary and wages • Ph.D : RM2000.00 • M.Sc : RM1500.00 • Vote 21000 - Travelling Expenses and Subsistence • (Not to Exceed 40% of Project Cost) • Overseas conference : 20% (<RM15,000) • Overseas field trip/data collection : 40% of total cost • Rentals (V 24000) • Equipments etc /Software licenses Only Principal Researcher to go overseas (paper presentation) Research Management Institute UiTM

  27. Budget (2) • Vote 27000 - Research Materials & Supplies (Including Animals, Disposables, etc) • Includes special documents • Minor modifications and repairs (V 28000) • Repairs of equipments/renovations • Vote 29000 – (max 10%) • Professional Services, Training for subjects for 3 Weeks to 3 Months & other services including printing & hospitality, Honorarium for subjects. • Special equipment, accessories (V 35000) • Indicate in Research Methodology where equipment is used. • (Not more than 40%) Research Management Institute UiTM

  28. Budget (Guidelines) • Minimise purchase of Equipment • Research Assistants (Salary and Wages) • Young Lecturer without Ph.D • (2 M.Sc x RM1.5K x 24 months = RM72,000) • PhD Holder • (1 PhD x RM2K x 24 months = RM48,000) • (1 M.Sc x RM1.5K x 24 months = RM36,000) • Commit to present paper overseas • Allocate RM15,000.00 for travelling • Allocate fees RM5000 for fees Research Management Institute UiTM

  29. FRGS Structure of Proposal Not about solving World Problems About Solving Basic Theory About Flaws/Gaps in Basic Theory Remove Association with Applications Research Management Institute UiTM

  30. Critical Proposal Component • Project title • One line summary of research • Objectives • Key outline of activities in research • Recommended to limit to 3/4 items (>RM200,000) • Limit to 2/3 (<RM100,000) • Basic Dana Kecemerlangan (Only One) • Problem Statement/Research Questions • No of items to match objectives • Research Methodology • 4-5 Activities (12 months) : Dana Kecemerlangan • 5-6 Activities (18 months) : ScienceFund • Maximum 7 Activities (2 years) • Maximum 9 activities (3 years) Include Objectives & Method To solve problems Problems to overcome Approach to Solutions Research Management Institute UiTM

  31. Problem Statement/Research Questions You have a leak in the roof of you house Objectives To solve the roof leak using a ROOF SEALANT Project title Implementation of solution to roof leak in your house using roof sealant Research Methodology Go to a hardware shop; buy a sealant Find a ladder to climb the roof Seal the leak Roof Leak (Simple Example) Problems to overcome To solve problems Include Objectives & Method Approach to Solutions Research Management Institute UiTM

  32. Titles (Life-Science Applications) • Cytotoxic dollabellanes from Seaweed Dictyota sp- • does not reflect what work to be done • Malaria and Helminth co-infection: new insights for malaria control – • reflects the work to be done • Identification and characterization of cytotoxic proteins in acute typhoid • E Science (exploratory) • Role of cytotoxic proteins in the pathogenenesis of acute typhoid • Fundamental Source : Prof Asma USM Research Management Institute UiTM

  33. Comparison (Engineering) TITLES • ReduceSingle-Phase Matrix ConverterTopology • Original Title • AC-DC Single-Phase Matrix Converter withReduced Switch Count and Unity Power Factor Wave-shaping Current Control • Final Title LOCATION • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM • Power Electronics Research Laboratory, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM • Research Biased Research Management Institute UiTM

  34. Problem Statement and Objectives Two Objectives with Two Solutions Research Management Institute UiTM

  35. Main Background Research Management Institute UiTM

  36. Main Background Research Management Institute UiTM

  37. Latest Reference Submission in December/Reference in Nov 2009 (Impact Factor Pub) Research Management Institute UiTM

  38. Expected Results Research Management Institute UiTM

  39. Expected Results Very generic applications and leading to applied research Tentative Postgraduate Titles Research Management Institute UiTM

  40. Executive Summary Background Problem Scope of Work & Outcome Not associated with Products Research Management Institute UiTM

  41. Ex : Natural Science & Natural Heritage Title • Potential of earthworms for sludge-based vermicompost production and human healthcare product Components of Executive Summary • Background • Problem Statement • Objectives • Method • Outcome Research Management Institute UiTM

  42. Executive Summary Background & Problem Nowadays, increasing number of populations, industries and agricultural activities in Malaysia produced large amounts of organic wastes such as sewage sludge, livestock manure, industrial sludges and others thus creating economical and environmental problems. Thereby, this research is an attempt to promote proper waste management via organic fertilizer production applying earthworms assisted bioremediation technique. Specifically, this research objectives are i) to study the potential of various types of sludges, animal and agricultural wastes as organic fertilizer using vermiculture technology and ii) to determine earthworms basic chemical properties that suitable for medicinal purposes and iii) to investigate the antioxidant, anti-aging and skin-whitening properties of earthworms extract for cosmeceutical application. Pot trial experiment will be conducted under greenhouse conditions involving 5 types of sludge, 5 types of worm species and 4 types of organic wastes with 4 replicates and 6 mixtures ratios for each treatment levels using factorial arrangement of treatment design. Physico-chemical analysis including heavy metals accumulation in the vermicompost, sludge and earthworms bioactive ingredients will be analysed using atomic absorption spectrophotometer and high performance liquid chromatograpy. At the end of the experiment, it is expected that we will discover the potential ability of different types of sludge produced in Malaysia as an organic fertilizer using vermiculture approach. In addition, the ultimate aim is to produce high quality of sludge-based vermicompost and get basic knowledge of earthworm potential use for human healthcare. Objectives Method Outcome Research Management Institute UiTM

  43. Pharmacy (UiTM) Brain Impairment TITLES • Alzheimer’s disease: Genetic Polymorphisms of CR1, CLU and PICALM LOCATION OF RESEARCH • Makmal Neurosains, Fakulti Farmasi, Bangunan FF3, Aras 6, UiTM Kampus Puncak Alam, 42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor • Klinik Psikitrik, Menara Utama, Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, 50603 Kuala Lumpur Neuroscience relates to Brain Psychiatric relates to brain Research Management Institute UiTM

  44. Problem Statement/Hypothesis/Significance Research Management Institute UiTM

  45. Objective VS Problems Observe the link of Problem Statement & Hypothesis VS Objectives Research Management Institute UiTM

  46. Key Activity & Milestone (Life-Science Applications) Activity 3 to 9 months Milestone : Once every 6 months Jan-June/Jul-Dec • Purchase of reagents and equipments (Activity) • Commissioning of Real-time PCR machine • Design and purchase of primers and probes for MB and DNA-dipstick (Activity) • Designed and purchased of primers and probes for MB and DNA-dipstick • Evaluation and parameter determination of multiplex primers for MB and DNA-dipstick (Activity) • Completion of evaluation of multiplex primers for MB and DNA-dipstick • Evaluation and parameter determination of detection formats for MB and DNA-dipstick (Activity) • Completion of evaluation of detection formats for MB and DNA-dipstick • Selection of final MB and DNA-dipstick formats: Field Trials using clinical specimens(Activity) • Review and selection of final MB and DNA-dipstick formats • Field Trials using clinical specimens(Activity) • Completion of field trials Source : Prof Asma USM Research Management Institute UiTM

  47. Things NOT to DO (FRGS) Some make changes because they are Senior Lecturer Some changed to 500 words !! Research Management Institute UiTM

  48. Things NOT to DO (FRGS) Some took cover & maintain the back part !! Some make changes to research area trying to redefine !! Research Management Institute UiTM

  49. Advisable NOT to DO (FRGS) Too many objectives Research Management Institute UiTM

  50. Phrases • The proposed topology and its synthesis will be verified through a series of design simulations, prototypes fabrication and measurements. • Implying product • The proposed topology and its synthesis will be investigated through a series of computer simulations, fabricated and verified experimentally. • Only experimental verifications Improvements Research Management Institute UiTM

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