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NHCS Testing Department

NHCS Testing Department

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NHCS Testing Department

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  1. NHCS Testing Department Winter 2014 Updates

  2. Read to Achieve Grade 3 Errata sheets available at Select For Principals Select Read to Achieve

  3. High School Alternate ACT Forms due to Testing by Thursday Indicate Career and College Readiness OR EXTEND1 EOC/NCFE Book Return Wednesday, February 5 Sign up on Google Docs (Day 2)

  4. Field Tests Spring 2014 Dynamic Learning Map EXTEND 1(DLM) Identified schools in packet Testing Window: March 17-April 1 Online format Smarter Balanced Assessments Identified schools in packet Testing Window: March 17-May 1 Online Format

  5. WIDA ACCESS for English Language Learners (ELL) Testing Training for School Test Coordinators

  6. Outcomes School Test Coordinators will • Review the requirements and testing window for the Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners (ACCESS) assessment. • Identify expectations for basic security and handling of ACCESS test materials. • Identify the roles and responsibilities of key personnel: ACCESS Test Administrator, School Test Coordinator, LEA LEP Coordinator, and LEA Test Coordinator • Review the sections of the ACCESS test, approved accommodations, and requirements for completing the Review of Accommodations form. • Understand procedures for student emergencies, testing irregularities and misadministration. • Identify responsibilities for distribution of post-testing student reports. • Review procedures for PreID label information. Follow NC manual and replace pp 17-26 of national manual. • Review materials packing and return procedure.

  7. New This Year • Student ID Numbers • Listening assessment has new script type. • CD OR • Web-based streaming file • Earphones are not permitted. • Alternate ACCESS is required • Andrea will train EC teachers at the three schools. • Materials have yet to arrive

  8. ACCESS for ELLS in North Carolina (pp 1-2) Home Language Survey Administered to new enrollees Annual assessment (ACCESS) required for all students identified as LEP ACCESS window February 3- March 14 (Additional materials request due Monday, Feb 10..Google) If another language is identified, WIDA ACCESS Placement Test is administered (W-APT). W-APT is the screener used for initial assessment and ESL program placement (Andrea). Assessment complies with Title III of NCLB, requiring annual assessment of listening, speaking, writing, reading and English comprehension. Assessment required for students enrolled between February 3 - March 7. Students are included in Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) calculation*. *FDS and MFLEP Return materials Tuesday, March 18 8:00 – 11:30

  9. Only district and school test coordinators and test administrators (or other authorized staff) may handle secure test materials. Ensure that all test administrators and proctors read and understand the Testing Code of Ethics (pp 40-44). Place all secure materials in locked storage*. Test administrators will return test materials to school test coordinator daily. Do not leave materials unattended before or after testing. Do not share any specific test information with students prior to or after testing. Do not copy any test booklets or other secure materials. General Security Guidelines (pp 3-5) *Locked storage facility access will be limited to test coordinator and back-up coordinator only.

  10. Requirement to Report Scores (p 5) • Inform parents of test dates, test specifics and use of results. • Scores reports must be shared within 30 days of receipt of the score. • We expect reports to arrive after May 21. • Scores are confidential. • Teacher report and parent report are the same.

  11. Roles and Responsibilities (pp 6-11) LEA Testing Department School Test Coordinator LEA LEP Coordinator Andrea Belletti Attend training, read manuals, and inform parents Adhere to District Testing Schedule Collaborate with ESL teacher to prepare testing plan/schedule (cafeteria/large room testing prohibited) Remain unencumbered to monitor testing Facilitate the Review of Accommodations forms completion process Monitors CFDC and manages records Collaborate with LEA Testing Department Train ESL Teachers in administering assessments Trains EC teachers in administering Alternate ACCESS Assist in reports distribution Collaborate with LEA LEP Coordinator Train school TCs Manage materials (Melissa) Monitor assessment implementation (TeachScape, OTISS) Distribute Reports Provide accommodations training

  12. Test Administrator Qualifications and Responsibilities (pp 11-13) • Certified LEP Teacher • NHCS requirements replace requirements on page 11 of NC Manual • Teacher must have participated in test administration training (Andrea) • Follow Testing Code of Ethics and security policies

  13. Proctors (pp 13-14) • Proctors are REQUIRED for the following subtests • Reading • Writing • Listening • Proctors are NOT required for • Kindergarten assessment • Individual speaking assessment (all grades)

  14. Prohibited Items in Testing Rooms (pp 14-15) • Electronic Devices • Teachers • Students • Students’ personal belongings may not be accessed during tests (including breaks). • Text, reference books, thesauruses • Food/Drink* *Except for medical requirements

  15. ACCESS Materials (pp 16-17) • Manual: NC Policy and Procedures Guide for Annual Testing manual (NC Manual) • Manual: District & School (Grades 1-12) TestAdministration (National Manual) • Test Materials Documentation forms • Packing forms Tests • Kindergarten Kit • Grades 1-2 (Tiers A-C) • Grades 3-5 (Tiers A-C) • Grades 6-8 (Tiers A-C) • Grades 9-12 (Tiers A-C)

  16. ACCESS Test: Subtests (pp. 16-17) 1 2 3 Listening Reading Writing Speaking 35-45 minutes Can be assessed in a group (no more than 22) Must have a PROCTOR. 25-40 minutes Can be assessed in a group (no more than 22) NEED CD or Computer (weblink in national manual p.47) to access script Must have a PROCTOR. 30/60 minutes Can be assessed in a group (no more than 22) Must have a PROCTOR. Allow 75 minutes for directions, etc. 15 minutes Individually assessed Proctor not required. Administer Speaking Test LAST All times are approximations and do not include directions/materials distribution and collection

  17. Levels of Scores - Tiers Tested

  18. Tier Placement Guidelines - Andrea December 2013 Database update Use previous test scores (W-APT™ or ACCESS for ELLs) placing greater weight on student's reading/writing levels rather than oral skill levels. When in doubt, place the student in the higher tier. Tier A For beginning learners For students previously scoring at the lowest level Tier B For most students Have social proficiency but have not mastered academic proficiency Tier C For students approaching grade level proficiency Will likely meet LEP exit criteria

  19. Preparing Testing Environment (p 17) • All testing environments should be quiet orderly, comfortable, classroom style (no auditorium or cafeteria testing) • DISREGARD information in the national manual that states it is not necessary to cover print materials on classroom walls.

  20. Review of Accommodations Used During Testing form (p 22)

  21. Testing Accommodations (pp 23)

  22. Student Emergencies and Testing Irregularities (pp 24-26) • Account set up (NC ID) • Approval procedure • Training/manual • TC responsibilities • TC contacts Testing Office • TC submits irregularity online • Include student’s name and ID number

  23. Test Plan –Due Thursday, March 6; Post to Google Docs and share with Testing team.

  24. Testing Schedule (See GOOGLE Docs) Remember you can test grade level clusters together, if they are on the same Tier. Group sessions can contain up to 22 students, but younger children may need smaller groups. With your ESL teacher, create a testing plan. Group testing sessions should be scheduled for the morning if possible!

  25. Scenario Assume a middle school has to test 60 students, all in the same grade-level cluster (6-8). The distribution of the students in the tiers is: 15 in Tier A, 30 in Tier B and 15 in Tier C. The Testing Coordinator may set up the following sessions at the scheduled dates and times, preparing rosters for each session. In this plan, all 60 students are tested in both Listening/Reading and Writing in a total of 8 sessions. This schedule reflects that there is one Test Administrator at the school, so there are no simultaneous sessions. If the school had multiple Test Administrators, simultaneous sessions (in different rooms) may be set up. Note: Test Coordinators in elementary schools should also indicate the grade level cluster being tested in each session K, 1-2 or 3-5).

  26. Sample

  27. Pre ID Labels (p 29) Student Pre-ID labels are shipped with test materials. Check the labels for accuracy. If the information on the label is correct, place it on the front cover of the test book in the designated box. VERIFY the TIER before attaching the label! If the information if incorrect, return the label to testing. You will need to hand code the book according to the instructions in the NC Guide (page 30-35). If there is NO label for a student (a newly enrolled student), you will need to hand code the book according to the instructions in the NC Guide (page 30-35). If you place a label on a booklet in error, follow the directions in the NC Guide (pages 29-30). You must complete a Review of Testing Accommodations Form for each child testing with accommodations and keep it on file at the school.

  28. Hand-coding Student Booklets (pp 30-36) Powerschool ID followed by zeros Special codes p 35

  29. Packing Materials for Testing Department (pp. 28-31 in the national manual)

  30. Review • Test Window - February 3-March 14,includes new enrollees up to March 7. • Materials due to testing office Tuesday, March18 • (8:00-11:30)