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Indian Handicrafts- Creative Ways to Decorate Your Lawn or Garden PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Handicrafts- Creative Ways to Decorate Your Lawn or Garden

Indian Handicrafts- Creative Ways to Decorate Your Lawn or Garden

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Indian Handicrafts- Creative Ways to Decorate Your Lawn or Garden

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  1. Indian Handicrafts- Creative Ways to Decorate Your Lawn or Garden Indian handicrafts are one of the most creative decorative additions to your lawn or garden. These objects are handmade and have a rich history of tradition and culture behind them. They are used for decorative purposes, and the origin of most of these traditional, innovative handicrafts can be traced to the bygone era. In modern India, handicraft centres are spread around the country. Traditional artisans use skills inherited across the ages. Here is a look at some of the creative ways to decorate your garden. Indian Handicrafts: Where Aesthetics Meets Functionality Indian handicraft represents the diversity and cultural heritage of this ancient nation. The items produced such as Buddha statues and items of sculpture blend aesthetic value with utility. From Kalamkari to Kundan, there are a host of different regions, and styles of handicrafts flourishing in India. Add a touch of creativity and imagination to your lawn canopy or garden gazebo with an authentic Warli painting from Maharashtra. Or access the best and most detailed sculptures that withstand time and reflect not just the creativity of Indian artisans, but also their ability to assimilate fresh ideas. This can add richness and diversity to your lawn or garden. The timeless artistry of exquisite wooden pieces, colourful dolls and beautiful, breathtaking sculptures and paintings add value to any home or commercial space's outdoor area. Timeless Appeal, Creativity That Lives On The handicrafts of India are a fine kaleidoscope of innovation ad fine arts, resulting in intricately designed, exquisite items such as sculptures, clay images and figurines and everything from ceramic vases to pots. Magical, decorative pots from the earthen potter's wheel are also becoming so popular when it comes to decorating outdoor space. Wood Plaques and Idols, Cloth Wall Hangings Different kinds of woods such as sandalwood, teakwood, rosewood and Shisham are used for crafting original and stylish idols, toys and wall hangings. The regions in India from where traditional wood work come are Karnataka, Kerala, J&K and UP. More intricate designs when it comes to paintings include Madhubani works of art from Bihar or rustic works from Rajasthan. Wall hangings in vibrant colours can brighten up your garden or lawn patio. Apart from wall paintings, there are also floors paining. Add beauty to your office or home's lawn or garden with exotic Indian handicrafts that are known all over the world. Kalamkari, batik, screen printed wall hangings can add to the rockery or fences of your lawn or garden. Pottery and Stone Handicrafts Amazing pottery items are produced by Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat. Painted pottery is a rage from these western states. Coloured stones and marbles are the material of which statues and stands for your lawn or garden can be crafted. Work from Tamil Nadu and Bihar, as well as Rajasthan, is famous all over the world. Add a well fitted marble statuette to your lawn or garden and give it a uniquely elegant look. Cane, Terracotta and Metal Work Apart from stone and marble, there are also amazing outdoor furniture made of cane or terracotta tiles and paintings which can add value to your lawn or garden. From a divine Lord Krishna statue to a stunning marble depiction of the Dancing Girl, there are so many gems out there which can add a shine to your outdoor space.

  2. Conclusion Lawns and gardens are not just a place to store your plants or grow flowers. It is also a wonderful venue for refreshments or events such as social gatherings. If you want your lawn or garden to look special, you have to take the right step and make a foray into Indian handicrafts. Go the extra mile and you will be amazed by the sheer variety of Indian handicrafts out there to deck out your garden or your lawn.