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What is Ask Us 24/7? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Ask Us 24/7?

What is Ask Us 24/7?

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What is Ask Us 24/7?

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  1. What is Ask Us 24/7? • Live Chat Reference – patrons can chat one-on-one with a librarian in real time. . . . . .

  2. What is Ask Us 24/7? • A free service to all residents of New York State, even if their library does not participate. • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • A cooperative service – each library staffs the service for a few hours a week. • This means that you aren’t always chatting with someone from your own library. But you always have a qualified librarian who is willing and able to help you, and they can tell which library you are from.

  3. What is Ask Us 24/7? • Dozens of public library systems and academic libraries around the state participate.

  4. What is Ask Us 24/7? • Runs on QuestionPoint software (owned by OCLC) and chat is conducted through a website. • No need for the librarians or users to install any software.

  5. What is Ask Us 24/7? • Just one of several statewide/regional consortia running on QuestionPoint software: • All the statewide groups provide backup for each other. • Along with backup librarians hired directly by QuestionPoint, this allows for 24/7 service.

  6. Can be Accessed 2 Ways From a participating library’s website: From the Ask Us 24/7 website (

  7. What can Ask Us 24/7 Do For You? • Locate trustworthy, authoritative resources on the web. • Assist with using your library’s databases to find articles. • Help you search your library’s catalog for books, music and videos. • 24/7 access means we’re open even when the library isn’t! • Perfect for assistance with last minute research late at night or early in the morning.

  8. Actual Questions: • What were some recreational activities in the renaissance period? • In what other countries is Election Day a National Holiday? What is their voter turnout? • Where can I find journal articles that discuss the Great Influenza of 1918? • Is there a public library near Niagara falls? A friend and me would have some project work - and would like to work together • I am trying to find a website with sample scripts for radio commercials. • I'm having trouble finding information about the pros and cons of illegally downloading music. How do i find this information? • I am trying to find old newspaper articles or cartoons on the space race and Armstrong on the moon but don't know how to search for newspapers • Are there national or international regulations zoos must follow? What is the importance of having a zoo license or accreditation?

  9. User Comments: • “I received very helpful information to my question that I was unable to find when I tried to search online myself!” • “Nice to have an immediate answer without having to leave your house.” • “The librarian was able to find what I need almost instantly. I cannot believe how easy it was. Thank you!” • “What a great tool! It was easy and took no time at all and the help was great, asking questions to help narrow the search.” • “I didn't know what to do, fortunately the librarian helped me out. Now I can do my assignment knowing how and where to start. Thank you.” • “This is a very helpful service especially because My project is due tomorrow and I need some last minute research to do.” • “In a few minutes I learned more than many, many hours of other research uncovered. Thanks.”

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