signs your flat roof may need to be replaced n.
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Signs your Flat Roof May Need to be Replaced PowerPoint Presentation
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Signs your Flat Roof May Need to be Replaced

Signs your Flat Roof May Need to be Replaced

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Signs your Flat Roof May Need to be Replaced

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  1. Signs your Flat Roof May Need to be Replaced

  2. In certain situations, flat roofs are more advantageous than sloped roofs (i.e. when used on commercial buildings). Of course, like any roof, flat roofs may be prone to certain issues, including leaks and long periods of water retention, known as pooling. Pooling can damage and/or destroy a building’s structure as well as shorten the life of a roof, if it’s not addressed. Fortunately, your commercial roof will always give you signs when it’s having issues and needs to be replaced.

  3. The Roof is Old Generally, if a flat commercial roof and/or its material is nearing the end of its life, the roof should be replaced. Repairs are counterproductive and may lead to more problems for an old roof. Besides that, on an old roof, repair costs often exceed the cost of a replacement. If the cost of repair exceeds 20% of the cost of a replacement roof, the roof should definitely be replaced.

  4. Additionally, if the age of your flat roof is more than half the projected age of the material it’s made of, it should also be replaced. Commercial roofing pros, such as Crest Roofing & Co. will assess your roof and weigh its age against your repair or replacement options.

  5. Rips and Tears Flat roofs are sometimes made of materials that are prone to ripping and tearing. This often happens along seams in the roof or where two pieces of material meet. Slight tears are repairable, but extensive tears or rips call for a replacement. Numerous rips or tears can also indicate possible extensive damage in multiple areas. An inspection by a commercial roof repair company will show the full extent of the damage by uncovering all damaged areas.

  6. Extensive Water Pooling Water pooling is the biggest problem with flat roofs. However, excessive and/or regular pooling is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. If this happens to your roof, call a roofing expert for an immediate replacement. Pooling can lead to leakage and massive amounts of water damage. Once your roof is replaced, invest in products that can heighten your roof’s pitch and prevent water pooling.

  7. If you suspect that there are issues with your flat roof, give us a call and we’ll let you know whether a repair is all that’s needed or if a full replacement is required.