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Jessica Moorhouse Varndean College PowerPoint Presentation
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Jessica Moorhouse Varndean College

Jessica Moorhouse Varndean College

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Jessica Moorhouse Varndean College

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  1. Jessica Moorhouse Varndean College

  2. Thriller Overview Thriller genre are films that thrill the audience there are two levels to this: Action, violence and multiple exciting climaxes of tension that thrills the audience and gets there hearts racing with adrenalin while leading up to a climax. Quick cuts and the sounds of breathing are some of the ways directors create this first level of thrill. The psychological experience which plays with the emotional side of the audience to evoke feelings of anxiety to thrill the audience and get there hearts beating with fear. Shots that linger slightly too long to make the audience feel uneasy and the idea of playing with the audiences own fear for example being alone in the dark are some of the ways this is achieved. And on the psychological level the almost universal fear of loosing a loved one. To use the example of Prometheus: A nauseating scene that seams to thrill the audience with its disgustingness. Every thriller includes very similar examples it is one of the conventions of the thriller genre.

  3. Historical perspective Historical perspective Contrary to these very similar shots quite a lot has changed in 33 years and even more has changed since the beginning of thrillers in the 1920s. Alien (1979) Ridley Scott Prometheus (2012) Ridley Scott The main differences between early and modern thrillers is technology and culture. Early thriller films had no sound. The introduction of sound and later colour made a big difference in the way the thrillers were told. Also the improvement of graphics and special effects adds to the total emersion of the audience in the films. The culture surrounding the time the film was made has a massive impact on the stories created, the psychological fears of people in the 30s would be very different to the ones now.

  4. Alfred Hitchcock "To me Psycho was a big comedy. Had to be." "Always make the audience suffer as much as possible" Hitchcock is known as the father of thriller genre also being the most famous thriller director ever lived. Some critics consider psycho to be his greatest achievement. Even now 50+ years later it still frightens its audience. The confusing twist at the end Hitchcock set the building blocks for thriller films these days, he used camera shots, editing and sound in a unique and original to scare and thrill his audience.

  5. Themes and conventions Because of the wide variety of hybrid genres there is a wide variety of themes and conventions spanning the genre. Overall the themes will be ways of create tension and suspense. Reflection and mirroring Reflection and mirroring is used a lot in thrillers especially when meeting new characters it’s a way of revealing bits of a character at a time. Glass is also used to initially hide parts of a character. Setting The setting of thrillers is usually quite dark mysterious often at night even the shots in the day will be quite grey or overcast. This creates a more mysterious atmosphere.

  6. Hybrid genre Hybrid genres are a mix between two or more genres a sub genre is a sub category in a genre. In thrillers you mostly get hybrid films for example basic instinct is a crime, mystery thriller hybrid but is in the erotic thriller sub genre. The nails clenched on his skin is associated with lust Explosions and guns are elements of the action genre. Red has connotations of blood, lust and romance Another example of hybrid genre is die hard it’s a action thriller. It has elements of crime which show its s thriller. Coraline is a fantasy, thriller hybrid and cartoon as its sub genre. It has the creepy elements of thriller with the button eyes and dark theme, it also has the other world aspect of a fantasy film.

  7. Typical characters “The antagonist is the protagonist” In thriller films there is often blurs between protagonist and antagonist we are lead to believe that the antagonist is a false hero or that the protagonist isn't really a good guy. For example the end of se7en where Brad Pitts character breaks the typical good guy stereotype by not being morally superior to the bad guy and shoots when provoked by the unarmed antagonist. Gender Commonly in Hollywood thriller films women are objectified and shown as just something to look at also the protagonist is usually a male probably attractive this is most likely to gage a wider audience. Both of these people are good looking. Se7en (1995) David Fincher

  8. Mise en scene The mise en scene shows us aspects of characters and story reflected in the lighting, colours, setting, décor, costumes and acting. Analysis of mise en scene from the sixth sense Thank you cards from children showing that the character is loved. Red wine symbolises celebration & blood Loving position showing the relationship Height difference to show superiority Candles are romantic and homely commemorative plaque showing us a great achievement of one of the characters Its placed casually on a chair showing it’s new A nicely decorated, tidy house, gives the impression of wealthy residents. Purple the colour of the royals shows of the facts it’s a special occasion. Fire, stable family home. Warmth.

  9. Target Audience The target audience for thriller films change in relation to there sub or hybrid genre. The age rating is a good indication of who the target audience is. Thrillers have a broad range of age ratings from PG – 18, the difference in rating is due to the sub genre which defines the amount of adult content. Philological thrillers are more mentally disturbing so usually have a 15 - 18 rating. Coraline, being a cartoon takes away some of the fear because of the distancing between that and real life. The majority of fear from thriller films come from relating them to our own lives. Se7en has some really disturbing themes in, murder, sexual violence. Also scene of graphic violence. A typical audience response would be the signs of excitement, heart racing, sitting on the edge of the seat.