5 common mistakes criminal case clients make n.
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Common Mistakes Criminal Case Clients Make PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Mistakes Criminal Case Clients Make

Common Mistakes Criminal Case Clients Make

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Common Mistakes Criminal Case Clients Make

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  1. 5 Common Mistakes Criminal Case Clients Make

  2. If you are facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who can provide expert assistance as soon as possible. Despite the urgency of your situation, don’t make these 5 common mistakes…

  3. #1: Not hiring a criminal lawyer. Most people don’t have a lot of experience in the criminal justice system and can easily find themselves backed into a corner in this stressful and frightening environment. A criminal lawyer understands this process and can help guide you while protecting your rights.

  4. #2: Not being courteous. When being questioned, a lot of people respond by being aggressive or impolite – after all, it’s a frightening and stressful position to be in. However, the best response is to stay calm and politely respond to any questions by stating that you would like your attorney present.

  5. #3: Talking about the case. Talking about your case to anyone other than your defense attorney and legal team can quickly destroy a strong defense. Talking to other people in jail, to the media and even to friends and family is a serious mistake that can have bad implications for your case.

  6. #4: Playing an active role in your defense. Filing certain motions or conducting your own legal research is extremely counterproductive to your case. Remember, your criminal lawyer is on your side and will use their extensive experience, instincts and expertise to give you the best possible chance.

  7. #5: Not hiring the right criminal lawyer. If you have criminal charges against you, find a criminal defense attorney who knows the system inside out, who understands every side of your case and knows exactly how to represent you in order to deliver the best quality defense – the defense you deserve.

  8. When hiring a criminal attorney, trust is key. Dennis Calo is a widely respected former prosecutor who has considerable experience as a criminal and civil trial attorney. Call 201-441-9056 now or visit for more information.