crossfit training and nutrition do it the right way n.
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CrossFit Training and Nutrition: Do it The Right Way PowerPoint Presentation
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CrossFit Training and Nutrition: Do it The Right Way

CrossFit Training and Nutrition: Do it The Right Way

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CrossFit Training and Nutrition: Do it The Right Way

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  1. CrossFit Trainingand Nutrition:Do it The Right Way

  2. A balanced diet No matter how effective, vigorous, heart-pumping your workouts, you can’t get too far in CrossFit or any other fitness training without a balanced diet. Whether you fancy eye-catching chiselled abs or wish to get in a harmonious shape, a high-intensity CrossFit workout alone can never help you reach your fitness goals. Calorie-torching training is only part of your CorssFit regimen. What Your CorssFit success largely depends on instead is your diet.

  3. What to eat and what to avoid So, if you have signed up for professional CrossFit training in Sydney and think you are soon going to flaunt toned lean muscles and a well-sculpted body ignoring your diet, you might want to rethink. We consulted CrossFit experts and nutritionists to come up with this list of what to eat and what to avoid particularly for rookie CrossFitters.

  4. 1. Banana A glass of banana and whey protein smoothie can help boost recovery and tissue repair post workout.

  5. 2. Nuts & Seeds Packed with nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, nuts and seeds are an excellent fuel source for your CrossFit workout.

  6. 3. Coconut Oil A tablespoon of coconut oil before your workout can work wonders for your energy and endurance.

  7. 4. Eggs From Vitamin D to healthy fats to Protein, eggs are a must-have for CrossFitters. You can pair eggs with other protein-rich foods like pumpkin seeds, whole grain bread, chick pea, chia seeds and more to prepare a highly nutritious, energy booster meals.

  8. 5. Sweet Potatoes An excellent pre-workout treat, yams help balance blood sugar levels while providing a boost of energy.

  9. 6. Brown Rice Nutritionally better than white rice, brown rice can be easily digested and is less likely to cause bloating and disrupt blood sugar levels.

  10. 7. Oatmeal An ideal weight loss-friendly food, oatmeal is helpful as both pre-workout and post-workout food. Not only does it provide your body with carbohydrates without unnecessary sugars but it also speeds up muscle recovery.

  11. SAY NO TO . . .

  12. Pre-workout veggies Though healthy and high in fibre, veggies like lettuce, broccoli and cabbage can cause gastrointestinal discomfort during a workout.

  13. High-Sugar Carbohydrates • Bread, white rice and potatoes are the worst to opt for before a workout as there are high in GI and disrupt your insulin levels casuing strong sweet cravings. • Fruit, whole grains, sweet potatoes, quinoa and beets are some healthy carbohydrate sources you can go for.

  14. Fried Foods There no point in picking tempting yet nutrient deficient foods, high in unhealthy saturated and trans fats that will reduce your energy levels and leave you lethargic.

  15. Processed foods and alcohol Loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, pastries, crackers, potato chips and even granola bars will only make your workout even more difficult. Also, alcohols are just empty calories and offer no nutritional value. So, definitely a no-no.

  16. Given the intensity of CorssFit workouts, a protein rich energy boosting diet is paramount to fuelling your body for dynamic training and restoring energy. So, avoid what’s tempting but treacherous to your body and pick healthy options that will improve your performance and workout results.

  17. CROSSFIT 2010 Learn the fundamentals of CrossFit from the ground up lead by our experienced coaching team. 36-38 Wentworth Ave SURRY HILLS NSW 2010 (02) 9264 4492