living with the coronavirus pandemic post lockdown n.
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Living with the coronavirus pandemic PowerPoint Presentation
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Living with the coronavirus pandemic

Living with the coronavirus pandemic

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Living with the coronavirus pandemic

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  1. Living with the coronavirus pandemic – PostLockdown The world as it is today has survived many calamities in the past. This includes historical pandemics such as the Spanish flu and the Ebola virus. To think that ‘COVID-19’ might be the end of the world is just incongruous. The thoughts that the coronavirus should rather instill in you are those of resilience and a healthy caution. After all, Charles Darwin once said nature is sustained by the concept of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Therefore, beating the coronavirus and continuing to strive will be our test of endurance. In a few weeks, nations will be forced to lift the ongoing lockdowns due to economic and developmental needs. Despite the ongoing prevalence of the coronavirus among the population, this move will be inevitable. Our next goal, therefore, is to find out the best ways of ‘Survival’. So what can we do to protect ourselves? Infection control: We have heard this over and over again. Washing and sanitizing hands regularly, wearing a face mask or covering, not touching your face unnecessarily, etc. Have been widely recommended.

  2. Stay at least a meter away from others. This can be difficult especially in overcrowded public transports. The government is looking into what can be done to reduce this risk. Avoid unnecessary travel within or outside the country. Consider shopping online. This is the future of the service industry to avoid crowding at shops or malls. Prefer having home-cooked meals or order food to your home if needed. Support small businesses and local vendors by buying from them. Work from home whenever possible. Crowding of offices poses a huge risk. For those who need to go to work, employers can organize them into different shifts to ensure lower contact and lesser crowding.

  3. Build immunity: eating vitamin-rich foods, probiotics, drinking adequate water, and sleeping for 7-8 hours contribute to a better immune system. Be aware of the symptoms for the coronavirus and make sure to seek medical attention if you experience any of them. Avoid visiting a clinic or a hospital unless necessary. Opinions and queries can now be done online via telemedicine.

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