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俞锦琳 陶停停 PowerPoint Presentation
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俞锦琳 陶停停

俞锦琳 陶停停

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俞锦琳 陶停停

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  1. 订租确认书 俞锦琳 陶停停

  2. Inquiry • Dear Sirs, • SHIP • We have 5000MT rice want to transport form Qingdao to Osaka,Japan. • Becase of the information in the internet,we learn that you are have a ship. • We are interested in your ship,would you like to send us a photo the ship? • When quoting ,could you answner the fllowing question: • 1.The name of the ship. • 2.What would be your best price for a ship. • We hope to hearing from you soon. • Yours faithfully,

  3. Offer • Dear Sirs, • It is gratifying to learn from your letter of Dec.10 that you are interested in ship from us.We are pleased to know that you are interested in our ship. • In reply to your inquiry,we have seen the photo of the ship,we take pleasure in making you an offer as follows,provided your reply reaches us within 8 days from today: • Ship name:”dolphin” • Price:USD10000 • Shipment:During December • 10/December 17,2007 • Shipment from:Qingdao,China,payment:Full set of clearn on board dcean. • We have quoted you our lowest price,at which we have done business with a lot other custmers,we are confident that you can do some profitable. • Please let us know if we can be of farther assistance. • Yours faithfully,

  4. Counter-offer • Dear Sirs, • SHIP • We thank you for your letter of 10th Dec.offoring us a ship,US$10000 per Usaka. • We are satisfaction the size of your ship ,but unfortunately that your price appear to be on the high side for this quality.To accept the price you quoted would leave us little profit on our sales. • Should you be prepared to reduce your limit by,say 10%,we might come to terms.In this way,we would like and welcome the opportunity to do business with you. • We are anticipating you early reply. • Your faithfully,

  5. Offer • Dear Sirs, • SHIP • We have received you counter-offer of Dec10th.and have made a very careful study. • As our two companies have done business with each other for the first time,we should like to grant your request to lower the price by 10%.However,such practice will mean no profit to us,we suggest a reduction of 5% on order of ship,if not,we willmean no profit to us. • We hope our counter-suggestion will be acceptable to you and look forward to hearing from you. • Sincerely yours,

  6. Accept • Dear Sirs, • Thank you for your letter dated Oct 15.After read your offor carefully and kown that you are satisfid about our ship.We are decided to accceptation of that we will grant you 5% discount for the order.We are looking foreard to your early reply. • Sincerely yours,

  7. 订租确认书 船东名称:TT船运公司 地址:青岛解放路88号 联系方式:0559-37485859 承租人:JL公司 地址:青岛人民北路99号 联系方式:0580-38749495 具体条款如下: 1.船名:“海豚号” 2.总登记吨/纯登记吨:10000吨/8000吨 3.货物载重吨数(大约):5000吨 4.现在动态:正在运营 5.预计作好装货准备的日期(大约):Dce,10 2007

  8. 6.装货港口地点:中国青岛 7.卸货港口地点:Usaka,Japan 8.货物:精装大米 部分货物 9.运费率:20% 货物数量 10.运费的支付:美元 预付 船东CHINA XYZ IMPORT AND EXPORT CORP USD 40000 11.装卸费用:USD5000 船舶是无装卸设备 12.装卸时间: (1)装货时间:DEC 10,2007 (2)卸货时间:DEC 17,2007 (3)装货和卸货的合计时间:7天

  9. 13.滞期费率:5% 14.解约日:DES27,2007 15.经纪人佣金及向何人支付:USD10000 承租人 签章:船东:TT船运公司 承租人:JL公司

  10. Thank you