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  1. Eccentric Intake ________________________________________________________________ What price do you put on pump run rate and production efficiency on your horizontal wells? The Eccentric Intake from Evolution Oil Tools can save you $ and increase production! “We were burning out pumps about every second day, due to the Gas Separators getting clogged up, at a rig time and pump cost of about $20,000 - $25,000 each time! After we installed the Eccentric Intake on those same wells, we were getting about 6 months without rig expense, replacing parts and down time and even then the production string was pulled for other reasons, not due to gas separator clogging. We have had this product in over a dozen of our slant wells for 2 years now with great success!” Completion Supervisor Bonnyville, Alberta

  2. Eccentric Intake ________________________________________________________________ Applications: • Low pressure horizontal wells • High pressure horizontal wells • PC systems laying at a high degree of deviation • Sucker Rod Pumps laying at a high degree of deviation • Horizontal wells with 2 phase gas flow • Key Considerations: • Regular slots are 1” slots positioned in a fashion to maintain structural integrity of the outer housing in • order to set anchors and no-turn tools below the separator • Sand slots are not shown in illustrations but are a 3” slot that runs the length of the inlet portion of the • weight bar. The outer housing is built out of a hardened tube to maintain structural integrity. • Increasing the length of the tool increases the intake inlet to accommodate higher rates or higher • viscosities. • Solids like to settle at point of fluid direction change. Sand slot tools are designed to minimize • changes in fluid direction. • The sand slots have a lessened performance in low viscosity application due to the open cross • sectional area which can allow gas to follow the fluid around to the inlet side. • The BFI intake is not a separator and will not separate gas entrained in solution or foam. Its sole • purpose is to allow the inlet of the pump to drop to the fluid phase flow.

  3. FAQ’s ________________________________________________________________ Q - What is the most common of the 4’ & 6’ models and why? A - People typically use the 6ft model as provides less flow restrictions in higher viscosity locations. The price difference is minimal, therefore bigger is always better. Q - Which are the differences between the Sand Style & the Regular Style? A - One has smaller side slots in the outer cage. Sand falls out at a velocity change or fluid direction change, so we added larger slots to eliminate any flow path disruption. Q - Does the Sand Style have the same price as the Regular Style? A - Yes. Q - What kind is a typical delivery time for 1 - 5 units? A – Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks unless it is a model in stock at a Evolution Oil Tools location.

  4. FAQ’s ________________________________________________________________ Q - What percentage of sand could the 4’ & 6’ models handle? A - That question is best answered by fluid velocity. If you have enough velocity through the tool than it can carry as high as 30% by volume, but if the velocity is not high enough then it will settle out wherever it can and eventually plug something. The intent of the sand version is not to enable produced sand, but to reduce potential equipment problems when installed in a sandy environment. Q - When would you choose the 4’ over the 6’ & vice versa? A - This really is determined by viscosity and volumes. As a rule, up to 30,000 cp and 200 M^3/d could use a 4’ and anything over those numbers should use a 6’ Q - Do you have a 4-1/2” diameter? A - We can build any size or configuration for your application and incorporate the eccentric portion of it. Q - Can this product be used with the Evolution Oil Tools Beam or PC Gas Separators? A – Yes, both.

  5. FAQ’s ________________________________________________________________ Q - What is the recommended landing angle for installation of these? A - Anywhere between 30° to 85° maximum (best results 72° - 78°). Q – Is there any other important information about this product? A - This tool is a great solution for horizontal ALS systems. However I want to be clear on where it is great. When running ALS in horizontal wells or around the bend at any deviation we can run into issues with performance on any piece of equipment. The purpose of this unit is strictly mechanical. It is used to separate free gas from fluid. It will not separate gas entrained in solution as there is not a moving mechanism or function to do so. In Horizontal sections we get two phase flow (gas on the high side and fluid at the bottom). The point is to allow the inlet of the system to always draw off the bottom, so it is in the fluid. This unit has not been able to maintain its efficiency in a system greater than 82 degrees in deviation. I would recommend that the landed angle be less than 82 degrees and make sure that there is a clear understanding that the product does not help in sand separation and knocking gas entrained in solution out of the fluid.