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Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners

Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners

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Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners

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  1. Back-to-School Night 2014-2015 A reference for student success in Sixth Grade Social Studies Oak Middle School Creating a Communityof Lifelong Learners

  2. Contact me at: or (562) 799-4740 ext. 76213 Conference Period 6 1:24-2:10 My goal is to encourage students to become independent learners, risk takers, engaged scholars of history, and experience success in a FUN and SAFE classroom. Mr. SchieleRoom 13

  3. Me, Myself, & Mr. Schizzle • Graduate of California State, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Credential • Master’s Degree in Educational Administration with a Credential in Administration • Educator of 14 years & proud to be here! • Involved in Intramural Sports & Technology Coordinator • Hobbies: Surfing, admiring classic cars, working with people of all ages, and eating chocolate • Family is extremely important to me 

  4. My Educational Philosophy • I believe that with the right attitude and hard work, every child can be successful and contribute to society in a positive way. • I strive to be a role model that all of my students can look up to (not just because I’m tall). Children benefit greatly from being “connected” to caring adults. • I create an encouraging and healthy environment where students feel safe to take educational risks. Students should feel confident in their abilities and not fear what they already know.

  5. Learning Environment We want Sixth Grade to be a positive experience for all. In order to make this happen, students will be treated as scholars and are encouraged to show respect for themselves, classmates, teachers, and learning materials. Some of the basic procedures required of all sixth grade students include: Be respectful to others Be responsible Write in your Minder Binder every day Be in your seat by the time the tardy bell rings Bring necessary materials to class All student textbooks should be covered at all times Stay organized Be polite and cooperative Bring your best attitude and effort to make your first year of middle school successful At Oak we recognize our students in many ways. These include Paw Passes, positive notes home, and class privileges. Unacceptable class work and behavior will also receive parent notification in the form of written correspondence, progress reports, detention, or notes and a phone call home.

  6. Oak Citizenship Rubric Outstanding “O” Student consistently listens, follows directions, and obeys rules. Student is kind, courteous, and respectful towards others. Satisfactory “S” Student usually listens, follows directions, and obeys rules. Student is kind, courteous, and respectful towards others. Needs Improvement “N” Student regularly needs reminders to listen, follow directions, and obey rules. Student often must be reminded to be kind, courteous, and respectful towards others. Unsatisfactory “U” Student does not listen, follow directions, or obey rules. Student is disrespectful towards the teachers and/or other students, and makes little attempt to change behavior.

  7. Grading Grades are based on individual and group projects/assignments, class work, quizzes, tests, homework, and class participation. Each assignment will have a specific point value. All assignments are expected to be done neatly, turned in on time, and should display the best efforts of the student. Late homework assignments will only receive half credit, while major projects will be graded down one full letter grade for each calendar day they are turned in late. Report card grades will be based on the following percentages of total points: 100………..A+ 78-79…..C+ 0-59……F 92-99……..A 72-77…..C 90-91……..A- 70-71…..C- 88-89……B+ 68-69…..D+ 82-87……B 62-67…..D 80-81……B- 60-61…..D- In addition to the Minder Binder, Mr. Schiele’s class homepage will be on and grades can be found online at

  8. Student Organization Perhaps one of the greatest causes for poor grades is failure to turn in assignments or handing assignments in after their due date. Please be advised that late homework assignments will only receive half credit, while major projects will be graded down one full letter grade for each calendar day they are turned in late. Student organization is vital to middle school success. Students should continually keep their binder, backpack, and locker organized. By doing so, students ensure a clutter free environment that is conducive to learning. The following materials will be used in class: • Three-ring binder with dividers or other filing system • Minder Binder • Sharpened pencils • Two Blue/Black Pens • White lined paper • Highlighter • Colored Pencils • Covered text books • Silent reading book *Additional materials may be provided for special projects.

  9. Homework Policy Homework is given to reinforce classroom learning and objectives. It also builds individual responsibility and fosters independent lifelong learning. In addition, homework provides an opportunity for one-on-one time to connect with your child and support them both in times of triumph and difficulty. Students are responsible for making up both class work and homework given on the days missed as discussed in the attendance portion of this handout. Homework assignments will be given as needed on a weekly basis with varying lengths to further reinforce time management and learning. Please check your child’s work nightly. One great way to do this is to check your child’s Minder Binder and backpack. Complete credit will be given to assignments that are finished neatly, on time, and display thoughtful effort. As a parent, please be present and facilitate your child as they complete homework. Reviewing your child’s work will help reinforce the importance of education throughout the year. Typically, a student should be spending, at the most, 20-40 minutes on homework for each academic class.

  10. Curriculum Social Studies - Ancient World Civilizations: • Our team uses a multifaceted and standards-based social studies program supported by McDougal Littell. We use a variety of materials and teaching strategies to differentiate classroom instruction and reach students with different learning styles. • After completing a unit of study in world geography to gain understanding of our world through map and globe skills,students will engage in the cultural, political, social, economic, and religious aspects of each of the following Ancient world civilizations: • Ancient Mesopotamia • Ancient Egypt • Ancient Israelites • Ancient India • Ancient China • Ancient Greece • Ancient Rome • A majority of our study will focus on the commonalities between successful civilizations and how ideas spread throughout the world. Completing activities in our book, studying art, special projects, reading about leaders, labeling maps, and discussing current events are just a few ways that students will discover how each civilization flourished and impacted the world.

  11. Parent Involvement Home-School Communication Each day, assignments are written in the Minder Binder. Please check your child’s Minder Binder daily to ensure his/her success. Research supports that families can make an important contribution to their child’s education and literacy development. As productive allies, parents, children, and teachers can help develop an appreciation for school and succeed in literacy and lifelong learning. Important dates can be found in your child’s Minder Binder or on Oak’s school website.

  12. Attendance Student attendance is crucial as discussion and classroom interaction cannot be made up if a student is absent. Students are responsible for making up both class work and homework given on the days missed. Students will have one day to make up work for each day absent from class. If the student is absent on the day of a test, the test will need to be made up immediately. Please notify the school if your child will be absent from school by calling (562) 799-4771 or by bringing a note to the attendance office once returning to school. A pattern of excessive absences and/or tardiness will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board for possible legal action. Please do not schedule vacations during school because our school loses valuable money for student materials and school work is difficult to make up. Being on time to each class is equally important. Please review your child’s schedule and create a plan for success when using a locker, the restroom, and getting to class on time. Students will be marked tardy if they are not in their seat when the tardy bell rings. Excessive tardiness will result in a detention.

  13. Websites & Passwords The PTA has graciously renewed the subscription to a number of the websites below. Please do not give these out to anyone outside our class family. Thank you and enjoy! • Oak Middle School & Teacher Homepage – No Username or Password required • Grades – A letter discussing instructions will given out to you. • eLibrary – Class Username: 76-27392 Class Password: bigchalk • Dictionary – • Textbook –

  14. Proud Responsible Individuals Demonstrating Excellence