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Utilising the Business Model Canvas for Be The Change

Utilising the Business Model Canvas for Be The Change. Acknowledgement The Business Model Canvas is used under a Creative Commons License. With thanks to Alex Osterwalder and fellow authors. Find out more: www.businessmodelgeneration.com. Be the Change Purpose and Your Invitation.

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Utilising the Business Model Canvas for Be The Change

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  1. Utilising the Business Model Canvas for Be The Change Acknowledgement The Business Model Canvas is used under a Creative Commons License. With thanks to Alex Osterwalder and fellow authors. Find out more: www.businessmodelgeneration.com.

  2. Be the Change Purpose and Your Invitation Our Purpose: to empower, inspire and support individuals, organisations and communities on the path towards a sustainable, just and fulfilling future. In looking to the challenges ahead of us we are seeking to increase our effectiveness in fulfilling this purpose. Your Opportunity and Invitation You’re receiving this document/questionnaire as someone who has either: • Has been involved with Be the Change for many years • Is on the Guardianship council, or who has been on the guardianship council of BTC • Has been an active Awakening the Dreamer facilitator within our community • Has said yes to leading the symposium initiative in some capacity within your local or not so local area • Is an active member of the generation waking up initiative • Is an active member of the jump up initiative In completing this process we ask that you consider you’re completing it for yourself personally and for Be the Change. You may have a strong understanding of Be the Change and vision for it’s future, or not. You may have never thought of yourself as a member of Be the Change, rather as an Awakening the dreamer facilitator or a Change-Agent. This is an aspirational document. This is your opportunity and our collective opportunity to create who we are and what we do. We expect it will be different for each person, and we expect there to be strong themes and alignments in our visions and intentions. This is an opportunity to develop our capacity to collaborate and share resources and to bring forth the magnificent world we all wish to create.

  3. Objectives: • Introduction of the Business Model Canvas as an overall framework to be used by Be The Change and its friends to help define who we are, what we do and in what we deliver the world • Use the framework to create a business model canvas for what we do • Use the canvases created as input into a wider discussion around planning for our future

  4. The Warm Up Exercise Step 1: If you are unfamiliar with the Business Model Canvas or just want a chance to play with it, in perhaps a little challenging way… consider the opportunity to develop a simple canvas where THE PLANET is your customer…. • Some prompting questions are provided on the following slide which also introduces the canvas. If you would like to know more about the canvas please see www.businessmodelgeneration.com Step 2: - For those who have developed a Planet Canvas….. • What are you reflections having developed the Planet Canvas? • What do we do now in that canvas that is of most value? • What is missing in what we do now that is needed? • How would you simply describe what we do or offer to someone new? Would the canvas help this explanation? • How would you describe Be the Change? What is your current relationship to Be the Change and is there anything you require/see possible for Be The Change? Consider the answers to the above when defining the Business Model Canvas for Be the Change or any of the activities associated with Be The Change?

  5. The Planet What is the relationship we are offering or trying to build with THE PLANET? Text What are the key activities that we are offering THE PLANET? Text What partners could we introduce to THE PLANET? Text….. What partners do we think could influence THE PLANET? Text What is the value that Be the Change offers THE PLANET? Text THE PLANET Who wants an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence What do we see as the most effective mechanism to engage THE PLANET? Text…. What resources do we have to service or provide for THE PLANET? Text What return are we hoping to receive or derive from servicing THE PLANET? Text What are we willing to give up or invest in to service THE PLANET? Text

  6. Developing the Business Model Canvas for Be the Change • Context: • The following questions are offered to start you thinking about Be the Change and what we do. They are to assist in setting the scene or context for the Business Model Canvas. • What do we do, what do we offer? • Are we clear on what we do, and who we do it with/for (these could be described as our offerings) • How would you describe our ‘market’? In business terms we use the term ‘market’ to describe our ‘audience’ or ‘the people/groups we engage with’ • Do we have multiple offerings? Do we have multiple markets? If so, how would we describe each of these offers? • Canvas Intention – why create a “canvas” • What would like to achieve or deliver through creating a canvas? Why are you interested in doing it? • Strategically – where would you / we like to be in the next 12 to 18 months and on the longer term horizon?

  7. Building the Canvas As a guide, consider the following series of questions built around the 9 segments of the Business Model Canvas. Please do not limit yourself to these questions when you choose to populate the canvas. A version of the Canvas is provided with text boxes established for ease of input. Feel free however to print out the canvas and write your thoughts – we can then scan or copy your populated canvas. With the context around intention and offering in mind, the following questions are provided to help us create potential canvases for Be the Change. We use the term “Customer” to signify the person, group or company that we are wishing to engage with in the market. Customer • What are the groups of customers that we are attempting to engage with? • How would you describe or differentiate between these groups of customers? • What do we think their buying or engaging criteria is? What are they looking for? • Why do we believe they would be interested in Be the Change? Action: Write these groups of customers on your canvas? Use different colours for each different customer group.

  8. Building the Canvas cont… • Value • How would you describe our overall value proposition (by this we mean what are the outcomes from our offerings) to those Customer groups? How would you describe what people get out of the offer? • How would this value differ for each of the customer groups identified above (what are the differences in value for each customer group?) • How would you / we measure this value? How do you / we believe the customer would measure value? • How does this value relate to the offerings identified above e.g. which offering delivers which value? • Can you / we see a specific value for each customer group that we have identified? If not – are we missing a value? Or is that customer group really someone we engage with? • Action: Write the values identified on the canvas. If you have used different colours for you customer groups – use the same colours to write the value that relates to that customer group. If your value propositions relate to multiple customer groups just use overall colour.

  9. Building the Canvas cont… • Channel • How do we currently promote our existing offerings or our existence? • How do we currently convince, persuade, inspire customers to engage either with Be the Change, the Symposium or other aspects of what we do? • What partnerships or advocates could we utilise to widen the exposure of Be the Change? • What is our social media or online approach or strategy? • How did you hear or learn about Be the Change? Do you see that as a channel? • What have we found most useful or successful to date in attracting, engaging and inspiring customers? • Actions: Write these channels or ways to communicate, inspire or engage into the Channels areas of the Canvas.

  10. Building the Canvas cont… • Relationship • What relationship are we targeting with each of the groups of customers identified e.g. is it purely transactional, do with want them as members, is it advisory, is it short, medium or long term etc • How would we articulate that type of relationship to the customer? • Funding and pricing (Revenue) • What are the current price points (the fee we charge) around the offering identified above? • How do we currently identify and source prospective sponsors or donors? • What other funding sources have we considered or are pursuing in addition to sponsorships or fee for services? • What do we do that perhaps we are not charging for? • How do we manage the relationship with sponsors or donors once we have their contribution? • Action – Write the above thoughts against Customer Relationships and Revenue on the Canvas

  11. Building the Canvas cont… Key Activities • What are the critical things we need to do so that we can have what you’ve articulated in each of the areas above happen in the world? (Review what you have defined above and consider the really key things we must do to make these happen) • Of these activities: • Which are truly value add or different? Where is the real value in what we do? • Which are more transactional or mundane, perhaps could be classed as a commodity? • What differentiates our offering from others? • Of these activities: • which must be provided by Be the Change (e.g. under our control) as opposed to those that perhaps could be provided through a Partner network Key Resources • What do we see as our greatest assets or resources that can be used either directly or by our activities to deliver the value identified? • What resources do we need that perhaps we do not have at our disposal at the moment?

  12. Building the Canvas cont… • Partners • Who do we class as our current partners? • What partners are required to support or assist with the delivery of our activities or the provision of our resources? • What partners could potentially influence how identified customer segments? • Which partners could add additional value to what we do - our offerings? • Who (if anyone) would we class as our competitors? • How are we different to these competitors? Which of these could we work with? • Which organisations inspire us? What can we learn from them? How could we work with them? • Costs • What are the core costs that we need to cover currently? • What are the hidden costs that exist that are perhaps not paid for or accounted for by our ‘cash flow’?

  13. Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

  14. What’s next…. Having developed your canvas, we invite you to: • Send a copy of your canvas to (Jamie and Alan via email) • Invite discussion amongst your own community about yours and others canvases • Consider or identify within the community/personally how we can be more effective in fulfilling our goals • If inspired, get into action • Send through any finalised canvases so we can post them on the website • If you wish to be involved in the consolidation and creation of an overall canvas, please let us know and we will link you into the process.

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