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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

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  1. The Lightning Thief . 11.We visit the Garden Gnome Emporium12.We get advice from A Poodle Kaitlyn Gordon Tanner O'Neal Francisco Alderetae

  2. PlotWhat is planning on happening and the mystery behind it.Chapter 11 • Aunty M (Medusa) wants them to be in a Picture. • She gives Percy food and it makes him sleepy so he doesn’t know what is going on a he is to tired to think about it. • She told them that she was going to use it to make a new stone sculpture. What she really meant was she is going to take off her head-dress and turn them to stone. • Grover and Annabeth tell Percy to cut of her head and he did and then he sent it to the Gods.

  3. Chapter 12 • Percy and Grover talk about Pan, the god of the wild places and how he has been lost for 2,000 years. • Percy has a dream about the scary pit and the threatening voice within it. • Grover finds a poodle named Gladiola and talks to it. • Gladiola is lost, and there is a $200 dollar reward for her return. They return Gladiola and get the money to continue their quest.

  4. ConflictThe problem or argument between the characters or the characters itself. • Chapter11 • Internal conflict-Percy figures out that Aunty M is really Medusa. • External conflict- Annabeth And Percy keep Arguing. • Chapter 12 • Internal Conflict-Grover wishes he could find Pan. • External Conflict- They couldn’t fin Pan to help them. Grover wishes he could find Pan.

  5. SettingWhen, where and how a place they are at • Chapter 11 • They are walking along the riverbank in New Jersey. They are by the woods. They see a shop and smell the good food. They are inside of the shop. In Aunty M’s Statue garden. • Chapter 12 • They are in the woods at night.

  6. CharactersThe different people and creatures in a story. • Chapter 11 • Protagonist- Annabeth, Grover, and Percy • Antagonist- Aunty M(Medusa) • Chapter 12 • Grover , Percy, and Annabeth • Antagonist- NONE A protagonist is a good person. A antagonist is a bad person.

  7. Mythological AllusionThe interaction or battle with a mythological creature. • Chapter 11 • The furies-They had a war with them in chapter 10 but were mentioned with a lot in chapter 11. Medusa-Aunty M was really Medusa and all of her stone creatures were real people she had turned to stone.

  8. Mythological AllusionsChapter 12 • Minotaur-it is a savage monster with a bull’s head and a man’s body. In the story it was attacking a women. • They were still thinking about the Attack on Medusa Persius Holding Medusa’s head.

  9. Reference to Roman and Greek mythology. • Medusa-Her hair is made of snakes and she is really ugly because one night she met secretly with Poseidon . Athena was outraged so she cast a spell on her. There are many stories about who killed her but Persius was known to slice off her head and out of her blood came a warrior and a Pegasus. • Minotaur-A minotaur is a bull slash man. It is relatively strong and is very hairy. They are known to be violent but sometimes fight alongside man.

  10. Review Questions • Who is the Protagonist in Chapter 12? • Where are Percy ,Grover, and Annabeth when they met Medusa? • What does Aunty M try to do to Percy, Grover, and Annabeth? • What does Percy do to Medusa in chapter 11? • What is the External conflict in chapter 12?