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How To Choose Artwork According To Portions Of Your House PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Choose Artwork According To Portions Of Your House

How To Choose Artwork According To Portions Of Your House

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How To Choose Artwork According To Portions Of Your House

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  1. How To Choose Artwork A C C O R D I N G T O P O R T I O N S O F Y O U R H O U S E

  2. Nowadays, a common question that homeowners frequently ask the designers is, ‘How To Choose The Best Artwork?’ And this is so since artwork can really help to define a homeowner’s personality and offer a highly spectacular appearance to the ambiance. Here are some tips on how to get the best results from artwork according to the portions of your house:

  3. FOR YOUR KITCHENS Most of the people may not consider getting artwork installed in their kitchen. But when you want a kitchen that is equally gorgeous as your house, artwork could help you do the magic. For the kitchens, get artwork that goes with the appearance of kitchen cabinets and countertop etc. Go for smaller pieces which do not cover the entire space and the ones which compliment your cooking and eating moods.

  4. FOR THE BEDROOM For the bedroom, the designers suggest getting large pieces of artwork and these are best hung at the eye level. You can also go for abstract pieces that have serene tones and colors. Also, you need to consider the frames etc. that accompany the artwork.

  5. FOR THE OFFICE Your office or workplace should also be an ambiance that inspires you for the job. If you need artwork for office, choose the images that induce positivity and the ones which offer a sort of inspiration. A mix of big and small pieces could be good and you need to keep updating or rotating them to help the employees and other people stay motivated.

  6. FOR THE BATHROOM The bathroom is yet another room that mostly stays devoid of any artwork and is mostly neglected. For the bathroom, choose artwork that gels well with the overall aura of the room and offers a serene, calm sensation. Mirrors etc. in good shape are also a good choice to embellish your baths.

  7. FOR THE LIVING ROOM The living room is one of the most necessary rooms to be decorated since this is where you and your guests reside for most of the time. For the living room, choose large artworks which are installed at an optimum distance from the floors. You can also go for a gallery collection or a large print canvas that matches the aura of the surroundings.

  8. For the best assistance on artwork, you can call the expert artwork installation agencies to assist you. For instance, if you are a resident of Atlanta, you can get the best assistance on artwork from ‘DAC Art Consultancy’. It offers the best residential and commercial artwork services and can help you get the most gorgeous appearance in your house.

  9. THANK YOU! Have a nice day! A presentation By- dac art Consulting