tertiary economic activity n.
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Tertiary Economic Activity PowerPoint Presentation
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Tertiary Economic Activity

Tertiary Economic Activity

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Tertiary Economic Activity

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  1. Tertiary Economic Activity Providing services for people

  2. Learning Objectives • Understand the term ‘tertiary economic activities’ • Discuss tourism, the growth of tourism, types of holidays and tourists. • Case Study: France - Tourism and Communications • Learn about tourism in Ireland and in Co. Waterford. • Tourism in Spain and Switzerland. • Advantages and disadvantages of tourism using case study of Majorca.

  3. Tertiary Economic Activities • Tertiary economic activity involves providing services for people. • In wealthy countries there are lots of people employed in service industries. • In poor countries fewer people are employed in service industries. Most people are engaged in primary economic activity. Q. Why do you think this difference exists? Q. Make a list of jobs that people in Tertiary economic activity do.

  4. The growth in tourism • Did you know that there has been a rapid growth in tourism? • Can you think why? Try to think of the different reasons in your groups.

  5. Tourism • What are the different types of holidays? • Package holidays • Eco tourism – aim is to reduce the impact that tourism has on the environment. • Who are the different groups of tourists?

  6. Tourism and Communications • Case Study: France • Communications = transport routes • Roads • Eurostar • Airports • Metro • TGV • River Cruises

  7. Transport and Communication TGV Map Motorway Map

  8. Transport and Communication

  9. River Cruises Metro Best rail system. Underground like the tube in London Airports Four airports serving Paris alone. Two large commerical airports (Charles de Gaulle and Orly) and two smaller ones. Also airports throughout the country. TGV ‘train a grande bitesse’ French word for fast train. High speed rail network. 250km/ hour! Communications Eurostar Rail link between England and France that runs through the Channel tunnel. 3 hours long Roads Motorways (autoroute) connect all key destinations.

  10. Transport and Communication

  11. Tourism In Ireland •

  12. Tourism in Ireland • Areas of natural beauty • Beaches and coastlines • Recreation • Cities

  13. Tourism • Tourism is a good example of a tertiary economic activity. It is a service based industry. Most people employed in tourism work in services. Q. Think about your last holiday. From the moment you left your house until you returned home, identify all the different services that people performed for you. Make a list of all of the jobs these people did. Tourists tend to go to different types of places. 4 main categories are; • Areas of natural beauty • Beaches and coastlines • Recreational & Sporting facilities • Cities

  14. Ireland’s Areas of Natural Beauty Glendalough Connemara Killarney Errigal

  15. Ireland’s Beaches and Coastlines Cliffs of Moher Aran Islands Dingle Giants Causeway

  16. Ireland’s Recreational & Sporting facilities The K Club Croke Park Shannon Fishing Aviva Stadium

  17. Ireland: City Breaks Galway City Cork City Dublin City Temple Bar

  18. Tourism in Ireland • Tourism is an important part of the Irish economy. • In recent years over 5 million people have visited Ireland each year. Q. Where did most of these tourists come from?

  19. Failte Ireland • Failte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. It is a government run agency that promotes tourism as part of the Irish economy. • Failte Ireland promotes Irish holidays to the domestic and overseas markets.

  20. Tourism in Ireland • Ireland is easily accessible as a tourist destination. • Tourists can fly into Ireland. • Ferries also come from Scotland, England and France. This is popular for people who want to bring their own cars.

  21. Why do Tourists visit Ireland? • Natural Beauty – The Giant’s Causeway, Killarney National Park, Glendalough, Connemara. • Beaches & Coastlines – The Cliffs of Moher, Dingle Peninsula, beaches around the coastline. • Recreation & Sports – Fishing lakes, boating on the River Shannon, Golfing, International rugby and soccer matches at Croke Park. • Cities – Many people visit cities like Dublin for short weekend breaks. They visit the museums, theatres, art galleries, and other historic buildings. • Can you think of other examples.. Hint: history and culture.

  22. Activity • In your groups I would like you to do a short presentation about tourism in Waterford! • Remember I have only ever been to waterford twice! You need to tell me everything a tourist would like to visit.

  23. Homework • Your cousin lives in America. Your family are coming home to Ireland for the first time. Write an email telling your cousin everything that Ireland has to offer them… list out all the attractions and who would be interested!

  24. Recap Irish Tourism •

  25. Tourism in Spain

  26. Spain and portugal make up the Iberian Penisula. • The Baleraic Islands (Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza) are in the Mediterranean Sea. • The Canary Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean. • All are part of Spanish territories. • Tourists are attracted to Spain because of it’s climate.

  27. Climate • Meseta Central ( Flat land across the centre of spain) continental climate – hot dry summers and cold winters. • The Mediterranean coast the climate is moderate with hot dry summers and mild rainy winters. Jan 9°C July 24°C • The Atlantic coast – summers are cooler. • Canary Islands – very warm climate. Interior e.g. Tenerife can become very hot during the day with cold nights. • The Balearic Islands – maritime climate with cool wet winters and warm dry summers.

  28. Attractions • Areas of natural beauty.Balearic Islands provide sun bathing, hillwalking and watersports. • Culture: spain has some of the best art gallaries in the world e.g Madrid and Bilbao and Barcelona. • Architecture: Gaudi in Barcelona. • Sun holidays – good weather, large selection of hotels and apartments and is easily accessible by road, rail, air and sea.

  29. Tourism in Switzerland • Switzerland is a landlocked country. • It has huge mountains such as the Alps, and beautiful lake resorts. • Tourists go to Switzerland in the summer for hiking and mountain biking. • Tourists go there in the winter to ski and snowboard.

  30. Tourism in Switzerland

  31. Tourism in Switzerland

  32. The importance of tourism to the Swiss economy. • Tourism brings many benefits to the Swiss economy. • It provides year round employment, unlike most Mediterranean resorts. • It brings foreign currency to the country as tourists spend money in hotels, restaurants, and shops. • It prevents out migration from small mountain villages. Young people can stay behind and work in the tourist resorts.

  33. Swiss tourist resorts Alpine Ski resorts

  34. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism • Tourism can have advantages and disadvantages for a region. Q. List some advantages tourism can bring to a region. Q. List some disadvantages tourism can bring to a region.

  35. Disadvantages of Tourism

  36. Activity • In your groups read the case study: The impact of Tourism on Majorca Spain. • In copies summarise • the background of Majorca. • The influence tourism has on the area • Any solutions to the problem.

  37. End of Chapter Assessment • Traffic light learning objectives and all key words.