welcome hopkins elementary media committee n.
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Welcome Hopkins Elementary Media Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Hopkins Elementary Media Committee

Welcome Hopkins Elementary Media Committee

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Welcome Hopkins Elementary Media Committee

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  1. Welcome Hopkins Elementary Media Committee Presented by: Clarissa Davis, Vivian Kelly-Bateman, & Ammee Robbins Materials Order EDIT 6340 May 1, 2008

  2. Role of Media Committee • Approve appropriate MC materials • Participate in local school appeals process in event of challenges • Suggest/recommend materials • Offer suggestions for MC improvements or changes • (Selection responsibility)

  3. Responsibilities of Media Committee • Committee members represent their colleagues • Committee members communicate grade level needs

  4. Media Center Goals • In accordance with this year’s selection policy and the schools goals, and in support of the new Georgia Performance Standards, this Media Center order focuses on materials that enhance and support the new Social Studies and Mathematics curricula.

  5. Why Social Studies and Mathematics? • Curriculum Support – per the Selection Policy Goal #1, the Media Center will “support the curriculum by acquiring materials that cultivate and enhance student learning while simultaneously meeting the GPS.” (Selection Tools, Criteria, Criteria Application) • Promote literacy – per AASL standards, support of the curriculum offers an opportunity to promote literacy. Media Center staff can ensure that this standard is met by promoting new acquisitions to students, staff, families, and the community.

  6. What to Order • Reviewed materials that support our goals. • Teacher recommended materials that support our goals and promote literacy. • Student requests that support our goals and promote lifelong learning. • Materials in a variety of formats, including books, Big Books, DVDs, etc., that support the diverse learning styles. • Note: DVDs will be purchased without performance rights as the SLMS purchases a movie performance license annually to ensure legal use of this material.

  7. The Process • Once the materials have been approved, the order will be placed with Follett, a county approved vendor. • The order will be placed in accordance with Gwinnett County School System purchasing guidelines. • The budget for the order is $2500 with 20% padding to ensure the use of all funds. • A notation will accompany the order emphasizing that the $2500 budget should not be exceeded. • Note: There is no charge for the shipping and handling of this order. • Additionally, in order to make the most of the limited budget, the Media Team will have books sent to the county’s media services offices for processing (free of charge).

  8. Proposed Order and Budget • Copies of both the order and budget are available for your perusal • Order and budget divided by format, subject and grade level • Please sign the Order Approval Form indicating your approval of materials and placement of the order.