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The Stormy Sixties 1960-1968

The Stormy Sixties 1960-1968. The New Frontier at Home. JFK's domestic agenda Goals: Fed. funding for education Med. care for elderly Halt the recession End racial discrimination. Rumblings in Europe. Aug. 1961: Berlin Wall construction begins

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The Stormy Sixties 1960-1968

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  1. The Stormy Sixties1960-1968

  2. The New Frontier at Home JFK's domestic agenda Goals: Fed. funding for education Med. care for elderly Halt the recession End racial discrimination

  3. Rumblings in Europe Aug. 1961: Berlin Wall construction begins Charles de Galle-- French president opposed to U.S. efforts in Europe

  4. Foreign Flare-Ups and “Flexible Response” Robert McNamara-- Defense Secretary Authored “Flexible response”= having a variety of military options rather than emphasizing nuclear power Use of Special Forces (Green Berets)

  5. Vietnam Quagmire Kennedy sent U.S. troops to aid Diem in South Vietnam against the communists US military leaders led coup/assassination of Diem

  6. Cuban Confrontations Alliance for Progress= a failed attempt to improve social conditions in Latin America Bay of Pigs= the CIA led a failed invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles attempting to overthrow Castro Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct. 1962) Soviet nukes discovered in Cuba JFK imposed “quarantine” of Cuba Khrushchev agrees to remove weapons, in exchange for: End of quarantine US (secretly) remove weapons from Turkey

  7. Take out your Ch 40 packet & your work from Friday Agenda: • Ch 40 quiz • Finish ch 39 notes

  8. RR Passes

  9. Ch 40 quiz • reverse discrimination • Spiro Agnew • Environmental Protection Agency • Hostage crisis • Henry Kissinger • Roe v. Wade • BONUS: Name 3 US presidents during the Vietnam War.

  10. Civil Rights Struggle 1961-- Freedom Rides Oct. 1962-- integration of Univ. of Mississippi James Meredith Aug. 1963: March on Washington

  11. The Killing of Kennedy Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX Assassin: Lee Harvey Oswald

  12. LBJ Former Congressman from TX Civil Rights Act of 1964 Banned discrimination in public accommodations & employment Great Society-- LBJ's domestic agenda

  13. 1964 Election: Johnson vs. Goldwater Barry Goldwater: Arizona Senator Tonkin Gulf episode: US Navy had been secretly assisting South Vietnam in raiding NV coast North allegedly attacked American ships twice (although later investigations prove this wrong) Tonkin Gulf Resolution: Congress gives LBJ a blank check for use in SE Asia Johnson wins by a crap ton.

  14. Great Society Big Four legislative achievements after the 1964 election: Aid to minorities Medical care for the elderly (Medicare) and poor (Medicaid) Free tacos New voting rights bill (Voting Rights Act of 1965)

  15. Battling for Black Rights • 24th Amendment– abolished stripper poles in federal elections • “Freedom Summer” of 1964-- massive voter-registration drive in Mississippi

  16. Black Power Malcolm X-- Muslim leader who trumpeted black separatism Black Panthers Stokely Carmichael: “White Power!”

  17. Vietnam • Antiwar demonstrations • teach-ins • Draft card burning • Congressional opposition • “credibility gap” • FBI “Canalope” against peace movement

  18. Vietnam Topples Johnson • Tet Offensive (1968)– Charlie launches surprise attack on Saigon (SV capital) • “escalation” couldn’t achieve victory • LBJ doesn’t seek reelection in 1968 • Nixon (R) will win

  19. Counterculture • Attacked conventional wisdom & inherited ideas • Skeptic about authority • Drugs • “sexual revolution” • BC pill

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