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Jeopardy: The Roaring 20s PowerPoint Presentation
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Jeopardy: The Roaring 20s

Jeopardy: The Roaring 20s

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Jeopardy: The Roaring 20s

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  1. Jeopardy: The Roaring 20s






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  9. This is the term for the flowering of black culture in the 1920s What is Harlem Renaissance?

  10. He is the most well known black poet of the 1920s Who is Langston Hughes?

  11. This is the term for the movement of blacks out of the rural south in the 1920s What is Great Migration?

  12. He founded the NAACP. Who is W.E.B. DuBois?

  13. He proposed that blacks be moved back to Africa Who is Marcus Garvey?

  14. This racist organization saw a huge increase in membership in the Midwest in the 1920s What is the Ku Klux Klan?

  15. This word means alcohol cannot be consumed What is prohibition?

  16. This amendment banned the consumption of alcohol What is the 18th Amendment?

  17. The Palmer Raids primarily targeted people who believed in this political system What is communism?

  18. People who wanted to wet their whistle during the 20s often visited these secret bars What are speakeasies?

  19. Harding’s cabinet was known as this, mostly because they were his corrupt, and sometimes criminal, buddies from back at home. What is the Ohio Gang?

  20. This is the name for Harding’s campaign promise to focus on domestic issues after WWI What is “Return to Normalcy”?

  21. This scandal occurred in the Harding administration when government oil fields were being secretly traded for money and cattle What is the Teapot Dome Scandal?

  22. The presidents of the 20s all supported this tax policy, which gave money to big business What is supply side economics?

  23. The three presidents of the 20s (in order from 1920-1932) and their political parties Who are Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover (Republicans)?

  24. One of a number of authors considered a part of the “Lost Generation” Who is F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemmingway, etc.?

  25. W.E.B. DuBois’ organization, which saw an increase in membership in the 20s What is the NAACP?

  26. These two men were executed for murder…though there was really no evidence Who are Sacco and Vanzetti?

  27. He made millions of dollars selling bootlegged liquor…then he went to jail for tax evasion Who is Al Capone?

  28. He came up with Supply Side Economics Who is Andrew Mellon?

  29. Not only did she work as a suffragette and anti-lynching activist, she founded the NAACW Who is Ida B. Wells?

  30. This self made president elected in the 20s believed in rugged individualism…this probably helped shape his Great Depression policies Who is Herbert Hoover?

  31. Like all presidents in the 20s, he was dedicated to the business community…he also had a really cool name Who is Calvin Coolidge?

  32. Daily Double!!

  33. He profited from the Teapot Dome Scandal Who is Albert Bacon Fall?

  34. This guy should have kept a better eye on people in his cabinet…he was probably just too busy being drunk Who is Warren G. Harding?