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Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up PowerPoint Presentation
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Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up

Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up

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Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up

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  1. Servers & Desktop Group Who we are, What we do, What’s up • January 19, 2011 1

  2. Servers & Desktop Group Who we are…25 positions • Call Center (1st level support) • Senior Call Center Specialist (3) • Call Center Specialist (2) • Call Center Manager (1) • Computer Support (2nd level support) • Computer Support Specialist (8) • Computer Support Manager (1) • Student Data Support (2nd level support) • Student Data Specialist (1)

  3. Servers & Desktop Group Who we are (cont’d)…25 positions • Operating and Back-end Systems (3rd level support) • Operating System Analyst (3) • Mail Administrator (1) • Operating System Manager (1) • Database (2nd level support) • Database Administrator (2) • Web Support (2nd level support) • Web Support Specialist (1) • Coordinator Server Infrastructure & Support (1)

  4. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Call Center Provides first/second level support (implementation, maintenance, troubleshooting, documentation and resolution) and escalation for an extensive list of technology needs and other district departments.  • Single point of contact for all issues relating to Technology, Student Information Systems, Payroll, and PeopleSoft Financial Systems • Provides SDSS guidance, assistance and training • Processes forms submissions for VPN, Confidentially, Contractors, etc. • Issues customer satisfaction surveys • Provides ticket reports to various systems managers and user groups • Receives help requests via phone, email, fax and self-service portal and resolves many tickets by remote access (through NetOp) • Receives an average of X requests per day, Resolves an average of X tickets per day

  5. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Computer Support Provides second level support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, break/fix, etc.) for about 17K end-user devices, site-based servers, and applications for staff and students, covering multiple operating systems and computing platforms • Hardware – PCs, Laptops/netbooks, Servers, Printers, etc. • Software – OS, SASI, READ180, SRI, Destiny, Adobe, MS Office, etc. • Services - installations, configurations, disconnections, reconnections • Are a primary face of technology and develop relationships with end users • Support staff special needs/handicap accessibility specialized solution sets • Return $ back to PPS by performing warranty repair for Dell and HP • Help research and test unique project desktop solutions • Resolves an average of X tickets per day

  6. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Student Data Provides second level support (documentation, configuration, maintenance) for various Student Information Systems. • Supports assistance requests for Student Information Systems • Primary entry point of Course Listings and Directories for SASI and RTI • Provides SDSS Guidance and assistance as necessary • Assists with training for RTI/SASI to new SDSS’s • Perform maintenance on SASI servers • Resource for current and historical systems and procedures • Must be knowledgeable in multiple Student Information Systems (SASIxp,CLASSxp,IGPRO, RTI, PINNACLE)

  7. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Operating and Back-end Systems Provides third level support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, etc.) for district servers & storage, central applications, operating systems, and disaster recovery systems • Participates in the planning, designing and implementing aspects of any new initiatives and projects including next generation technology solutions • Design and maintain all data backup and recovery methods in support of all District-hosted applications and user data storage • Examples of systems maintained: Exchange, Blackberry, Sharepoint, Project, Pinnacle, RTI, PeopleSoft, Web Help Desk, READ180, Encore, Unity, RISE • Administer and maintain all Microsoft Active Directory (prod, dev, training) environments including Group Policy and User Account management • Utilize tools such as SMS and MOM (now known as System Center Manager) for system monitoring and process streamlining

  8. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Database Administration Provides primary support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, etc.) for district database servers and development group for all database operational needs • Delivers the day-to-day operation/maintenance of the production, test and development databases, including database performance issues. (i.e. installation, troubleshooting, patching and security of databases) • Designs and creates the database objects such as scripts for utilities of information update and change • Administers the release of database objects from development into production • Administers support for database queries and schema for the development team • Develop, design, and implement backup and restore procedure for database applications to insure a successfully disaster recovery

  9. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Web Support Provides primary support (documentation, configuration, installation, maintenance, etc.) for district web pages and secondary support for various back-end systems • Backend management for District Websites (about 70), including user management, performance monitoring, coding efficiency, and dynamic content • Support various application integrations with district web infrastructure (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, PGH Promise, Pinnacle, RISE, RTI, etc.) • Primary manager for 60 domain names for websites and SSL certificates • Primary support and development for Human Resources application system (external, internal, coaching, and summer school applications) • Primary support and development for PPS Tube, Find my School, Plant Operations Metering System (for utilities) and LaunchPad (student web portal)

  10. Servers & Desktop Group • What we do…Coordinator Server Support Responsible for the day-to-day operation of enterprise server and desktop environment containing approximately 17k nodes, the District Call Center, Computer Repair/Support Operations, Back-end Operating Systems and applications, Email and Database Administrators and Web Page Support. • Deliver safe and sustainable solutions for cost-effective desktop & server operations to help ensure a high-level of customer service/satisfaction is provided everyday • Mentor direct and indirect reports to promote position and personal growth • Collaborating with project/solution business owners to effectively deliver a high quality of service to meet or exceed expectations • Oversee a discretionary budget of approximately $4M (for hardware, software & services) • Collaborate with various others on technology policies, guidelines, etc.

  11. Servers & Desktop Group • What we’re working on… • Implementing a new help ticket system…Web Help Desk • Implementing a central fax solution to eliminate local devices, reduce costs, and provide fax delivery at the email level • Planning a central server replacement incorporating extensive use of blade technology, VM’s, cutting-edge storage solutions, and co-location services • Standardizing desktop operating systems to WIN 7 and incorporating the use of Office 2010. Including a significant device refresh to replace all systems during this year obtained prior to 2008 • Planning migration of our Exchange 2003 system to Exchange 2010 within the next couple months • Preparing newly received server equipment to ensure Pinnacle and RISE solutions have separate high-available PROD, DEV & Training environments for both internal & external access where applicable • Beta-testing stationary thin client solutions and VDI back-end

  12. Servers & Desktop Group • What we’re working on…(cont’d) • Researching and testing the use of mobile solutions such as iPADS, Android based Tablet PC’s (i.e. Samsung Galaxy) for use with various applications (i.e. RISE, Pinnacle, Web Help Desk) • Integrating a new AD provisioning tool, Imanami, for account creation, end-user self-service for changing their AD info and permitting easier Exchange grouping • Implementing plans to increase the amount of professional development opportunities for staff to help ensure they are “tech” current on embedded solution sets • Devising strategy to ensure all back-end servers are utilizing Server 2008 to reduce security risks and embed standardization • Upgrading current VM infrastructure from 4.0 to 4.1 for added functionality • Planning an update to the E-Vault archiving system to enable improvements to interaction with OWA, Exchange 2010, and backup

  13. Servers & Desktop Group • What we’re working on…(cont’d) • Devising strategy to significantly reduce the number of printers across all buildings by expanding the use of network enabled copiers within every building • Pushing out applications such as Firefox, CDT (student state testing) • Working on revising the district’s AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and Information Security policy with other OIT groups and revising several posted “guidelines” • Collaborating with other PPS departments on various projects which have a technology component • Participating with other OIT staff as members of the “data team” to assist in developing the Strategic Information Plan to support the EET initiative • Collaborating with development of a plan for use of a SSO (Single Sign On) solution to be integrated with various applications and the EET portal

  14. Servers & Desktop Group • Management Team Contact Info… • Dave Miller, Coordinator,412.488.2481, • Nancy Rosso, Call Center Manager, 412.390.2790, • Tom Wilbrink, Computer Support Manager, 412.488.4792, • Bob Voskamp, Operating Systems Manager, 412.488.2474,