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Shaune Clarke, Talk Show Host Turned Marketing Consultant Reveals…

Shaune Clarke, Talk Show Host Turned Marketing Consultant Reveals…. Shaune@ShauneClarke.com. MY BOLD CLAIM IS… Interviewing Experts Is THE NUMBER ONE SKILL Any Internet Entrepreneur Can Acquire! Here’s How I Know It’s True…. The Two-Year Struggle:.

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Shaune Clarke, Talk Show Host Turned Marketing Consultant Reveals…

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  1. Shaune Clarke, Talk Show Host Turned Marketing Consultant Reveals… Shaune@ShauneClarke.com

  2. MY BOLD CLAIM IS… Interviewing Experts Is THE NUMBER ONE SKILL Any Internet Entrepreneur Can Acquire! Here’s How I Know It’s True…

  3. The Two-Year Struggle:  One Year Full-Time Studying Internet Marketing Started Marketing Myself As A Copywriter -- Copywriting Coach. Saw “Secret Techniques” Clients and Colleagues Were Using. Asked For Interviews – Not A Problem Got to Know Who The “The Players” Were And… Asked For Interviews – Not A Problem THAT’S When Business Skyrocketed! Here’s What’s In It For You…

  4. Quick And Easy Product Creation Quick And Easy Content Creation Instant Expert Status FREE Targeted Traffic High-Value Bonus Products ***Lucrative Joint Ventures

  5. High-Value Lead Generation Giveaways Viral Marketing Article Marketing Super Fast, Super Effective Sales Copy ***Simple Search Engine Optimization

  6. DO NOT Settle For “Good Copy” Secret Techniques For Writing Persuasive, Emotion-Rich, No-Hype Sales Copy! Who Am I Really Talking To? •Know Exactly Who You Are Speaking To. •The 2% Who Will Buy – NOT the 98% who won’t! •Not the Market – Not the Target Market… • The portion of the Target Market that will actually buy. • That’s your “Real Target Market.” •BIG difference in the tone of your copy.

  7. What Is ThePRIMARY PURPOSEOf YourSales Copy?

  8. • Your PRIMARY PURPOSE is Not to grab attention. • Your PRIMARY PURPOSE is Not to offer a solution. • Your PRIMARY PURPOSE is Not to merely “educate.” These Are VERY Important Factors But…

  9. Your PRIMARY Purpose Should Be… To Understand To Empathize To Emotionally Connect THAT Is the Foundation. Without It, Your Copy Will Lack…

  10. Dimension Feeling Believability Conversion

  11. Without it, you’re left with… • Exaggerated Claims, Old Style Sales Copy AND…Sales Resistance • You Will Be Leaving Money On The Table • Prospects Who Would Have Bought Will Get Missed

  12. “Use Testimonials In The Context Of An Abbreviated Story.” Example:Just Yesterday, Dr. Snyder, From Hartford, South Dakota Called In To Place His Weekly Order. With a calm but convicted voice, he said… “This is a Product That a Lot of Seniors Need to Hear About. Today Alone, I Saw 3 New Patients Who Need It…” He continued on to tell me about a few of his patients. In is own words here’s what he said…

  13. Jeanette Dumont’s feet used to be so sore she couldn’t stand for longer than 15 minutes. Now she goes for walks and does household chores without any pain at all. Other Elements Of Persuasive, Emotion-Rich, No-Hype Copy!

  14. Speed Of The Read • Abbreviation • Differentiation • Indirect Persuasion • Authenticity • Resonance • Effortlessly Writing – “In The Flow” • Headline Triads • Persona • Pause Words • Rhythm and Cadence • The Power Of Three • Crescendo • Body Copy Headlines All Taught in The 13 Steps To Dynamic Copy Program

  15. Rhythm and Cadence -- Power of Three.  Ellipses, And Then… Crescendo! There Is A Doctor Who Will Listen. Dr. Tina Will… HearYourConcerns-- AnswerYour Questions And Help You Become Pregnant. ____ There Is A Doctor Who Will Listen. Dr. Tina Will… Hear Your Concerns -- Answer Your Questions And Help You Become Pregnant… No Matter What Your Ob-Gyn Says!

  16. Body Copy Headlines: Before: But that’s not all, because… Now you can help your joints heal from the outside too, with our unique and fast-acting JointRelief Cream. While you are healing your body from the inside, you will also be attacking your arthritis pain and discomfort from the outside! After: It Goes Directly To The Pain - You Get Instant Relief! It’s The Best Of Both Worlds… You’ll Attack The Arthritis From All Different Angles… Inside And Out!

  17. The 13 Steps To Dynamic Copy Step One: The Secret Six™ Step Two: Dynamic Copy Guide Step Three: The Offer Step Four: Concept Creation Step Five: The Outline – Mapping It Out Step Six: War Room Strategizing Step Seven: The First Draft – Letting It Flow

  18. The 13 Steps To Dynamic Copy Step Eight: Editing Step Nine: Tipping Points Step Ten: Oral Reading Step Eleven: Gathering Feedback And Final Draft Step Twelve: Client Review Step Thirteen: Proofreading

  19. THE BIG FOUR COPYWRITINGSECRETS ARE… 4) Have Someone Else Read Your Sales Copy Out Loud 3) Write Winning Letters Out By Hand 2) Be The Target Audience Target Audience to Target Audience Copy Feels Personalized – Spoken Directly To The Reader Especially true for Email Copy BKV – 4.4 million

  20. • You write intimate copy. • Target audience to TA copy ALWAYS outperforms. • That is the standard we should all set for our copy. • Get as close as possible to TA – TA. Why Does It work So Well? It’s the nuances that create connection, believability & lower resistance. Real-life Tidbits – Real-life events Assumed Language – It Doesn’t Need To Be Explained Expressing Understanding, Compassion and Empathy Have a Dramatic Effect On Response Rates

  21. Additional Benefits to Learning Howto Conduct Intimate Interviews • Hidden reasons the TA will and won’t buy • Deep emotional buying triggers • More passionate and connected • Triggers subconscious material • Cuts research time in half And That’s Why…

  22. Shaune@DynamicResponseMarketing.com

  23. YOU DO NOT WANT“AN INTERVIEW” • You want interviews that… • Get provocative comments • Give a differing perspective • Give original content • Get the interviewee excited

  24. An Engaged And Interactive Interview Leads To… A Passionate And Exciting Interview Leads To A…. Revealing Interview… THEN IT BECOMES VIRAL!

  25. Here AreThe BenefitsTo YourInternet Marketing Business

  26. Google Trust Rank • Differentiate yourself • Must Build Trust Online • Relates to credibility and who you associate with • High-Value Bonuses • High-Value Lead Generation Give-Aways • Door opener leading to credibility-building endorsements • You become unique valuable and important • Potential Joint Ventures – List Exposure • Network to the top in record time

  27. High-Value Content Creation • Blog – Newsletter – Articles – Book – Audio Product • Five for the price of one! • Fresh content/client retention for... • Membership Sites -- Coaching Groups -- Paid Newsletters How Does This Create Traffic? • VIRAL – high perceived value giveaways • Secure name – offer upsell on thank you page • Another interview/set of interviews • 22% bought – that’s a higher quality lead to sell other things

  28. Search Engine Optimization Article Submission • Others use the articles • One-way back-links • Ease of viral “pass-around” • Fresh, unique and varied blog content – Google loves that! • Use of big names which are highly searched • E-zine content – original and valuable • You appear important to your list You Become THE INFO SOURCE They Read YOUR Newsletter

  29. How To GetAn Interview • 4 Powerful Words…. “Can I interview you?” • Preface with a genuine compliment • “I really need your perspective on________” • “I’d love to interview you” Now You Have An Interview… What’s Next?

  30. 6 Types of Questions • Rapport Building: “Why is this so important to you?” • Likeability/ Trust Building: “What do you most want people to know?” • Persona Questions: “Tell me what you really like about____” • Revealing Questions: “What do you find easiest to sell?” • Digging Questions: “How do you know that?” • Questions For Emotional Material: “How did that make you feel?”

  31. 7 Point Emotional Bank Account 1) Interview Just Ended 2) Watching The Clock 3) Participating Out Of Duty 4) Interested 5) Talkative 6) Emotional 7) Completely Connected

  32. Effective Techniques • Long pauses – Allow them • Uncomfortable Reactions – Stay Calm and Don’t Rush • Allow them to lead – Dump the surface material • Help achieve confidence • Dig deeper – Monitor The EBA • Asking for more sources – Networking DO A DOUBLE TAKE

  33. Here Is What To DoWith Your Interviews • Get it transcribed • The story and pieces (teasers) are used for newsletter, ezine and blog content • Bulk used for articles or reports to giveaway or sell • Edit CD – You have valuable product

  34. Benefits To Your Sales Copy • Reveal Emotional Buying Triggers • Real Life Events and Stories • Emotion-Rich - Empathetic - TA to TA • Breeze Through 13 Steps • Will NOT Be Exaggerated • Will NOT Land Flat • YOU WILL NOT LOSE SALES

  35. Benefits To Your Internet Marketing Business • FREE Knowledge • No-Brainer Viral Marketing • Article Creation • 60 Minute Product Creation • Associate With Leaders • Credible Endorsements • “Automatic” Joint Ventures • One-Way Links – Simplified SEO

  36. AND ESPECIALLY… Free Bonuses and Free Giveaways “Interviewing Is The Number One Skill Any Entrepreneur Can Acquire.” How Can You Better Leverage Your Resources? Time -- Money -- Contacts – Opportunities (SURVEY) • Content That Gets Read – Blog • Quick Persuasive Sales Copy

  37. John Spark, From Perth, Australia Had This To Say…

  38. How Quick Will The Return Be? Worst Case Scenario… A Few Months Could Be Weeks – Could Be Days FOR SURE IT WONT BE LONG!

  39. Internet Success Bootcamp Exclusive Offers Package A: The Secret Six and The Power of Intimate Interviews New Version 2.0 – 115 Page Manual Value = RP2,700,000 • How to Open - How to Dig Deeper - Softening Statements • Secret Six Questions - Maintaining EBA - The Power of Listening • Secondary Questions - Directive Questions - Short-Cut Copy – “The Set Up” Special Section – Experts: - Expert-Specific Questions - How To Create “The Pivotal Moment” - How To Get Them To Agree To Be Interviewed - How to Maximize the Joint Venture Opportunity

  40. Underground Marketing Secrets 4 Expert Interviews Value = RP1,800,000 Brian Keith Voiles - Trey Smith - Robert Stover - Alan Forrest Smith - 2 Embedding Exercises - Total of 10 Audio CDs - 2 Copy Client Interviews: One Resistant – One Emotional - RP3,600,000 - 1 Coaching Client: Uncovering The USP - RP1,800,000 THREE Intimate and Interactive - Contrast and Comparison - Coaching Calls: - The TWO Best Secret Six and Intimate Interviews - RP2,400,000 • ONE Best of the Best – Unique Techniques - RP3,600,000 - Total of 10 Digital Recordings.

  41. Here’s How To TakeYour Copywriting Skills Three Notches Higher… Total Value = RP15,900,000 GIS - Save 60% - Just RP5,900,000or 3 payments of RP1,900,000 PLUS -- First 5 Bonus Worth RP5,900,000-- FREEOne Hour Consultation PLUSFirst 20 Bonus Worth £349 - FREE One Hour Consultation

  42. Package B: Shaune Clarke’s 13 Steps To Dynamic Copy Digital Package: All 10 Weeks of my RP59,000,000 Coaching Program Best-Of-The-Best – Plus 188 page Manual – Nothin’ but Content Regular price RP35,000,000 – Save RP10,000,000 today GIS Attendees Pay Only Attendees Pay Only – RP25,000,000 or 3 payments of just RP9,000,000 Once You Acquire These Million-Dollar Skills You’ll Have Them Forever – INVALUABLE! Your Investment Will Show A Return For Years To Come Please Consider My Best Offer…

  43. Package C: Intimate Interviews Mastery: 6 Week “Small Group” Coaching program You’ll Finish With A Personalized Plan 6 Interactive Coaching Sessions “Contrast-and-Comparison” Learning AND “Embedding” Exercises Coaching Program Regular Price = RP45,000,000 Today Just RP36,000,000

  44. All Of It Is Yours For The Discounted Coaching Price For GIS Attendees, Package C Now Includes… Package A - The Intimate Interviews Program (Value =RP5,900,000) AND Package B - The Full 13 Steps To Dynamic Copy Program (Value = RP25,000,000) AND The 6 Weeks of Coaching (Value - RP36,000,000) ALL Of It Just RP36,000,000 or 3 Payments of RP12,000,000 PLUS The First 3 - FREE Bonus Worth RP17,900,000 (3 Hours Consulting) FREE Maximum Website Profits Checklist For Everyone!

  45. Shaune@ShauneClarke.com

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