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Vertebrate Slideshow

Vertebrate Slideshow

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Vertebrate Slideshow

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  1. Vertebrate Slideshow

  2. Black Piranha Characteristics Black piranhas belong to the Serrasalminae family which also include the Pacu and the silver dollar. What makes the black piranha part of the Serrasalminae family is its teeth and where it lives (the fresh waters of South America).

  3. Black Piranha Info Black Piranhas are black with red eyes, have triangular jaws, have a bulldog face, and can grow from ½ to 2 feet long. Black Piranhas are shy and not that aggressive. They are also solitarily and will not hesitate to eat each other. A Black Piranha has powerful jaws. They can bite with a force more than 30 times greater than its weight.

  4. African Bullfrog Characteristics What makes a African bullfrog part of the amphibian family is that it can live both on land and water and its coldblooded.

  5. African Bullfrog Info African Bullfrogs can weigh up to 4.4 pounds, male can be 24cm and females are 12 cm long, skin color is a dull green. They are carnivorous and very aggressive. They live in desert, savannah, and grasslands. They stay underground during the day season. Located in Africa and Nigeria.

  6. Snake Characteristics Snakes are reptiles. Snakes are considered reptiles because they are coldblooded, lay eggs, and have scales. Many live on dry land.

  7. Snake Info Snakes live in forests, lakeshores, prairies, and deserts. They can be found in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. Snakes are very aggressive, have long slender bodies, have scales, and lack limbs.

  8. Tiger Characteristics Tiger belong to the mammal family because it has fur and is warm blooded.

  9. Tiger Info Tigers fur color is orange with black stripes, has long body, short neck, and is about 6 feet long. Tigers are solitary animals and like to live in swamps, grasslands, and rain forest. Located in Asia.

  10. Vulture Characteristics Vultures belong to the bird family. They belong to the bird family because they have feathers and lay eggs.

  11. Vulture Info Vultures have no hair on their head or neck, strong bill, short thick claws, and large wings. Live in the plains, wetlands, uplands, and mountains. Located in Southern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India

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