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Integrating Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrating Skills

Integrating Skills

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Integrating Skills

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  1. Integrating Skills Integrating Skills The Special Olympics

  2. Fast reading Fast reading Find the topic sentence in each paragraph: Para1. Para2. Para3.

  3. What is the main idea of the whole passage? • Taking part in the Special Olympics is an honor • B. Athletes at the Special Olympics are fighters in more than one way • C. The Special Olympics is meaningful and productive Games • D. The Special Olympics helps society to improve the quality of life for all its citizens

  4. Detailed reading Compare the Special Olympics and the regular Olympics to find out their similarities and the differences between them:

  5. Similarities • Every four years • Be surrounded by grand ceremony • The competition is fierce • A strong sense of unity and friendship • Train for many years and overcome more fear and hardships to reach the games

  6. Differences • Taking part in the games is a victory • The spirit is stronger

  7. Questions: 1.For the disabled athletes, which is more important, being the first one across the finish line or being the best one he or she can be? 2. What might be the most difficult challenge a human being can ever face? being the best one living with a mental disability

  8. 3. Did the mentally disabled people use to be respected by society? And why? 4. When and where was the first Special Olympics World Summer Games held? No, because mental disability was considered shameful and they received little treatment or encouragement. In 1968 in Chicago

  9. Why do many Special Olympics athletes think that “taking part in the Games is a victory”? A. the Olympic spirit at the Special Olympics is as strong as at the regular Olympic Games B. winning is about being the first one C. winning is about being the best one you can be D. winning is about scoring the most goals

  10. How do you understand “Athletes at the Special Olympics are fighters in more than one way”? • They don’t only fight for one award. • They fight against more than one disability. • C. They have to fight against the disabilities as well as other athletes, and maybe some other difficulties.

  11. Language points 1. every 4 years /every fourth year every two years =every second (other) year e.g. He comes hereevery three days/every third day.

  12. 2. Athletes at the Special Olympics are fighters in more than one way. e.g. ①The travel to Beijing is more than sightseeing. ②He has nomore than twentyyuan with him. ③He is more lazy than stupid. ④He is more than happy to help you.

  13. 3. welcome Special Olympians to China welcome sb. to s.p Eg:welcome you to Beijing welcome you home 但不可以说welcome sb. to do sth

  14. Homework: • to read the passage again and again • to remember some useful phrases • and sentences

  15. Thank you! Good bye!