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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence

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  1. Nikos Anastopoulos Territory Technology Strategist George Papadakis Business Productivity Solution Sales Specialist Business Intelligence Georgia Psyllidou Application Platform Solution Sales Specialist

  2. Don’t hesitate to ask the experts: • at the Microsoft booth in the foyer. • through the website • There will be time at the end of the session for your Q&A The Dialogue is open:

  3. Evolution of BI Traditional BI Self-Service BI Provision Analysis Reports Dashboards & Scorecards ? Data Staging Analysis Cubes Data Warehouse ETL/Data Quality Specialized Tools End Users Spreadsheets Existing Data IT Pro IT has been busy keeping up with the growing demand for BI… Harvesting existing data, cleaning it and staging it … To provision reports, dashboards & scorecards to meet End User demand. But business is outpacing IT and End Users are demanding Agility … Rapidly breaking down the barriers of Control with Self-Service BI! Is it possible to balance Control with Agility? LOB Applications Data Marts Files

  4. Complete and integrated Most Broadly adopted Productivity & Collaboration Tools SharePoint Dashboards & Scorecards SharePoint Collaboration Excel Workbooks PowerPivot Applications Most widely deployed EIM & BI Platform Analysis Services Reporting Services Integration Services Master Data Services Odata Feeds LOB Apps

  5. Trends in BI

  6. High Availability Fast Track Parallel Data Warehouse Transparent Data Encryption StreamInsight SQL Server Data Tools Resource Governor EAL4+ Common Criteria Certification Data Compression SQL Azure Master Data Services Change Data Capture Extensible Encryption Key Management Azure Connect HW Appliances PowerPivot2010 SQL Audit Azure Data Sync

  7. High Availability Fast Track Parallel Data Warehouse Transparent Data Encryption StreamInsight SQL Server Data Tools Resource Governor EAL4+ Common Criteria Certification Data Compression SQL Azure Master Data Services Change Data Capture Extensible Encryption Key Management Azure Connect HW Appliances PowerPivot2010 SQL Audit Azure Data Sync

  8. Security • Organizations operate under rules and regulations that mandate strict data security, privacy, and integrity controls • Prevent unauthorized access to data • Protect against lost or stolen backup data • Audit access to ensure proper use • Transparent Data Encryption • SQL Server Audit • Audit All User Actions • Comply with Data Privacy Regulations • Protect Encryption Keys • Extensible Key Management • Common Criteria Certification

  9. Fast Time To Solution • Pre-packaged appliances and reference architectures Business intelligence, consolidation, transaction processing , & data warehousing Scenario- OPTIMIZED Co-engineered with hardware partners Dell and HP for maximum ROI and agility COMPLETE Solutions Hardware + software + support, reduce time to market from weeks and months to days AGILE • “The appliance can be deployed in a matter of days vs. weeks or months for traditional implementations.” Brian Knight, Pragmatic Works

  10. Leadership & ROI $1,066,348 Using/Planning to Use Evaluating/Not Using MICROSOFT Mega-Vendor Average without Microsoft 55% 45% ORACLE (INCLUDING HYPERION AND SIEBEL) 42% 58% SAP BUSINESSOBJECTS $220,804 40% 60% Microsoft IBM COGNOS (INCLUDING TM1) 38% 62% Are You Using, Planning, to Use or Evaluating BI Products from the Following Vendors? Source: Gartner 2010 BI Platforms Licensing Models & Negotiation Strategies Source: InformationWeek Analytics 2010 BI and Information Management Survey Five-Year BI Platform Cost

  11. Industry Trends PRIVATE & PUBLIC CLOUD DATA EXPLOSION CONSUMERIZATION OF IT • Digital data will grow44xover the next decade • In 2015, public cloud services will account for 46%of net-new growth in overall IT product spending IDC Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, May 2010. Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2011 – 2015 Forecast, IDC , June 2011—Doc #228485

  12. Introducing….

  13. SQL Server 2012 is the Ideal Platform for You to Run, Grow, and Transform Your Business TRANSFORM GROW RUN AGILITY FOR THE Future INTELLIGENCE For All Peace Of Mind At You Need Cloud On Your TERMS • THE RIGHT PRICE Break- MissionCritical SQL Server 2012Provides throughInsights CONFIDENCE

  14. SQL Server Provides Rapid Data Exploration “Only 28%of potential users are using the standard BI platform of choice in organizations¹” Stunning, interactive data visualizations, Power View Familiar tools built on Excel & SharePoint Mashupdata, PowerPivot ¹ Gartner, “The Consumerization of BI Drives Greater Adoption,” James Richardson, June 3, 2011

  15. With Managed Self-Service BI “We can balance our employees’ need for rich information and collaboration with IT’s need to manage the safety & confidentiality of information.” Single administration from SharePoint End user created,IT managed Gain insight & oversight CareGroup Healthcare System

  16. Credible, Consistent Data Companies with accurate data perform better¹ % of master data complete & accurate Hrs spent per employee each week searching for info 91% Top 20% Performers 1.2hrs Middle 50% Performers 68% 2.8hrs Single BI SemanticModel Bottom 30% Performers 6hrs Under 50% Master Data Data Quality ¹Source: “Turning Pain into Productivity with Master Data Management,” Aberdeen Group, Feb 2011 Delivered with Services Services

  17. BI Semantic Model Third-party applications Reporting Services SharePoint Insights PowerPivot Excel BI Semantic Model Multi- dimensional Data model Tabular Business logic and queries MDX DAX Direct Query Data access ROLAP VertiPaq MOLAP Databases LOB Applications Files OData Feeds Cloud Services

  18. DemoPower to the People Mashupdata, PowerPivot Stunning, interactive data visualizations, Power View

  19. And Scalable Analytics & Data Warehousing “Parallel Data Warehouse runs complex queries about 160 times faster, providing a data load over 1 Tb/Hour and fully integrates into a complete BI Solution” >24TB ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS¹ >600TB —DirectEdge, US Stock Exchange DATA WAREHOUSES W/ TRUE MPP² Massive Scale, Low Cost FLEXIBILITY & Choice Complete BI SOLUTION ¹Source: Microsoft customer evidence, Yahoo ²Source: Microsoft testing

  20. Enables Scale On Demand “’Hybrid’ portfolios — with options for both public and private deployment, as well as combinations of both models — will be the rule.¹” Private Cloud / Hybrid Cloud private & public CLOUD OFFERINGS Migrate apps with interoperable deployment options Connection points to WINDOWS AZURE Hosted/ Public Cloud On-premises ¹Source: IDC, Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2011–2015 Forecast, Doc # 228485, Jun 2011 Delivered with

  21. And Expanded Security and Compliance NIST Reported Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Jan 2002 – Jun 2010 “Most secure of any of the major database platforms.” Source: ITIC 2011: SQL Server Delivers Industry-Leading Security New in Better separationof duties Expanded AUDIT &

  22. And the Ability to Extend Any Data, Anywhere Gartner estimates that 70-85% of data is ‘unstructured’¹ • “The total worldwide volume of data is growing at 59% per year, with the number of files growing at 88% per year.¹” 15% 85% • Unstructured • Structured Robust unstructured data storage Activate new data via non-traditional Data Sources Greater interop ¹Source: Gartner Symposium Presentation ‘Information Management Goes 'Extreme': The Biggest Challenges for 21st-Century CIOs, Mark Beyer, October 2011

  23. Big Data, Unlocked for Deep InsightsBusiness Insights to all users from structured or unstructured data Velocity Volume • Big Data is defined by • Volume: Cheaper storage & new sources • Variety: 80% non-relational • Velocity: Real-time analytics needed • Variability: Challenging to analyze Variety Variability • Microsoft will ship an Apache Hadoop™ based distribution for Windows Server and Windows Azure to help accelerate its adoption in the Enterprise. Our Big Data roadmap offers: • Broader access of Hadoopto end users, IT professionals and Developers • Enterprise-ready Hadoopdistribution with greater security, performance and ease of management • Breakthrough insights with the use of familiar tools such as PowerPivot for Excel, SSAS and SSRS • Two Hadoop connectors for SQL Server and Parallel Data Warehouse now available – at no extra charge to paying customers! • Hadoop based distribution on Windows Server and Windows Azure to ship in CY2012. MICROSOFT ROADMAP & STRATEGY SQL SERVER DELIVERS Data

  24. Online Operation Enhancements Contained Database Authentication AlwaysOn Reliable Secondaries Multi-site Clustering SQL Server Express LocalDB Windows Server Core Support Statistical Semantic Search PHP & Java Connectivity FileTable Unstructured Data Performance ColumnStore Index Extended Events Enhancements AlwaysOn Connection Director Multiple Secondaries PowerShell 2.0 Support Reporting Alerts Database Recovery Advisor SQL Server Data Tools PowerPivot Enhancements Resource Governor Enhancements T-SQL Debugger Enhancements Audit Filtering Power View Full Globe Spatial Flexible Failover Policy Unstructured Data Performance CDC Support for SSIS BI Semantic Model Audit Resilience Distributed Replay New SSIS Design Surface User-defined Audit SSMS to Windows Azure Platform Data Quality Services FTS Support for Czech and Greek Master Data Management Excel Add-in 15k Partitions Full-Text Search Performance HA for StreamInsight SSIS Troubleshooting Availability Groups Ad Hoc Reporting Default Scheme for Windows Groups ODBC Driver for Linux Spatial 2D Support SharePoint Active Directory Support SSIS Package Management SQL Audit for All Editions T-SQL Enhancements

  25. References

  26. References • Powered by Windows Azure and SQL Server • Customer growth from 1,000 hits/day to 2,3 million/day • Saving millions of pounds • Peak financial transactions: 6,000/sec • Peak database transactions: 30,000/sec • Largest SQL Server database: 4TB • Largest table: 2 billion rows • Total data stored on SQL Server: 100 TB • SQL Server 2008 Backup compression rate: 80% table compression • 22 TB stored in SQL Server • 396,907 transactions per minute • 210 billion transactions per year • Mash-up data: • 33M roes • 1,7GB compressed • Built-in 3 hours • 640 million visitors/month • 3,5 billion ad impressions/day • 464 billion rows loaded/quarter • Average Query Time <10 secs • 24 TB cube

  27. Next wave of SQL ServerCloud-Ready Information Platform CLOUD ON YOUR TERMS BREAKTHROUGH INSIGHT MISSION CRITICAL CONFIDENCE Unlock new insights with pervasive data discovery across the organization Enable mission critical performance and availability at low TCO Create business solutions fast, on your terms across server and private or public cloud

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