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Patents e-Commerce Update: Public and Private PAIR PowerPoint Presentation
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Patents e-Commerce Update: Public and Private PAIR

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Patents e-Commerce Update: Public and Private PAIR
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Patents e-Commerce Update: Public and Private PAIR

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Patents e-Commerce Update:Public and Private PAIR Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership August 3, 2004

  2. Patents e-Commerce Update • New Public PAIR • Updated Private PAIR • Plus: New EFS-ABX

  3. New Public PAIR 1.0 • Available July 30, 2004 • Public PAIR redesigned for ease of use and to leverage advanced e-commerce (portal) technology • Provides access to electronic application documents in selected published and patented applications

  4. New Public PAIR Features • Online access to view and download Image File Wrapper (as available) for published and patented applications

  5. New Public PAIR Features • Quick-click to order certified file copies from the Office of Public Records • Easy to read "Tabs" replace drop-down lists for search options

  6. New Public PAIR Features • New Search always available • “File History” replaced by “Application Data” and “Transaction History” tabs

  7. New Public PAIR Features • Retrieve Reexamination Proceedings using “Application Number” search • Expanded access to online Patent resources

  8. Launching Public PAIR with Access to IFW

  9. New Public PAIR Updated Home Page Expanded online Patent resource links Familiar, easy to use main search page Patent EBC contact information on every Public PAIR screen Old Public PAIR

  10. New Public PAIR Application Search Results Click to order copies from OPR New Search always available App# and Title for reference Print version available for every page Easy to read tabs show search options IFW Access

  11. New Public PAIR Image File Wrapper - Table of Contents Select specific documents or Select All to download and print the entire Image File Wrapper Re-sort by Date Click Document Description to view page by page Click to Start Download

  12. New Public PAIR Image File Wrapper – Document Viewer Easy page-by-page navigation Application Number and Document Description for reference

  13. New Public PAIR Image File Wrapper – Download Select specific documents or Select All Start Download

  14. New Public PAIRImage File Wrapper – View & Print Downloaded Documents All documents in one convenient PDF file Download to desired destination in progress Indexed for easy navigation Adobe is shown, but any PDF viewer may be used.

  15. Image Not Available. See PAIR FAQ for details. New Public PAIR Image File Wrapper - NPL Non-Patent Literature may not be viewed or downloaded from Public PAIR. Q. How do I view or download Non-Patent Literature from PAIR? A. Images of non-patent literature (NPL) cited in public patent application files are not available for either viewing or downloading through Public PAIR. Certified copies of the full contents of the patent application files, including NPL are available from the USPTO Office of Public Records. To order a copy of this document, click here (link to For questions regarding patent document copies available for order, contact the OPR Customer Service Line: (703) 308-9726 or (800) 972-6382 between 8:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

  16. New Public PAIROrder Certified Copies Online • Click “Order” links to: • Open Shopping Cart • Automatically add application order

  17. Public PAIR Order Certified Copies Online “As Filed” “File Wrapper” Click Checkout button to process online order Click “Close Window” to return to Public PAIR

  18. New Public PAIRView Certified Copy Order List

  19. New Public PAIREdit Certified Copy Order List Check “Remove” box and click Update button

  20. New Public PAIROrder Certified Copy Checkout Enter existing User ID and Password, or click “request a new User ID” to create a new account

  21. New Public PAIROnline Resources • Expanded and reformatted PAIR Help and Frequently Asked Questions • New PAIR CBT • New PAIR Manual

  22. Private PAIR 4.12July 30, 2004

  23. Private PAIR 4.12New Features • Online access to view and download Image File Wrapper (as available) for public applications

  24. Private PAIR 4.12New Features & Benefits • Current USPTO Date and Time display • Added to search results screens for: Application Number, Patent Number, and Publication Number

  25. Private PAIR 4.12IFW Download Instructions

  26. Private PAIR 4.12Unzip Downloaded IFW Files Private PAIR users will need to unzip the downloaded PDF files, and may wish to use WinZip, or free software such as 7-Zip. 7-Zip is available at, and is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, NT, and XP. USPTO does not endorse these products, but has tested both for use with the current release of Private PAIR. One PDF per downloaded document. File name format: Document Description_Mail Room Date_Page Range

  27. Private PAIR 4.12USPTO Date and Time Display

  28. Coming Soon… EFS - ABX

  29. What is EFS-ABX? • EFS-ABX is an authoring tool for creating a patent application specification. • Microsoft Word template ( that runs in Microsoft Word • Output is a Microsoft Word document (doc file) • Creates patent application specifications in XML format, based on Annex F of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, plus PDF versions of the application specification parts

  30. EFS-ABX Interface EFS-ABX has a familiar MS Word interface EFS-ABX has both a menu and tool bar for system functionality

  31. EFS-ABX Features • Streamlined user interface • Menu Selections Removed/Consolidated • More tool bar icons provide easier access to most frequently used functions • Export to PDF functionality • Validation prior to export • Clearer Error Messaging • Enhanced Image Handling • Claims section has been replaced with • ‘What is claimed is’

  32. EFS-ABX Deployment • Late Summer 2004 Deployment Date • Installation CDs will be sent via FedEx to current eFilers • Software will be available for download on the EFS Software Downloads web page

  33. Patents e-Commerce Update • New Public PAIR and Updated Private PAIR • Available Friday, July 30 • Access to IFW for published applications and patents, if available, if the official record is now the electronic file wrapper • New EFS-ABX • New electronic authoring tool • Creates PDF specification parts Contact the Patent Electronic Business Center (866) 217-9197 (toll free) or