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Jock To Scholar

Jock To Scholar. Toshina Jessamy 11 th Grade Age: 16. Business Profile.

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Jock To Scholar

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  1. Jock To Scholar Toshina Jessamy 11th Grade Age: 16

  2. Business Profile • A tutoring service provided for inner-city youth but targets the student athlete who doesn't have the resources to exceed to the next level which is going to college to play their sport. I will provide them with the tutoring they need and consult with them on the recruiting process and specifics for various division schools. • Type of Business: • Service • Customer will be satisfied that they have college opportunities and have excelled in their high school education with the help and support of the program. • Legal Structure: • Sole Proprietorship—I possess the knowledge to get the job done right when educating the student athlete 1

  3. Opportunity • Opportunities • No other tutoring service provides academic support and assistance with the recruiting process • Inner-city youth do not have the proper resources to proceed to the next level in education and athletics • Changes in NCAA rules makes it harder for inner-city student athletes to advance • Qualifications • 8 years of experience as a student athlete • Bilingual (English & Spanish) • Well educated in knowing the qualifications of being a division 1, 2,or 3 student athlete 2

  4. Consumer Profile • By Location Hartford, CT and surrounding areas • By Population StudentAthlete males and females ages 13 to 19 • By Personality/Behavior High school athletes who need assistance to maintain/improve grades and also wants to be recruited • By Income middle income households 3

  5. Competition • Competitive Advantage • More convenient location for Hartford student athletes • Give a flat rate charge 4

  6. Marketing Mix • Price: • More affordable price than the leading competitors with the goal to get the student athletes grades or SAT scores up so they can go to college • Place: • Hartford,CT and surrounding areas • Product: • Friendly education/recruiting assistance • Promotion: • Business cards, brochures, flyers, internet (website/social networking sites) 5

  7. Marketing Plan 6

  8. Cost of Materials/Direct Labor 8

  9. Economics of 1 Unit 9

  10. Time Management Plan 10

  11. Average Monthly Fixed Costs 11

  12. Monthly Sales Projections Total = 39 13

  13. Projected Yearly Income Statement 14

  14. Return on InvestmentReturn on Sales 17

  15. Start-up Investment 15

  16. Financing Strategyfor Total Start-up Investment Total: $760.38 18

  17. Social Responsibility Plan • Jock To Scholar will partner up with the Wilson-Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center in Hartford and will host a 1 week summer camp. • Consumers will be aware of this on the Jock to Scholar brochures and business cards. 17

  18. Business - Hire two employees by the end of the second year of business - Hope to expand tutoring/recruiting services and open 2 new locations by the end of the fifth year Business & Educational Goals • Educational • - Graduate from high school and attend Southern Connecticut State University and play basketball • - Graduate from college with a bachelors degree • in Athletic Training 18

  19. At Jock to Scholar we believe in turning your Average Athlete into a Student Athlete. Thank you for your consideration ofJock to Scholar Website coming soon 19

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