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Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS

Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS

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Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS

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  1. Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS Aim: How did the Neolithic Revolution change society? Do Now: What do you know about cavemen? Jot down up to three bullet points under the title “cavemen”.

  2. The Paleolithic Age Paleolithic – Old Stone Age • Paleolithic people lived in small hunting and gathering groups of about 20 to 30 people. Everyone contributed to feeding the group. Men hunted, while women and children hunted and gathered.

  3. Nomads • Paleolithic people were nomads, they moved from place to place following game animals and ripening fruit.

  4. Cave Paintings

  5. The Last Ice Age • The last Ice Age ended about 12,000 B.C. The weather became warmer and as the ice glaciers receded (melted) it fed new rivers throughout the northern hemisphere. • The end of the Ice Age caused the ideal warm weather and water sources for farming.

  6. Ice Age Ends 12,000 B.C.

  7. The Neolithic Revolution • Neolithic – New Stone Age • About 10,000 B.C. nomadic women realized how to farm from scattering seeds and discovering plant growth. They discovered farming or agriculture. By producing their own food they could stay in one place.

  8. Effects of Neolithic Revolution • Farming and the domestication (taming) of animals • Farmers settled into permanent villages instead of moving around • Food surpluses (extra food) created population explosions • Settlements and villages began to develop for the first time. • Specialized jobs developed, since farming took fewer people and new settlements needed warriors, leaders, businessmen, construction workers...

  9. What’s Happening Before the Neolithic Revolution?

  10. What Change Took Place?

  11. What Change took Place?

  12. What Change is taking place?

  13. Before People were nomadic People gathered plants People hunted animals Food shortages People lived in small bands People were either hunters or gatherers After People settled down in one place People grew vegetables (farmed) People domesticated (tamed) animals Food surpluses (extra) Large populations lived in villages People farmed and had many specialized jobs. The Neolithic Revolution

  14. Activity – Neolithic Advertisement • Answer Questions on Cartoon Document • What hardships do the nomads face in the cartoon? • Why is the Neolithic way a better way of life?

  15. Project • Create a advertisement for the Neolithic Revolution in which you try to convince the nomads to go the Neolithic Way. • Be original from the ad we did together in class • Use color and detail • Make sure your ad addresses the change in lifestyle that happened during the Neolithic Revolution.

  16. Assessment • How did people live and get food during the Paleolithic Age? • How did the end of the last Ice Age cause the Neolithic Revolution? • What is a food surplus? • How did the Neolithic Revolution change the way people… • Got their food • Lived • Worked

  17. How did things change after The Neolithic Revolution