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e - Abhiyan

e - Abhiyan

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e - Abhiyan

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  1. e - Abhiyan

  2. Introduction e-Abhiyan is basically a political campaign system, aimed to promote the candidate as a brand of the respective constituency by doing effective marketing & campaigning using various campaigning strategy & techniques. The main objective of e-Abhiyan is to help election candidates to reach their targeted voters and audiences in very short span of time and express/present their views and future plans with public effectively.

  3. Digital Marketing “Digital marketing” is the process of building and maintaining customer/audience relationships through online activities to reach targeted customers/audiences who are connected on internet. One way to make sure you are found on the web is with an optimized digital marketing strategy. It is a virtual platform for people where representatives presented their views before their audience and public. Generally used for political campaigns; By metonymy, the term may now refer to any event, such as debates or speeches, during political campaigns and virtual road shows and for all most every political campaigns.

  4. Objective & Components • Reach the right audience • Engage with your audience • Motivate your audience to take action • Ensure efficient spending on your campaign • Maximize return on investment(ROI) • Social Media marketing (Face book, YouTube, Twitter) • Display Advertising(at whatsapp message) • Mobile marketing(SMS, Voice, Whatsapp)

  5. How Digital Marketing Helps • As of today, India’s Internet Population stood at 375 Million ( which is the 2nd Largest in the world) , US stands 3rd • India has seen a 20x growth in search queries in the last 5 years • India is Google 3rd largest market globally • India is the 5th Largest nation in term of YouTube users • Indian’s spend around 16 hours online (in a week) on an average. That’s more than the time we spend watching TV Nowadays Internet is being used as a main medium of staging promotional activities in business, politics, social problems and education. When compared to the conventional mediums of promotion such as Television and Newspapers, social media has much more reach and impact among the common man.

  6. How e-Abhiyan Helps • By floating candidate short (min 15 sec., max 1 min.) motivational election speech/message over mobile phones of voters of respected assembly/constituency. • By sending candidate promotional messages on mobiles phones of voters of respected assembly/constituency. • By marketing candidate over social media using various social media tools like Face book, Twitter, YouTube etc. • By capturing candidate every day or special events in their respective area and convert them into news and posting them onto social media. • By organizing candidate interviews in studios or capturing nukkadsabha events and make them viral on social media. • By posting videos and photos onto YouTube and channelize them for targeted voters. • By providing on field media coverage and convert them into news for social media. • By providing various political campaign strategy and planning for capturing maximum no. of voters. • By creating candidate specific Face book pages and Twitter handlers for event and news posting.

  7. Campaign Techniques • Divide constituency into 4 phases to run Hindi sms, voice call, whatsapp message • College students awareness who are first time voter by whatsapp message • Share with M.P.candidate booth wise report to increase % vote sharing • Usable items distribution during social activity( Cap, Water bottle, cloths etc.) • Running & managing campaign over FB, Twitter, Youtube if needed with the help of local news channel