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York County, PA PowerPoint Presentation
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York County, PA

York County, PA

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York County, PA

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  1. York County, PA Role of York County throughout History

  2. Inhabitants of York • The area of York was first inhabited by Indians. • York was founded in 1741 when Thomas Cookson surveyed the land of the Codorus Creek. • Applicants for the land then began to settle.

  3. In The Beginning… • Great Britain established dictatorship over the 13 colonies. • The 13 colonies were upset because they had no voice concerning matters in the British parliament, resulting in rebellion with the Boston Tea Party. • The 13 colonies then went to war to become independent from Great Britain.

  4. When Great Britain and the Red-Coats invaded Philadelphia in the winter of 1777-1778, the 2nd Continental Congress had to flee their headquarters to a place across the Susquehanna River known as York Town.

  5. Congress was made up of representatives from the 13 colonies to form a government unlike that of Great Britain. • Even though Congress had to flee Philadelphia their work was not finished.

  6. Second Continental Congress Takes Action • In 1775, Congress appointed George Washington the commander and chief of the Continental Army. Under Washington was Horatio Gates appointed Adjutant General with the rank of brigadier. • While Washington was fighting his battles without much success, Gates won the battle of Saratoga, NY on October 17th 1777.

  7. On November 15th 1777 the 2nd Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, America’s first constitution, at the York County Courthouse, York, PA.

  8. On December 18th 1777 the Second Continental Congress “proclaims National Day of Thanksgiving and Praise.”

  9. George Washington orders military chaplains to hold services in Valley Forge. • There was a celebration at Gates House in York, PA where the Marquis de Lafayette toasted General Washington as Commander in Chief. • The toast ended what is known as the Conway Cabal.

  10. The Conway Cabal was started by Major General Thomas Conway who was a supporter of General Gates. • Conway and his followers thought that Gates deserved to be Commander in Chief because of his victories in battle. • Washington had his fair share of losses in battle and some thought that he did not deserve the title of Commander in Chief.

  11. The Marquis de Lafayette toasted General Washington on January 31st 1778 showing his support and ending the Conway Cabal scheme. • People who favored Gates soon turned their loyalty back to their Commander in Chief, Washington, after the eye-opening toast.

  12. York County, PA Today • York has preserved some of the history that has taken place in its own backyard. • Many of the building structures, although restored, still stand today and are accessible to all who wish to view history. • York County is very proud of its history dating back 250 years.

  13. York’s Historical Structures • The Plough Tavern • A man named Martin Eichelberger built the Plough Tavern in 1741. • During this time people bought plots of land and had to secure them by building a four-room log house.

  14. This is what Eichelberger did. • He later came back to build on to the house. • This is why the first floor is made of logs and the second and third floor is made of bricks and exposed wood shaped as a plough. • The Plough Tavern is built in a Germanic Medieval style.

  15. The tavern was used as a hotel, a restaurant, and a meeting place where politics were discussed. • The Eichelberger family lived in two rooms upstairs while the rest of the house was open to the public. • During the 2nd Continental Congress’ nine month stay in York, The Plough Tavern became a relaxing gathering place where men could find shelter, nourishment, and could speak their minds.

  16. The Gates House • A man named Joseph Chambers in 1751 built the Gates House. • This house is an English Colonial Style house.

  17. The house has a central hallway that divides the rooms and a fireplace, as opposed to the coal burning stoves that were in the Plough Tavern. • While Joseph Chambers and his family may have lived here for a brief period of time, the house was mostly rented out to people.

  18. The most famous guest of the house, and the reason the house was named was General Horatio Gates. • A famous event that took place in this house was the Conway Cabal.

  19. The Bobb Log House • A man named Barnett Bobb bought a lot of land in 1811. He paid $25.11 for the lot. • As the law stated he had one year to build a log house on it or he would lose his land.

  20. Records show that in 1812 Barnett Bobb paid taxes on the lot of land as well as a log house. • The interior of the house was painted bright colors. • This too was decorated as more of an English Colonial style house.

  21. Inside the house is evidence of how young girls learned. • As they were not allowed to go to school they learned their alphabet and numbers by doing cross-stitch. • By doing this they also learned how to sew.

  22. The house was restored in 1960 and reopened in 1961. • The house was moved from its original location so that the building of what is today known as York High School District would not tear it down.

  23. Closing Remarks • York has played a large role in history dating back 250 years. The people today are proud of the history in their county and continue preserve the history left behind. • York has the 2nd largest historic district in our state. Philadelphia is the largest.

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  25. • • Information was also received from the York Historical Society tour guide