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Residential Cleaning Service Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation
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Residential Cleaning Service Los Angeles

Residential Cleaning Service Los Angeles

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Residential Cleaning Service Los Angeles

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  1. Residential Cleaning Service Los Angeles- We Are There to Help You!

  2. Everyone cleans their home on a regular basis, but having it cleaned by a group of professionals is different. When the client pays you money to clean up their house, they expect a neat and tidy looking and a pleasant smelling house. We can give you that.

  3. We use deep cleaning products • We have the experience to make your house clean, tidy, and free of dirt. This way the safe is a safe environment for you and your family to live in. • We provide a four person cleaning team • The products we use are environmentally healthy

  4. The equipment is all-new and we have equipment for every type of cleaning required. • We provide the customers with affordable price, but we do not compromise with the quality of cleaning. • We are the best team of experts in the area. Call residential cleaning service Los Angeles now, or visit our website.

  5. We clean each and every surface of your house, in each visit. • We guarantee to remove more contaminants and allergens from your house than any other conventional cleaning techniques. Which is good because it decrease the chance of developing allergies and asthma. • We do not believe in moving dirt, we remove it from the roots.

  6. If you are stressed, and do not have enough time to hire a maid, contact us, we are there for your help. There is no better decision than this. Stop wasting time, and contact us now. We are ready to provide you a team of four people.

  7. Contact details Constructioncleanup Nancie Brown & Associates,Inc P.O. Box 1432 Culver City ,CA 90232 pho:-310-837-7880

  8. Thanks