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War Pigs

War Pigs. Black Sabbath. Title.

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War Pigs

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  1. War Pigs Black Sabbath TPCASTT

  2. Title The title tells me that the people who are in charge of the armed services do not deserve the respect people give them. ‘War pigs’ makes me think of someone I automatically would not like. Someone who uses their power for evil not good to get whatever they want and not care about the people they destroy in the mean time. TPCASTT

  3. Paraphrase • “Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death's construction In the fields the bodies burning As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind Poisoning their brainwashed minds Oh lord yeah! ” Translate the song into your own words: • They get sucked into fighting for something they love (their country) by the people who don’t care for them. The people who fight in war are innocent and the war destroys that. TPCASTT

  4. Paraphrase • “Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor ” • “Time will tell on their power mindsMaking war just for fun Treating people just like pawns in chess Wait 'til their judgement day comes Yeah! ” Translate the song into your own words: • The people who are suppose to be taking care of the country are sending poor people to do their work. They will get what they deserve, karma. TPCASTT

  5. Paraphrase • “Now in darkness world stops turning Ashes where the bodies burning No more war pigs have the power Hand of God has struck the hour Day of judgement, God is calling On their knees the war pig's crawling Begging mercy for their sins Satan laughing spreads his wings Oh lord yeah!” Translate the song into your own words: • The people in charge finally got what was coming to them. And now they get to burn in hell. It is what they deserve. TPCASTT

  6. Connotation • Simile: “Generals gathered in their masses / Just like witches at black masses” TPCASTT

  7. Attitude • The speaker feels that war is something that you do not need to resort to. He thinks that it’s a way for the rich to get/try to get what they want. In this case the speaker is the author so the author would feel the same way as the speaker. TPCASTT

  8. Shifts • There aren’t any shifts. TPCASTT

  9. Title • It explains the poem very well in only two words. It shows how disgusting the people who initiate the wars are and of course shows war. TPCASTT

  10. War Pigs Black Sabbath TPCASTT

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