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  1. unit03

  2. Agenda UNIT GOALS Agenda 1. Leave and take a message 2. Check in and check out 3. Request housekeeping services 4. Comment on a hotel and its related services 5. Write about a hotel or a trip Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Extended Exercises Checkpoint

  3. 3 3 3 Lesson 1 Lesson 1 Lead-in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

  4. 3 3 Lead-in 1-Lead-in Sitcom: Can I Take a Message? Scene 1 Exercise A Exercise B Exercise C

  5. Exercise A 1-Exercise A A. Check whether each statement is true (T) or false (F). True False 1. Cheryl is in the office when the □ □ phone rings. 2. Mr. Rashid answers the phone □ □ and takes messages. 3. All three callers are clients of Top □ □ Notch Travel. 4. Mrs. Beatty is calling from her □ □ hotel room. 5. Mrs. Beatty is happy about her hotel. □ □ 6. Mr. Rashid is traveling to Rio. □ □ 7. Mr. Rashid would like to have □ □ breakfast in his hotel. 8. Cheryl will call each person back. □ □

  6. Exercise B 1-Exercise B B. Write the reason why each person calls Top Notch Travel. 1. Mrs. Beatty ________________________________________________________ 2. Mr. Rashid ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Ms. Nobak ______________________________________________________________________________________________ . Mrs. Beatty is not happy about her hotel. There is no bellman. Mr. Rashid wants a cheaper hotel in Budapest. A hotel without breakfast is OK. Ms. Novak wants to bring her cat with her to the hotel in Rio. She also wants a king-size bed in her hotel room.

  7. Exercise C 1-Exercise C C. Complete the incorrect message Mr. Evans gives Cheryl. “Let’s see. Mrs. Beatty wants a cheaper ________( 1 ). Mr. Rashid isn’t satisfied with his ________( 2 ). And Ms. Novak thinks the _________( 3 ) needs a king-sized ________( 4 ).” cat breakfast bellman bed

  8. Listening 3 3 3 1-Listening Part 1 Could You Take a Message? Part 2 Phone Messages Part 3 Check In and Check Out Part 4 I Want to Reserve a Room. Part 5 Hotel Arrangements New Words

  9. Part 1 Could You Take a Message? 1-Part-1 Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. 1. What is the name of the caller? a. Nick b. Nate c. Neil 2. According to the girl, her father:_______. a. is not home b. is on another line c. can’t come to the telephone 3. What is the man’s telephone number? a. 598-7482 b. 587-4728 c. 589-7248 4. The man tells the girl _______. a. that he will call again sometime after 7:00 PM b. to ask her father to call him later c. that he will drop by around 8:30 PM 5. What does the girl refuse to tell the caller? a. her age b. her name c. her address a c c b b

  10. Part 2 Phone Messages 1-Part-2 Listen to the phone messages. Complete each message slip, according to the information you hear. IMPORTANT MESSAGE PHONE MESSAGE FOR: Judy Diller □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss Marc Pearl Phone number:__________ □Telephoned □Please call □Came to see you □Will call again □Wants to see you □Returned your call Message:____________________________ FOR: Hank Pitt □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss ______ Phone :__________ □Please call □Will call again □Wants to see you □Returned your call Message:____________________________ Vicky Denkus 444-0987 Will be at this number till six o’clock. He’ll be at the Savoy Hotel for two days. A Message For You WHILE YOU WERE OUT… FOR: Collin Mack □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss __________ Phone :__________ □Called □Please call back □Came to see you □Will call again □Wants to meet □Returned your call Message:____________________________ FOR: Patricia Carlton □Mr./ □Ms./ □Mrs./ □Miss_______ called. Phone :__________ □Please call back □Will call again Message:____________________________ Carol Braun Sam Hill He will be at the meeting at 3:00. Will call again next week.

  11. 3 1-Part-3 Part 3 Check In and Check Out Conversation 1 Conversation 2

  12. Conversation 1 1-Conversation-1 Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. • For which day does the man make a reservation finally? • ___________________________________________ • 2. For what day did Mr. Nelson make a hotel reservation? • ___________________________________________ • 3. What is taking place in the city that makes getting another room almost impossible? • ___________________________________________ • 4. How much is the initial discount on the honeymoon suite after Mr. Nelson complains about the hotel service? • ___________________________________________ • 5. How does Mr. Nelson respond when the hotel clerk offers to provide him with a free room on his next visit? • ___________________________________________ 18th 19th There is a conversation going on in town. 10% He said that it’ll be a long time. / He implies that he might not visit again because of the problems he has had.

  13. Conversation 2 1-Conversation-2 Check whether each statements is true (T) or false (F). True False 1. The guest is leaving the hotel. □ □ 2. The guest asks for spring water. □ □ 3. The guest pays cash. □ □ 4. The guest is going to the airport. □ □

  14. Part 4 I Want to Reserve a Room. 1-Part-4 Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. 1. For which day does the man finally make a reservation? a. March 20th b. March 21st c. March 22nd 2. What kind of room does the man prefer? a. a non-smoking room b. a smoking room c. either one is okay 3. Why doesn’t he want to reserve the suite? a. It doesn’t have a nice view. b. It doesn’t come with a sauna bath. c. It’s too expensive. 4. How much is the man’s room Including tax? a. 80 dollars b. 88 dollars c. 96 dollars 5. How do you spell the man’s name? a. Maxner b. Maexner c. Mexner

  15. Part 5 Hotel Arrangements 1-Part-5 Listen to a passage and fill in the blanks. 1. What’s the purpose of letter? ___________________________ 2. Between 22nd July and 30th August, guests will need ______ bed(s) in the hotel. 3. When will the guests need the packed lunch? ___________________ 4. Who wrote the letter? ________________ to confirm the hotel arrangements 66 on the day of departure hotel manager

  16. New Words 1-New Words accommodation n.(酒店、火车、船等提供的) 住宿膳食服务 additional adj.追加的;附加的;额外的 alright adv.(=all right)好的 arrangement n.安排 book v.预订,预约 cancellation n.取消,作废 confirm v.确认 contract n.合同 convention n.大会,会议

  17. New Words 1-New Words discount n.减价;折扣 grateful adj.感激的,感谢的 honeymoon n. 蜜月 inconvenience n.麻烦;不便之处 inn n.旅馆,客栈 packed lunch (三明治、水果等)盒装午餐 plus prep. 和,加上 renovation n.修复;装修,整修 sauna n.桑拿(浴室) schedule n.时间表 suite n.(旅馆的)套房 throw in 免费添加,额外奉送

  18. 3 Speaking 1-Speaking Check In Conversation Model Conversation Pair Work

  19. Conversation Model 1-Conversation-Model Read and Listen A: Hi. I’m checking in. The name’s Baker. B: Let’s see. That’s one double for two nights. Non-smoking? A: That’s right. B: How do you want to pay? A: Here’s my card. By the way, is the restaurant still open? B: Actually, you’d better hurry. It closes at 9:00. Rhythm and intonation practice Now listen again and try to imitate. Pay attention to the stress pattern.

  20. Conversation Pair Work 1-Conversation Pair Work Role-play checking in. Discuss the room features you want. Ask about the hotel facilities in the pictures. A: Hi. I’m checking in. The name’s _________. B: ___________... Continue the conversation in your own way. HOURS p.m. business center HOURS pool Fitness center gift shop sauna HOURS 8:00 to 21:00 HOURS p.m. HOURS p.m.

  21. 3 3 3 Reading 1-Reading Topic Preview Text A Text B Vocabulary Exercises Vocabulary Activity

  22. Topic Preview 1-Topic Preview What do you know about different currencies? Look at the pictures and tell the name and country of each currencies. 3.___________ ruble; Russia 1.___________ 2._____________ won; DPRK dollar; U.S. A. 4.______________ dollar (CAD); Canada 5._____________ won; ROK 6._________________ Euro; the European Union

  23. Topic Preview 1-Topic Preview 7._______________ rupee; India 8._______________ pound; British

  24. 3 Text A 1-Text A Text Comprehension Check

  25. Text A TA-Text-1 Look at the hotel bill. How many nights did the guest stay at the hotel?

  26. Ms. Soo-Jin Hong ROOM 1102 Paradise Apt. #105-511 ARRIVAL 19/01/06 Myungil-dong, Gangdong-gu DEPARTURE 25/01/06 Seoul, Korea 134-756 TIME 15:52 DATE REFERENCEDESCRIPTIONAMOUNT 19/01 09562 Limousine 19.00 19/01 00:06:22 Overseas Call #1102 2.50 19/01 Room #1102 75.00 20/01 00:00:10 Local Call #1102 .25 20/01 Coffee Shop 7.90 20/01 130354 Internet access 15 mins. 3.00 20/01 130356 Internet access 15 mins. 3.00 20/01 Room #1102 75.00 21/01 130356 Photocopies 47.63 21/01 Minibar #1102 2.85 21/01 Coffee Shop 5.50 21/01 00:00:08 Local Call #1102 .25 21/01 Room #1102 75.00 22/01 00:00:04 Local Call #1102 .25 22/01 00:31:10 Overseas Call #1102 12.90 22/01 Room #1102 75.00 23/01 Minibar #1102 5.00 23/01 Coffee Shop 6.94 23/01 00:30:40 Overseas Call #1102 12.50 23/01 Room #1102 75.00 24/01 Minibar #1102 1.00 24/01 Room #1102 75.00 25/01 Coffee Shop 5.10 25/01 09563 Limousine 19.00 BALANCE 604.57 (Euro) TOTAL INCLUDING VAT* 645.46 (Euro) VAT 7.00% 40.89 (Euro) GUEST SIGNATURE Soo-Jin Hong *VAT=Value Added Tax TA-Text-2

  27. Comprehension Check TA-Comprehension Check Now please answer the following questions. • How much did the guest pay in Euros for the total bill including tax? • _____________________________________________________ • 2. How many phone calls did the guest make? How many times did the guest use the Internet? • _____________________________________________________ • 3. What was the cost of the room per day? • _____________________________________________________ • 4. How much did she spend on local calls? • _____________________________________________________ • 5. What other services did the guest use? • _____________________________________________________ 645.46 Euros. The guest made six phone calls. She used the Internet twice. 75 Euros. 75 cents. Limousine, coffee shop, photocopy, and minibar.

  28. 3 3 Text B 1-Text B Warm-up Text Comprehension Check Critical Thinking

  29. Warm-up TB-Warm-up 1. What is the most important factor for you in choosing a hotel—price, location, etc.? Give your reasons. 2. Have you ever stayed in hotels? For What reason? What kind of experience have you got?

  30. Warm-up TB-Warm-up Reading Strategy: critical thinking Use critical thinking to answer questions that ask for your opinion. Discuss with a partner the questions that follow each of these statements. 1. Stella Meyer is 70 years old. She likes to travel, but she has some difficulty with stairs. ● If Stella Meyer has difficulty with stairs, what does she need? ● What else might be important to an older person? 2. Carl Ryan loves to see plays and musicals. ● What kind of location would be important to him in a hotel? 3. Mark and Nancy Birdsall are traveling with their kids. ● What might be important hotel qualities for children? ● What might be important for parents? 4. Lucy Lee loves a hotel that is very comfortable. ● What makes a hotel comfortable? 5. Burt and Susan Rey are very active. They run and exercise every day. ● What would be important for them in a hotel? ● Why might location be important?

  31. Text B TB-Text-1 Read the hotel guide for New York City. Which hotel sounds attractive to you? New York City has some of the best hotels in the world—and, believe it or not, some are not too expensive. But here are our picks for “the best of the best.” $$$$ Very expensive $$$ Expensive $$ Moderately priced $ Budget Most famous hotel The Plaza Hotel $$$ 768 Fifth Ave. (at 59th St.) 800 441-1414 805 rooms Located at the southeast corner of New York’s fabulous Central Park, The Plaza is as near as it gets to the best shopping along New York’s famous Fifth Avenue. This 1907 hotel, with its beautiful fountain, is a famous location in many popular movies and books. Movie stars and the rich love to get married there. 4 restaurants, excellent full-service spa and health club, concierge and ticket desk, car-rental desk, business center, 24-hour room service, babysitting, laundry.

  32. Text B TB-Text-2 Best service at a low price The Broadway Inn $$ 264 W. 46th St. (at Eighth Ave.) 800 826-6300 41 rooms Impeccably clean and very comfortable, this hotel is a real winner. Suites can be a great deal — with sofa, microwave, mini-fridge and lots of closet space. Located right in the noisy Theater District, the hotel is peaceful and quiet inside. Best of all are the attentive staff who work hard to make their guests happy. There is a special phone number in case guests have questions while they’re out sightseeing. Note: This four-story hotel has no elevators. 2 restaurants next door, concierge, fax and copy service

  33. Text B TB-Text-3 Most interesting hotel Hotel Chelsea $$ 222 W. 23rd St. (between Seventh and Eighth Aves.) 212 243-3700 400 rooms, 100 available to travelers If you’re looking for the usual hotel comforts, go elsewhere. But if you’re looking for atmosphere — the New York of artists, actors, and writers — this is the only place to stay. Well-known novels and plays were written here. And artists and writers live here even today. This 1884 Victorian hotel has beautiful cast-iron balconies and a busy lobby filled with artwork. Rooms are simple, but generally large. Everything is clean, but don’t expect new. Not all rooms have air-conditioning. There’s no room service, but the staff will be happy to help you order from local restaurants or take your clothes to the cleaners. Restaurant, bell service, lounge

  34. Text B TB-Text-4 Best health club The Peninsula-New York $$$$ 700 Fifth Ave. (at 55th St.) 800 262-9467 241 rooms The Peninsula Hotel is a place to see. Every room is high-tech with remote controls for lighting, music, TV, and air-conditioning — even in the bathroom! As a matter of fact, the huge marble bathrooms may be the most beautiful in New York City. Wonderful food service and a very helpful concierge desk (“We’ll do anything guests ask, as long as its legal.”), and one of the biggest and best spa and health clubs on the roof, make this quite a hotel. Valet parking, 2 restaurants, lounge, tri-level rooftop health club and spa with heated pool, exercise classes, whirlpool, sauna, and sundeck, 24-hour concierge, business center, 24-hour room service, in-room massage, babysitting, laundry service.

  35. Text B TB-Text-5 For the budget-minded The Habitat Hotel $ 130 E. 57th St. (at Lexington Ave.) Built in 1999, offers inexpensive — but small — rooms with style. Near shopping. The Hotel Newton $ 2528 Broadway (between 94th and 95th Sts.) A nice inexpensive hotel. Large rooms, firm beds, and very clean. The Lucerne $$ 201 W. 79th St. (at Amsterdam Ave.) Want comfort and service without paying high prices? Large rooms. Great for kids. Casablanca Hotel $$ 147 W. 43rd St. Free breakfast, coffee, tea, and cookies all day. Free passes to a nearby health club. Small rooms. Unusual Moroccantheme.

  36. Comprehension Check TB-Comprehension Check Complete the sentences. Circle the letter of the correct answer. b 1. What does the word “pick” (Para. 1) mean? a. suggestion b. choice c. favorite 2. Which is not the convenience provided by the Broadway Inn? a. mini-fridge b. a special phone number c. sightseeing 3. Which one is not the reason that people who are looking for atmosphere should come to Hotel Chelsea. a. it is frequented by artists, actors, and writers. b. it has beautiful cast-iron balconies and a busy lobby filled with artwork. c. it’s staff will be always happy to help. 4. The Hotel Newton is ________. a. expensive b. moderately expensive c. cheap 5. Which hotel can provide service of looking after children? a. the Lucerne b. the Peninsula-New York c. the Broadway Inn c c c b

  37. Critical Thinking TB-Critical Thinking Use the hotel listings in the reading to complete each statement. Think and explain your answers.

  38. Vocabulary Exercises 1-Vocabulary Exercises Complete the sentence with a word or phrase in the box. Each one can only be used once. lobbying attentive fabulous babysitting budget laundry fountain massage 1. Although her own children are always left alone at home, she wants to earn the extra cash from __________. 2. I am looking for my blue shirt, has the __________ come back yet? 3. He played the __________ suitor, complete with roses and bonbons. 4. All the spectators were amazed by the __________ endurance of this marathon runner. babysitting laundry attentive fabulous

  39. Vocabulary Exercises 1-Vocabulary Exercises lobbying attentive fabulous babysitting budget laundry fountain massage 5. You shall frequent that library, because it’s the __________ of information. 6. The traditional Chinese medical science Gua Sha as well as ________ both have the function of stimulating the blood circulation. 7. We even fail to make ends meet, so a new car will not be part of our ________ this year. 8. The respectable old man spares no efforts in _________ for stronger environmental safeguards. fountain massage budget lobbying

  40. Vocabulary Activity 1-Vocabulary Activity Choose from the hotel services and facility, and fill in the blank with what the person might use. room services laundry wake-up service minibar shoe shine babysitting Internet connection airport shuttle bell service photocopying fitness center sauna gift shop pool business center 1. Frank is an athlete, and he needs to exercise to maintain his state. __________ 2. Tom, a sales manager, has to finish a project for work since its deadline is tomorrow’s evening. __________________________ 3. Having gone through a tough examination, Jamie would like to relax thoroughly. ____________ 4. In order to give a pleasant surprise to her little daughter at home, Jennifer needs to buy a present. ______________ fitness center business center, internet connection sauna gift shop

  41. Vocabulary Activity 1-Vocabulary Activity room services laundry wake-up service minibar shoe shine babysitting Internet connection airport shuttle bell service photocopying fitness center sauna gift shop pool business center 5. Amanda loves swimming so much, and it is no exaggeration to say that she cannot live without water. ____________ 6. After three hours’ sightseeing, John has a dry mouth. ____________ 7. Mary has completed her tour, and her flight leaves at 3:00 in the afternoon. ____________ 8. Careless Tim spilled coffee all over his shirt and Nikes. _______________ 9. David has to hold an emergent meeting in the early morning. _____________________________ 10. Joe needs twenty copies of this memo to distribute to his clients. ______________ pool minibar airport shuttle shoe shine, laundry wake-up service, business center photocopying

  42. 3 3 Writing 1-Writing Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

  43. Step1 1-Step1 Choose a hotel you know (or you can simply make up an imaginary hotel). List the important information of the hotel. You shall include some of the following factors such as hotel name, location, price, atmosphere, room size, cleanliness, services and so on.

  44. Step 2 1-Step 2 Discuss with your group members, exchanging (or brainstorming) the details of this hotel.

  45. Step 3 1-Step 3 Write a description about the hotel for a hotel guide book. Make sure that most of your description will be in simple present tense. Reference Sample

  46. Step 3 1-Step 3 Reference Sample Situated on the sunny Coast, Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel presents a flowing, contemporary Hawaiian style where guests experience the true essence of rejuvenation. Arriving at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel is like coming home, even if you’ve never been here before. Most returning guests are greeted by old friends—the same warm, kind and caring staff who have been greeting the same guests by name, year after year. And like our staff, our service and amenities maintain that high level of quality and hospitality. Part of our signature “Prince Pleasures” service include: ● Cool, moist towel and orange juice upon arrival ● In-room mini chill box with bottled water replenished daily ● Complimentary shuttle service to and from neighboring sister property, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ● Complimentary locking safe for valuables in each guest room ● Complimentary valet and self-parking on site ● Complimentary admission to Fitness Centers at both Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel ● Complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body lotion ● Complimentary use of hair dryer, bathrobe, slippers, and iron/ironing board ● Complimentary beach/pool towel service ● Start off now! What else are you waiting for?

  47. 3 3 3 Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Lead-in Listening Speaking Reading Writing

  48. 3 3 Lead-in 2-Lead-in Sitcom: Can I Take a Message? Scene 2 Exercise A Exercise B Exercise C

  49. Exercise A 2-Exercise A A. Check the problems Mrs. Beatty has at the Candle Inn. □ There is no Internet connection. □ They didn’t pick up the laundry. □ There is no elevator. □ There is no bellman. □ There is no pool. □ There is no room service. □ She has a smoking room. □ She doesn’t have a king-sized bed. □ They didn’t turn down the bed. □ They didn’t make up the room. □ The towels are dirty. □ They didn’t take away the dishes. □ There are students everywhere. □ There is no fitness center.

  50. Exercise B 2-Exercise B B. Complete the sentences. Circle the correct words. 1. Mrs. Beatty is in a hotel in (San Francisco/Los Angeles). 2. She’s in Room (540/514). 3. Her room is on the (fifth/seventh) floor. 4. She says her hotel is not very (expensive/nice). 5. There are a lot of (movie stars/students) at the hotel. 6. Mrs. Beatty is at the (wrong/right) hotel