my name is alice i am 17 years old n.
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My name is Alice I am 17 Years old. PowerPoint Presentation
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My name is Alice I am 17 Years old.

My name is Alice I am 17 Years old.

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My name is Alice I am 17 Years old.

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  1. Mynameis AliceI am 17 Years old.

  2. Iam in trouble. I am being chased by a boy I met on my plane journey.

  3. I am visiting my mum in London. Last year my mum and dad split up. My dad is living in Liverpool.

  4. The boy who is chasing me is called Simon. I think he is trouble.

  5. It seemed as if we were getting on fine on the plane. I can’t understand why he is chasing me.

  6. He has been chasing me for a while. I am really scared. I have run in to an alley way but have dropped my player.

  7. I pick up the player, I am not sure if it is broken. I hear Brad’s voice. He tells me to run.

  8. I have lost the cover of my player which has my dad’s address on it. I am scared he might hunt my dad down. Later that night I get a phone call from Simon. He tells me not to phone the police and to bring him his stuff or I won’t see my dad again.

  9. I don’t know what he means by “stuff”. I look at my player and Brad points to my bag. When I open my bag I see what appears to be stolen ba-xis

  10. I tell My mum what I found out. She tells me to phone him back and arrange to meet him tomorrow in Liverpool.

  11. My mum and I are at Liverpool. We decide to meet Simon. In a little park where he grew up.

  12. I am really scared right now. I give him the bag but he snatches it from me.

  13. He tells us he wants more for the safe return of my dad. My mum offers her very expensive necklace and £250.

  14. When my dad is finally returned, he is totally shaken up and doesn’t understand what has happened.

  15. Simon took off pretty fast. I wonder what will happen to him . My dad is talking to my mum in private. I wonder what they are saying.

  16. They come back and tell me we are celebrating. I think it is because we got my dad back. It is also because they are getting back together.