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  1. AUSTRALIAN IDENTITY Who and What Has Shaped Australia?

  2. We are all Australia’s living in what is considered to be the ‘Lucky Country’. But how did we became so lucky? Why does our country have so much to offer? Why are we the way we are? Our past holds some answers…

  3. Week 3 • What is an Australian? Discuss as a class and complete a joint writing activity. • Students sequence and add a series of photographs to make a timeline • Watch ‘Australians at War’ video. Groups to focus on Anzac Day, war artists, war memorials, people stories, war graves, peacekeeping and heritage. Groups report findings and add to timeline Learning Summary Week 3 • Being Australian quiz – Australian Identity book

  4. Week 4 • Conduct expert groups of three to investigate and summarise the Boer, WW I, WWII, Korean, Malayan Emergency, Vietnam and East Timor conflicts. Report on Australia’s involvement in war. • Individually and then as a class, develop a set of questions to ask about involvement in war. Learning Summary Week 4 • Conflict quiz. Australian Identity book

  5. Week 5 From the information gathered, students complete the following: • PMI on war – in-class joint writing activity • Write a poem about war Using the PMI students create generalisations about war and its effect Guest speaker to come in and talk about war. • Ask questions and explore (Through My Eyes) to answer the questions. • Also explore what life was like for children during the war in Australia and what impact this had them.

  6. Week 6 • Create a wall display of the major categories and brainstorm people/events associated with each and what they know about them. The Arts (visual, music, writers, poets, actors, dancers), Sport, Politics, Events, Historical, Scientists/Inventions • Individuals choose one character and complete a biography (Our Australia Series: 1:38) • Individuals choose one event and flow chart sequence of major ideas (what, where, when, effect) Follow on from above. • Make a generalisation as to how they/it has impacted on Australian society Learning Summary Week 6 • Bush Poets quiz – Australian Identity book

  7. Week 7 Class activity. Choose 4 people using the 6 thinking hats strategy: • What qualities would I like to emulate from these people? • Explore using class discussion and 6 thinking hats Learning Summary Week 7 • Choose a quiz from either Sport, Arts or Politics to complete – Research answers if required.

  8. Library • Commence a retrieval chart of celebrations – explore calendars and diaries • Research to find what is celebrated and the reasons for the celebration • Draw conclusions. As a nation, Australians celebrate… These are part of our … heritage Learning Summary Week 8 • Federation quiz – Australian Identity book

  9. Library • You are asked to organise a celebration for your local community. What will be the day’s activities, design an advertising poster or flyer / radio or television promotion. It could be a local hero.

  10. Week 9 Learning Summary Week 9 • Diverse Cultural Identity quiz and follow on task/discussion

  11. So many things have happened to make this the ‘Great South Land’. Remember those people that have made a difference and continue to make Australia the country that we love to call home…