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Essential Oils

Essential Oils. Family Physician Kit. Introduction. Who am I and how did I start out with Essential oils Who is doTERRA ? (video clip if available) What are essential oils?

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Essential Oils

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  1. Essential Oils Family Physician Kit

  2. Introduction. • Who am I and how did I start out with Essential oils • Who is doTERRA? (video clip if available) • What are essential oils? • This is complimentary medicine, like our over the counter meds. The presentation is not to provide diagnosis or treatment for diseases. Please use your Medical professional when necessary. • BEFORE we get started lets take out paper and pen. • What is your biggest goal or health challenge? • How long has it been a goal or challenge? • How much have you spent on it? • SHARE??

  3. All Natural complimentary medicine • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG • Every single batch is individually tested and certified • Comes from areas around the world where the oil is indigenous to the area • Uses – any setting, convenient, and cost effective • Aroma therapy – Diffusion • Topically- bottom of feet • Internally • Single oils and oil blends

  4. All Natural complimentary medicine • How do I purchase them? • You can order tonight from me. • You can purchase • Retail • Wholesale (with a wholesale membership of $35.00) • Wholesale with option to get free product • You can purchase single oils or oils in a kit. • To night I am going to show you the oils in one of our most popular kits.

  5. Lavender, lemon and Peppermint • Lavender - calming • From France • Help with the Lack of sleep • Scrapes, burns, cuts • Calming, soothing, • cold sores • sunburn

  6. Lavender, lemon and Peppermint • Lemon - cleansing and mood from Italy • Antibacterial antimicrobial • Can be put into spray bottles and use for cleaning • Diffused can be mood lifting • Drink in water – decrease toxic stress anti-oxident • Use with lavender for sleep • decongestant

  7. Lavender, lemon and Peppermint • Peppermint – Digestion and cooling • Headache – temples, forehead, back of neck • Fever – reapply often as needed - neck down spine on feet • Cough suppressant • Congestion • Invigorating.. When sleepy or tired • GI indigestion – internal, on stomach, feet • Hot Flashes cooling • **Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint the allergy mix. • 2 gtts of each in a shot glass with 1T of water, or a gel cap • Kids 1 gtt of each on the bottom of their feet layered.

  8. Melaleuca • Also known as Tea Tree Oil from Australia • Considered the first aid oil • Topical application may use in a spray for ‘owies’ • Use for all kids of skin conditions • Staff infection • Ear ache (do not put into ear canal but can put drops on cotton ball and place in the ear opening) • Basil is another choice for earache • Athlete foot • Diaper rash • Lice put into handful of shampoo and do hair. • FLeas • MRSA • **Owie spray= 5 gttsMelaleuca and Lavender in 2oz H2O. Shake before using

  9. oregano • From Turkey • Supports Immune system • Hot oil… may need to dilute with carrier oil • Oil to use when you are sick • Internally in capsule or diluted on bottom of feet especially if using on children. • Use with OnGuard when get sick • Burn off warts, skin tags • New study show that it is effective against MRSA

  10. frankincense • From Omen • Diffuse, topical • Cleanser, revitalizer • Eliminate wrinkles ** • Used inCancer research studies • Have found it to kill CA cells • It is also in DDR Prime which is a blend that has been proven at Utah State research to kill CA cells • Most pure, potent and pure of all Oils • **If you don’t know what to use, use Frankincense

  11. Deep blue Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helichrysum and Osmanthus • Blend for acute and chronic pain Muscle and joint health. • Three parts to the blend • Analgesic • Calming and soothing • Healing • Comes in drops, roller ball and lotion • Orthopedic surgeon uses for healing, soothing and analgesic after surgery • Helps tissue to calm and reduces spasms • Use on location • Can use before and after working out.

  12. breathe Laurel leaf, Peppermint, Euclayptus, Melaleuca, Lemon and Ravensara • Respiratory support, it cleanses and soothes the airways. • Topical chest, back and bottom of feet and diffused • Opens airways - Inhale drop on hand • Apply to chest, sinus area.. Diffuse and inhale • May also be used for anxiety • Asthma and allergies

  13. Digest-zen Ginger, Peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel Caraway. Coriander and Anise • Use for all types of digestion issues. • Reflux, Colic, Diarrhea, Constipation, food poisoning • Take in capsule, shot, or rub on stomach • With Kids dilute with carrier oil before rubbing on abdomen • Heartburn • Nausea – pregnancy • Natural digestion support • ** NEW Comes not in a gel cap so you don’t have to do shot orally.

  14. On Guard Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary • Natural Immune defense blend • Preventative - kills bacteria and virus- penetrates cell wall • Hand sanitizer– 15 gttsOnGuard, 10 gtts Lemon, 2 oz water bottle glass not plastic spray bottle • Bottom of feet Hot oil dilute with carrier oil • Oral In hands and inhale • Use daily or before group activities • Also kills MRSA • Diffuse for airbourne pathogens when sicky family • Spray for throat spray • Beadlets • Cough drops • Cleaning product, laundry, tooth paste, hand soap • NEW ** OnGuard + FLU BOMB

  15. Kids/ colds and coughs • Stuffy nose – Roller ball 10 mL apply over sinus, under nose and can layer with lavender • 40 gtts Breathe • 25 gtts Lime • Rest FCO (fractionated coconut oil) • Cough – Breath, Lemon • Cough syrup – 1 gtt Lemon, wild orange, peppermint, frankincense in 1 tsp of honey • Cough that wont go away (Dr. Steur) cost .45 • 1-2 gtts Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon, Peppermint put in steaming water and cover with tent towel breath in. • Can also use in a coffee mug. 2-3x per day

  16. Kids • Ear Infectons – 2 gttslavendar, 2 gtts Frankincense, 2 gtts Basil on cottonball on ear and bone in back of ear • Earache may add melaleuca and grapefruit • FluShot in a bottle (FCO = roller ball) am and pm • 18 gtts Lemon • 10 gtts Oregano • 14 gttsOnGuard • MOODS – • Balance: mood swings, depression anxiety, hyperactivity • Peaceful child: • InTune • Serenity: anxiety and calming

  17. Slim and sassy • suppresses appetite • Metabolizes fats • Aids in fat cell formation • Reducing cholesterol • Increases energy and nourishes the thyroid by drinking first thing in the morning • Manages toxins • Improves digestion • And nutrition • 3-5 gtts/3-5x per day

  18. Review • Look at what you wrote down initially • What oils do you feel would best fit your needs for you and your family? • What questions do you have about the oils? • Adams story.

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