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Data-X Recovery Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Data-X Recovery Singapore

Data-X Recovery Singapore

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Data-X Recovery Singapore

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  1. Data-X Data Recovery Services

  2. Hard Disk Data Recovery The Hard Disk Data Recovery Services provided by Data-X @ City Hall are second to none. We understand how important your Hard Disk data is to you and leave no stone unturned in recovering your Hard Disk data. Using the very latest technology and recovery techniques we rescue Hard Disk data from every conceivable problem!

  3. Flash Memory & USB Pen Drive Recovery Flash memory is found in many different devices that we all use every day. The issues surrounding the recovery from these devices increases in difficultly as manufacturers make their Flash Memory cheaper, faster and with bigger capacities. At Data-X @ City Hall we have the ability to recover your precious data from many different scenarios. We are one of the few labs in the Singapore that can remove your storage chip and recover your data when your Flash Memory has completely failed.

  4. Solid State Drive Recovery SSD drives are a faster, more reliable alternative to traditional spinning platter storage devices. This is assumed due to the fact that there are no moving parts in SSD drives. In reality hard drives are also very reliable and the majority of all storage devices fail because of external forces. As their usage spreads Data-X @ City Hall Ltd are increasingly being called in to help recover lost data due to electronic faults, accidental damage and controller failure on SSD in Laptops and Servers.

  5. Contact Us Address: Esplanade Mrt Xchange B1-01, Beside Shenton Medical S189562 Free-phone: 6681 6693 Email: Website :