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Lisa Franks. (: PowerPoint Presentation
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Lisa Franks. (:

Lisa Franks. (:

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Lisa Franks. (:

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  1. Lisa Franks. (:

  2. Who is Lisa Franks? Lisa was born April 6, 1982. Her Nicknames were Froggy,Thumper, LYIB, Snowplow and Nasty Weiner dog. She Lived in Moose jaw and know is living in Saskatoon.

  3. What was Lisa Franks Job? Lisa was a Mechanical Engineer but she also competed/competes in the Paralympics.

  4. Where does Lisa Franks live now? Lisa Franks used to live in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan but moved to Saskatoon.

  5. When did Lisa Franks achieve notable status? Lisa Franks was notable when she won six gold medals in the Paralympics in 2002.

  6. Why is Lisa Franks a notable person? From the time she was in grade eight to know she turned a negative thing into a positive and when she was nineteen she won 5 gold medals. Know she is twenty eight and does public speaking to kids.

  7. How did Lisa Franks become notable? Lisa became notable when she competed in the Paralympics and won six gold medals.

  8. Ray Boughen. :D

  9. Who is Ray Boughen? Ray is about sixty years old and his wife’s name is Sandy. They live in Moose Jaw and they have two children, Patti and Ryan.

  10. What was/is Ray Boughen’s Job? Ray Boughen had many jobs and these are only a few. He was a member of parliament, he worked 35 years in the Saskatchewan’s Education system. He was the Principal of Peacock Collegiate Institute.

  11. Where do they live now? Ray Boughen lives in good ol’ Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

  12. When did Ray Boughen achieve notable status? Ray Boughen achieved notable status in 2001.

  13. Why is Ray Boughen a notable person? He is a notable person because He was a great Mp and did so many other things to make Moose Jaw a better place.

  14. How did Ray Boughen become notable? He was the Mp and He also was the Speaker of the house at one time.

  15. Art Linkletter. :P

  16. Who is Art Linkletter? Art died at age 97, He was born 1912and he was a TV host and the best part was he was from Moose Jaw!

  17. Where does Art live now? He lived in good ol’ Moose Jaw Saskatchewan! (y)

  18. What was Art Linkletter’s job? Art was a TV host! (y) One of the shows he did was House Party.

  19. When did Art Linkletter achieve notable status? Art became a notable person in 1954.

  20. Why are Art Linkletter a notable person? Art is a notable person because he had 2 TV shows and was the host.

  21. How did Art Linkletter Become a Notable person? He was a TV show host.