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Differences Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges PowerPoint Presentation
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Differences Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges

Differences Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges

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Differences Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges

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  1. Differences Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges Despite a huge number of articles written in this context still, consumers are unable to decide whichink cartridges are the best with respect to the printing quality, overall printing costs and suits their printer. To ease you well, this post contains the best range of differences between original and compatible ink cartridges. After reading the consumers can easily differentiate and select the one with respect to their printing requirements. But before we begin, let's learn about these types in brief. What are Original Ink Cartridges? The original ink cartridges are referred with the names as OEM, Genuine, Branded cartridges. They are so called because of being manufactured by the same brand which made your printer. For Example, If you own a Brother make Printer, then you will look for Brother Ink Cartridges, which are manufactured by the same parent brand.

  2. What are Compatible Ink Cartridges? The compatible ink cartridges also referred to as generic cartridges, which are basically the copy of the branded ones despite they are manufactured by the Third- Parties. They differ in quality, compatibility, and reliability. These are brand new cartridges which often provide easy compatibility with the variety of printers with good quality of prints. Quality Difference: With respect to the printing quality, the Original Ink Cartridges are much better than the Compatible Ink Cartridges. But there are some well-known brands in the market which provide best quality compatible cartridges for different printers. Their printing quality is superb because the ink formulation nearly matches the quality of the genuine cartridges. They offer best in class printing quality at economical rates. Some researchers have conducted tests on the prints taken with these two inked cartridges. They have found that the branded ink cartridges last long when exposed to sunlight. But the print from compatible ink cartridges gets deteriorated under this test. Huge Price Variation: While selecting in these two types, the users might get shocked with the price variation. The genuine cartridges are very expensive than the compatible ink cartridges. The reason behind the price variations can be the overhead costs like research and development, branding etc, which increases its price to a greater extent. Also, one can take it as a manufacturers profit. On another hand, there are no such overhead costs with the compatible cartridges, which makes them produce more ink cartridges at lowered prices. What about their Warranty? It is quite obvious that the branded products come with a warranty for some time period, with the provision of product replacements or repairing as per the norms. But the compatible ink manufacturers rarely offer such facility but there are are some brands under this category which are reliable and offer a warranty to the customers. What is the effect on the printer? The original ink cartridges are patented and they are made with the best quality materials. They are made for a specific model and offer a high rate of compatibility. On another hand, the generic ink cartridges are made alike as the genuine cartridges and are not patented. Also, there are chances that they might erupt the working and also void the warranty of the printers. There are other issues as well which are often faced by the users while using the compatible ink cartridges.  The print head gets clogged  Improper fitment of the cartridges.  Chip Recognition failure.

  3. But there are some brands which manufacture best quality generic ink cartridges which perform alike as genuine ink cartridges. But it highly depends upon the brand you are choosing from. In conclusion, there is no doubt that the original ink cartridges are better in quality with respect to the generic ink cartridges. But the factors like low cost, reliable printing, and compatibility with different printers can make them users next choice. Source: Differences Between Original and Compatible Ink Cartridges