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Changing Business Arenas in the Last Two Decades

NetSuite connectors for Amazon, eBay and Shopify are not only seamless integration providers, but also build beautiful webstores, if harnessed by a technically savvy NetSuite developer.

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Changing Business Arenas in the Last Two Decades

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  1. NetSuite Connectors for eBay & Amazon Bespoke and Unique Customizations for Enhanced Webstore and USA Customer Engagement! By Webbee – A SDN NetSuite Developer

  2. NetSuite connectors for Amazon, eBay and Shopify are not only seamless integration providers, but also build beautiful webstores, if harnessed by a technically savvy NetSuite developer. USA, Europe, China, Africa or Australia; NetSuite connectors can help any business take full advantage of brands eBay and Amazon to reach customers in any country, across the globe. Foreword

  3. From Physical to the Digital Changing Business Arenas in the Last Two Decades

  4. The Brick and Mortar Platform: Almost two decades ago, large format multi-brand stores created a stir, giving exposure to many new brands and a wider buying customer base. These were Malls and ushered in a new social cum shopping area. Changing Business Arenas in the Last Two Decades

  5. The Digital Intervention: About five years ago, a silent juggernaut was picking up speed and today, it stands poised to revolutionize the India, after already taking western countries, such as the USA and Europe by storm. Changing Business Arenas in the Last Two Decades

  6. The ecommerce boom has just begun its foray into remote reaches of the world. Smart mobiles with android apps have become incredibly affordable, with every person having one. • The physical store has been replaced by the webstore, with a finger tap access for buying. Affordable Internet Accessibility

  7. According to a recent article in the Economic Times, by Lalit K Jha, the current ecommerce market of 3.5 Billion USA Dollars is set to touch 6 Billion USA Dollars by 2016. This is expected to occur due to internet use by the yet untapped highly potential rural market. Ecommerce Potential

  8. With immediate access to webstores via apps and mobile surfing, ecommerce is set to witness a massive rise in India. Platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Magento and Shopify have already caught the eye of both, sellers and buyers alike. Buyer – Seller Platform

  9. EBay, Amazon, Magento and Shopify have transformed the lives of scores of enterprises. These sites have unparalleled customer retention and a constantly growing base. They also possess the credibility of brand value that they have already established. Advantages of Ecommerce Sites

  10. These ecommerce sites allow sellers to set up smart webstores and reach their established customer base. A webstore at these provides instant access to an infinite global audience, which includes loyal customers and new footfalls. Advantages of Ecommerce Sites

  11. A webstore at these platforms is akin to having a brick-and-mortar store at some of the world’s leading shopping areas with the added advantage of anywhere, anytime shopping. This eliminates the need for extra advertising or marketing. Advantages of Ecommerce Sites

  12. One of the greatest hurdles faced by sellers on Amazon or eBay are the complicated and multiple requirements by these sites, with each having its own formats. Pushing products for a webstore on Amazon or eBay, pricing them, making catalogues requires a lot of time and effort of labor, making it an expensive undertaking. Ecommerce Platform Obstacles

  13. The issues begin with creating a webstore that is esthetic, captivating and suits one’s business. The webstore should also provide an unforgettable shopping experience to the customer, ensuring their return. Ecommerce Platform Obstacles

  14. Besides webstore, there remains the need to design e-catalogues, push products into eBay or Amazon, create pricing, check inventory and constantly update, import orders and fulfill, make ready invoices, ensure tracking of shipment and timely delivery. Ecommerce Platform Obstacles

  15. Thus, ecommerce requires multiple aspects of online data to be integrated seamlessly with the site and the seller’s account. This means extra expenditure to hire extra staff to constantly monitor the business. Manual integration is tedious and can lead to errors. Besides, not all enterprises can afford the expense of an in-house IT team. Ecommerce Platform Obstacles

  16. The question often arose, how to make profits after all these expenses and yet give the popular online discounts to customers, and ensure they return? Many enterprises almost gave up in despair. Solutions of Value

  17. The answer was by using NetSuite Amazon connectorand NetSuite eBay connector, with the expertise of a developer company. • NetSuite connectors work as Software as a Service (saas) and provide immeasurable benefits for enterprises seeking to harness the popularity of ecommerce sites. Solutions of Value

  18. NetSuite connectors integrate all aspects of an online business, from ERP, CRM, financials, Shipping, Delivery and emarketing. These connectors begin their job from day 1, building excellent webstores to the final stage of delivery. NetSuite Connectors

  19. NetSuite connectors are cloud-based, making the entire process a real-time and automated one. This reduces the error-margin drastically and allows sellers to control each aspect any time and from anywhere. NetSuite Connectors

  20. Basic NetSuite connectors only provide an easily formatted webstore for eBay or Amazon and a certain degree of integration. They generally address the issue with a standard one-fits-all solution, without taking into account business-specific needs. Basic Vs Bespoke NetSuite Connectors

  21. For individuality of brand, exclusive shopping experience and distinct emarketing, it is advisable to engage the services of a proven and trusted NetSuite developer, like Webbee, who has deep knowledge of NetSuite SuiteScript and SuiteTalk API’s for excellent customizations. Basic Vs Bespoke NetSuite Connectors

  22. NetSuite SuiteScript and SuiteTalk API’s help create unique bridges and customized solutions that go beyond the usual chain-supply-management. Webbee has expert knowledge and years of having satisfied scores of clients in USA, England, Australia and India. Advantage NetSuite APIs

  23. NetSuite connectors for eBay and Amazon are known for the host of benefits they provide. Webbee is one of the pioneering companies working in the domain of NetSuite connectors. Webbee Bespoke Bridges

  24. A NetSuite SDN partner, Webbee has a strong foundation in using NetSuite API’s, such as SuiteScript and SuiteTalk to give you an unmatched webstore and customer-buying interface. • Webbee goes beyond generalized solutions and manufactures bespoke connectors for eBay and Amazon. Webbee Bespoke Bridges

  25. You too, can elevate your ecommerce performance. Connect with Webbee and learn how NetSuite connectors for Amazon and eBay can help you get a dream webstore that drives customers to but, repeatedly. Webbee Connect

  26. Contact Webbee: • www.webbeeglobal.com • info@webbeeglobal.com • Call:+1 408 641 7004 +91 9971376767 Webbee Connect

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