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Research PPT Part I

Research PPT Part I

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Research PPT Part I

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  1. Research PPT Part I Shelbie Esta/ Period 4/ Aice Media Studies

  2. Questionnaires

  3. Questionnaires

  4. From my questionnaires I found that thriller movies was favored mostly, while action and comedy movies shortly fell behind it • I found that the plot is valued by mass majority of my interviewees and half of them cared about the actors. • For the opening scene everyone had different answers that varied from a flashback to fast intense car chasing scene and literally everything in between. An inference I can make is that the all they want to see a opening that makes them want to stay and watch more Audience Analysis

  5. Notes on Film Openings “16 Candles” • Starts with upbeat retro 80s music (non-diegetic) • An establishing shot is opened with a high school while kids coming are on campus • A pan shot of people shoes is film then it goes straight to a close up tracking shot of a couple walking • There’s a lot of neutral or bleak colors with a few pop of color here and there • There’s a lot of close up shots as teens hang out or does personal grooming before schools starts • The opening scene ends with a close up of the main character at her locker

  6. Notes on Film Openings “Set it Up” • It starts off with a phone ringing • Multiple bosses are yelling at their assistants • Non -diegetic music starts to play • “Nowhere to run” Martha Reeves • A pan shot takes place of a assistant running • Assistants are seen running errands for their bosses • Parallel editing is done of employees picking up their phones and stating “I’m coming” • Graphic match is done of different types of containers that has liquid in them place done on a surface

  7. Notes on Film Openings “Pretty in Pink” • Starts of with rock music (non-diegetic) • A pan of a moving vehicle that then crossfades into a action match • A girl starts to get dressed for school • It proceeds to her having a light conversation with her father • The opening scene ends with the main character att her locker at school

  8. Conclusion- Film Openings • All three rom-com films that I studied here began with a busy setting, that takes place in the morning. • The sound in the films all seemed to be upbeat expect for Set it Up. Sixteen candles and Pretty in Pink gave of a energetic vibe, while the opening music in Set it Up gave of a sense of chaos • All opening scenes quickly gave the establishing shot. Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles takes places in a high school setting, while Set it Up takes place in a office • From that it is safe to infer that all movies and a very different and direct route where it’s heading